10 Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms in 2021

One of the best ways to make money in your home is through affiliate marketing. But to do this you need a good and secure platform. There is a huge number of affiliate marketing platforms worldwide. But all of them are not convenient. To earn money, you need a good platform where you get the right amount of value. This blog will highlight the 10 best affiliate marketing platforms.  Let’s dive in.


ShareASale is the most popular and trusted affiliate network. It was established in the year 2000. If you want to do affiliate marketing on Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce site, you can just blog about Amazon’s products. But you will get more than 4500 merchants for your affiliate marketing on ShareASale. These merchants are promoting their products worldwide through ShareAsale affiliate bloggers.

On the other hand, thousands of affiliates get paid for this. It is a good option for physical and digital products. Digital sides sell many more digital products, including WordPress themes and plugins. On the physical side, there are small, large,and medium types of merchants like Reebok, Nike, WarbyParker, etc.No matter what type of blog you create, if a product is promoted through you, you will get a commission.

Key Features

  • More than 4500 merchants are here.
  • Offers both physical and digital products.
  • Very popular and trustworthy affiliate platform.
  • Easy to generate custom affiliate links.
  • Pay a decent amount of commission per sale.
  • Easy to sign up.
  • A stable platform for both merchants and affiliate bloggers.
  • Real-time reporting option.

Commission Rate

The amount of commission is not fixed here. There are lots of merchants on this platform. Each merchant pays a commission at a different rate. However, commissions ranging from a minimum of 10 percent to a maximum of 35 percent are available here.The minimum payout is $50 only.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is a great affiliate network platform for physical products only. It is a trusted platform. Here those who do affiliate marketing get a flexible amount. The payment system here is very nice.

Suppose someone enters the platform by clicking on a link to a product you provide. And the price of the product is around $15. But that guy bought the product for a total of $600 to $700. In that case, you will get a commission for that entire amount. This is a great system. Most of the products here are from Amazon and Amazon pays commissions to affiliate marketers here.

Key Features

  • It offers universal cookies. As long as there is a duration of the cookie, they will pay commission to you.
  • All types of physical products are available here.
  • It is affiliated with Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce site.
  • Minimum $10 payout.
  • The universal cookie lasts 24 hours. However, certain cookies last up to 90 days.

Commission Rate

Here the commission rate has no fixed percentage. The commission rate varies according to the product.Here a minimum of 10% to a maximum of 10% commission is paid. You will find all the commission rates in their flat-rate commission structure.

There are many more categories like 10% commission on fashion products, 7% commission on home improvement products, two and a half percent commission on PC or DVD players. One percent commission is paid on gaming consoles which is the lowest.

CJ Affiliates

CJ Affiliates is an alternative to ShareAsale. The full name of CJ is known by Commission Junction. It also gathers a thousandmerchants in a single network. All types of merchants, big and small, are connected to this affiliate network.It was founded in 1998 and is one of the most established affiliate networks to date. You will find a ton of affiliate programs here.

It is a great platform for both merchants and affiliate marketers. This affiliate network provides 14 billion readers per year to its merchants. It allows affiliate marketers to earn 1.8 million annually. It sounds awesome. It helps every marketer to connect with any type of brand easily.

Many large physical and digital merchants like Office Depot,Priceline, Grammarly are connected with this affiliate network.

Key Features

  • Both physical and digital products are available.
  • Provide the best support for both merchants and affiliate marketers.
  • Provide different types of cookie duration.
  • A user-friendly affiliate program dashboard.
  • Easy link generator.
  • Provides fast payment.
  • No need to pay any fees.
  • Completely free to use and earn.
  • Provide $50 direct payment.
  • For $100, there is an opportunity to withdraw it by check.

Commission Rate

Its commissioning system is a lot like a ShareASale. Not every merchant pays the same amount of commission.The commission rate depends entirely on the merchants and their products.However, detailed information on the maximum and minimum commission rates could not be found anywhere.

Click Bank

Click Bank is the best platform for new affiliate marketers. The joining is completely free here. You will find both physical and digital merchants here. There is no big national or international merchant company here. However, all the merchants here offer a good amount of commission. Books, courses, membership sites are sold here.

Most of the merchants here are small, so the products are available at affordable prices. Affiliate marketing is easy because of the affordable price. Click Bank’s UX design is very old. In that case, it may be a little difficult to understand the interface.

Key Features

  • Easy to find low price products.
  • All the merchants are very good and offer great value for the marketers,
  • It is a trusted affiliate network.
  • A minimum of 10 dollars can be paid out.
  • Al kinds of merchants are available.
  • Provides long cookie duration.

Commission Rate

The Click Bank Commission system is completely different from others. Here sellers can add any affiliate marketing commission product they want. However, a default 25% commission rate is given with the product. If the vendor wants, he can edit the rate in the future. The vendor can take up to 75% commission if he wants.Here the commission per product is given very well.


Awin is a great affiliate network platform for established affiliate marketers. It is a huge affiliate network platform. Here an affiliate marketer can get more than 15000 merchants. Big and reputed merchants like StubHub, Hyatt, HP, AliExpress, British Gas are connected to this network. In addition to large merchants, small and medium merchants are also available in large numbers.

It was founded in Germany. As a result, most of the merchants here are European. Don’t worry. You find plenty of global merchants also.Here you have to pay $5 as anapplication fee. If your application is accepted, then $5 will be credited to your account. Many do not do marketing after having a free account. The application fee is taken to avoid this problem.

Key Features

  • Trustworthy affiliate network.
  • Huge variety of products like fashion, games, digital products available.
  • A great network for both beginners and established marketers.
  • Generates huge amount of sale.
  • $20 minimum payout.
  • $5 sign-up fee for security.
  • User-friendly network.

Commission rate

Here you need to sign up with different merchants. You will get as much commission as that merchant will pay. The commission rate is neither too high nor too low. The average commission rate of Awin is around 5%. The duration of the cookies depends on a specific merchant.

Rakuten Marketing

RakutenMarketing is another biggest affiliate marketing platform. Many of us have seen its branding in the jersey of Barcelona football club. It is a Japanese e-commerce brand. Most of the merchants here are top-level.Rakuten usually gives top priority to top brands in terms of access. Walmart, Papa Johns, Best Buy, etc.

So, this platform is a little difficult for newcomers. If you want to join any merchant program, you have to be approved first. A well-established website is required to be approved.

Key Features

  • A great platform for big affiliate marketers.
  • 1000+ reputed and established merchants.
  • Secure and trustful affiliate marketing platform.
  • Minimum payout $50.
  • All the merchants provide a decent percentage of commission.
  • A huge company.
  • Nice features.
  • Fast payment processing.
  • Protect to the brands.

Commission Rate

Rakuten has no e-commerce marketplace of its own. It manages the systems from third-party reputed merchants. So, there is no fixed commission rate for affiliate marketers. The commission rate depends on the merchant,he signs up. The merchants here are very large and the established affiliate marketers work here.So, it can be assumed that a good amount of commission is available in every product.


Those who just want to do affiliate marketing digital products like software, WordPress themes can choose Avangate. This platform focuses more on digital products.Various software companies and security companies advertise their products here.

There are almost 22000+ products here. So, simply understand that if an affiliate marketer can promote these products, then he can earn a lot of money. Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Malwarebytes,and many big software companies promote and sell their software here.This is a suitable platform for those who want to work with digital products.

Key Features

  • Contains a huge number of digital products.
  • High commission rate because of digital goods.
  • The length of the cookie is more than other affiliate platforms.
  • Trusted affiliate marketing platform.
  • Money can be withdrawn through PayPal.
  • Offers many unique products.
  • Minimum payout $100.

Commission Rate

Commissions on digital products are always higher. So, from here you will get more than 50% commission on each product. The merchants of digital products pay a maximum of 85% commission to their promoters.Now one merchant pays one commission. The amount of commission varies from merchant to merchant and product to product. Cookie duration also depends on thespecific merchant.


FlexOffers connects 12000+ merchants. It has also 500+ premium merchants. And the big thing is,it adds more than 50 new advertisers daily. So, if you are a new merchantor a new affiliate marketer, you can easily get access toFlexOffers.There are all the big and small brands like Lenovo, Macy’s, etc. FlexOffers also includes automobile brands.

It assigns every merchant a dedicated account manager. It helps every publisher to promote their work and it also helps to improve affiliate marketing.

Key Features

  • A huge collection of both physical and digital products.
  • The design of the backend dashboard is very nice.
  • Adedicated affiliate manager is a great source to find the best offers and promote products.
  • Allows 50 new publishers daily to start their affiliate journey.
  • Free to join.
  • Decent payout rate. $50 inside the USA and $100 outside the USA.
  • One of the best options for beginner to advanced level marketers.
  • Easy to use.
  • Providescheck, PayPal, bank,and wire transfer.

Commission Rate

It is a high-paying affiliate network. But no one knows the exact rate of the commission. You have to signup with a specific merchant. You will get as much commission as the merchant has paid for the product. Above all, a good amount of income can be made from here at the end of the month.


It is completely a different affiliate platform. As we see in other affiliate platforms, affiliate marketing has to be done through the link generator.No links are generated at Skimlinks. You will receive a JavaScript code after signing up to Skimlinks. Add that code to your website and start affiliate marketing. You will be given automatic commission to create content with the merchant’s product.

This platform works with 60000+ publishers. Here you just focus on your content. The rest will be taken care of by the company itself. I think it is the easiest way to earn affiliate income.

Key Features

  • A completely new idea is affiliate marketing.
  • Free to join.
  • Works with ahuge number of publishers.
  • Content-based earning.
  • Generates commission automatically.
  • Associated with big companies like Yahoo, HuffPost.
  • Digital and physical products.
  • Great business idea for newcomers.

Commission Rate

SkimLinks will deduct 25% of your commission. Here, you get a $10 commission through any product promotion. In that case,SkimLinks will keep your 2.5 dollars and pay you 7.5 dollars.Now how much commission will come with a product depends entirely on the merchant. You just have to create great content.


Peerfly is the fastest-growing affiliate network. It is still growing rapidly. Within a short time, it won many awards and has overtaken its competitors. It has more than 3000+ merchants. I know this is not a huge number. But if we think practically, it is a good fit overall. Both big and small brands are connected to this platform.

They offer the products of big brands like Fiverr, Target, Uber, etc. However, it is not very convenient for newcomers. It has a well-designed dashboard that is easy to understand. It also gives you fast payment.

Key Features

  • Well-designed dashboard.
  • Fast payment method.
  • Amix of big and small merchants.
  • 3000+ merchants. Most of them are reputed.
  • Offers physical and digital products.
  • Easy to use.
  • Free to join.
  • Works with publishers worldwide.

Commission Rate

This platform is not suitable for newcomers. Although there is a joining fee, you have to start the work through application approval. It takes almost 3 days. If your application is approved, you will receive a commission at the rate of the merchant you sign up with.

So, the final word is commission rate is not constant and it varies from merchant to merchant.


Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money but selecting the right platform can be challenging. The above ten platforms are very trusted and convenient. You can trust one of them without thinking twice. Just try to make great content. If your content is good, then you will easily climb to the top.

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