10 Best Affiliate Programmes For Beginners

An affiliate program is an agreement where a merchant, which is a company or brand, providing certain products or services, offers a person, known as the affiliate, commission payouts in exchange for driving referral traffic to them. There are several affiliate programs out there and they vary in different ways, such as the way commissions are awarded and commission on rates. Below are 10 affiliate programs in different software-related categories ranging from web hosting to e-commerce and website builders.


Hostgator is a well-established shared web hosting provider. It hosts over 8 million websites on its servers. It is a reliable, customer-friendly web hosting service provider. Hostgator has a popular, excellent affiliate program that pays well. Many people earn from the program. The barriers to entry are low.

HostGator’s affiliate program offers a worthy commission structure, which is also flexible to suit the specific preferences of affiliates. It also offers co-branded landing pages. Plus there’s a variety of special offers.

HostGator’s flexible payout system starts out with a progressive tiered payout. Also, they provide you with the tools to create custom coupon codes and tracking links.

Impact Radius is its backend that allows affiliates to keep track of their progress.

Key Features

  • Free to join
  • Flexible payout
  • Offers dashboard to track sales
  • Easy to set up
  • Low barrier entry
  • High commission rate
  • High conversion rate
  • Dedicated affiliate account manager
  • Access to marketing tools e.g. banners, email templates, etc.
  • Can create custom coupon codes for customers
  • 60-day cookie life

Commission rate

The commission rate starts at $65 for the first 1-5 sales and it increases as more purchases are made. It increases up to $100. Also, you have the option of choosing between a performance-based commission model and a hybrid commission model. The hybrid model additionally offers small recurring payments.


The BlueHost affiliate program is a top-rated program within the web hosting niche. The BlueHost company itself is one of the world’s top 20 largest web hosting companies. It jointly hosts over 2 million domains alongside its sister companies, which are HostGator, FastDomain, and Page. It offers some of the best web hosting services, including options like cheap shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and many more.

The BlueHost affiliate program is highly successful and one of the highest paying.

Affiliates enjoy high conversion rates and commissions. In fact, it is regarded as one of the most handsomely paying affiliate programs in the web hosting niche.

Key Features

  • Free to join
  • Two-minute sign up process
  • High one-time payouts
  • No cap on earnings
  • Responsive affiliate support team
  • Requires approval to join the program
  • Payment occurs between 45 to 60 days after payment.
  • Tiered commission structure
  • Low barrier entry
  • Withdrawal limits
  • 60-day cookie life

Commission rates

It also starts at $65 per sale. Then, it increases up to $130 per sale based on the amount of more purchases.


Shopify can be regarded as the most popular e-commerce website builder in the world. Sellers use Shopify to create, set up, and operate their stores across multiple sales channels. It has about 400,000 merchants and a 200% commission on paid stores.

You can promote Shopify and make money by referring new customers to it by joining the Shopify Affiliate Programme. It is a popular self-hosted affiliate marketing program that rewards entrepreneurs, bloggers, eCommerce consultants, and affiliate marketers for recommending Shopify to their audiences and successfully persuading them to become paying customers. There are several leading eCommerce bloggers and marketers who are active Shopify affiliates. Working as a Shopify affiliate comes with the advantage of stable conversion rates due to their name recognition. It’s like the product is pretty much selling itself. You ride on Shopify’s success to earn additional affiliate income.

Shopify’s affiliates get banners and creative resources. Their website also includes helpful resources such as frequently asked questions by affiliates and promotion ideas. They also offer an affiliate marketing course for beginners.

Key Features

  • Free sign up
  • High commission rates
  • Full-time affiliate marketing manager for each affiliate
  • No minimum sales requirement
  • User-friendly portal
  • Deep linking
  • 30-day cookie life

Commission rates

On that basic Shopify plan, the rate is 200% commission on the first and second payment of each referred paid plan. In some counties, it is increased to 300%. On the Shopify Plus plan, there’s a flat rate payment of $2,000 per conversation.


This is a SaaS e-commerce platform. BigCommerce is the leading platform for creating beautiful, intuitive eCommerce websites that would enhance any brand and engage shoppers. It has over 60,000 merchants. They have built-in features and advanced functionality, which help in growing brands.

BigCommerce has a high-paying eCommerce affiliate program. They provide their affiliates with beautifully designed marketing materials.

Key Features

  • High commissions
  • Provides banners and text links
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 90-day cookie life

Commission rates

You earn either $60, $160, $250, or $1,500 per paying customer.


SEMrush is a trusted source for SEO tools. These tools help online businesses and marketers with keyword research, tracking, and search engine optimization. The tools offered highly improve the ranking of websites.

SEMRush’s exclusive affiliate marketing program is called BeRush, and it is a good way to earn extra recurring income.

Key Features

  • Promo materials are available in seven languages
  • Commission payments get made up to twice per month
  • Account balance needs to be at least $50 to get paid
  • Ten-year cookie life

Commission rates

Their commission rate is 40% per sale.


Elementor is popular for its WordPress page builder. The page builder has a free version and a paid version which comes with advanced widgets, theme builder, pop-up builder, WooCommerce, and so on.

Elementor has an affiliate marketing program that is open for WordPress content-based sites or blogs.

Key Features

  • Free to use
  • Variety of available logos and banners
  • No limit on earnings
  • Must meet a $200 mark to get paid
  • Payment is received after 30 days
  • 30-day cookie life

Commission rates

The commission rate is 50% per sale.


Wix is one of the popular high-quality website builders. It boasts of about 100 million users. Their marketing affiliates earn $100 per sale. And they provide good landing pages that can be used in multiple languages.

Key Features

  • Provides a $100 payment per premium referral
  • A large variety of creative resources
  • Monthly payout threshold is $300
  • One-time payout
  • 30-day cookie life

Commission rates

Their commission rate is $100 per sale.


Hostinger is also a popular web hosting platform. Affiliates can earn up to $150 per sale through the tiered pricing structure of its affiliate marketing program.

They provide banners and promotional tools to affiliates to get them started. This is also one platform where there are no caps on payment. Unlimited referrals can also be sent.

Key Features

  • Instant sign up process
  • Affiliate control panel
  • Variety of banners to choose from

Commission rates

They offer a minimum commission rate of 60%.


Grammarly is a popular and one of the best punctuation checker tools. Its affiliate marketing program is very lucrative and pays well on each led sent by an affiliate.

The Grammarly referral program is definitely one of the best cost per action and pays per lead affiliate programs that convert well.

Key Features

  • High conversion rate
  • 90-day cookie life

Commission rates

Their commission rate is 14% or a flat payment of $20 per sale commission.


Fiverr is an online job site. It is the largest freelance services marketplace. The platform has birthed millions of creatives, consultants, and freelance specialists.

Fiverr’s affiliate marketing program involves promoting Fiverr itself, that is, the world’s largest online service marketplace and services available. Its affiliate marketing program is highly profitable. It boasts of high payouts, flexibility, and ease of promotion.

Key Features

  • Over 250 categories as options to promote
  • High Commission rate
  • High conversion rate

Commission rates

Affiliates earn up to $150 CPA.


The affiliate market out there is actually fast-growing and right now there are more opportunities than ever. With affiliate marketing, and even among the options we just walked you through, there are several categories within them that are very lucrative and you can choose from based on your interests. In all the affiliate programs listed above, you can very easily sign up for them by just going on to their websites. The process involved is not cumbersome and allows for ease and convenience. When choosing, the major things to look out for are; commission rates, cookie life, whether the program is recurring or provides one-time payments, and a niche that matches your interests.

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