10 Best Headline Analyzer Tools In 2021

David Ogilvy, the man known as the Father of advertising remarked about headlines: “On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” Your headline should take priority if you want to get people to engage with your content. The following tools will help you analyze your headlines to give you the best possible outcome.


For a free headline analyzer, CoSchedule provides a lot of value. It does a detailed analysis of whatever headline you have written and also runs it through a database to help you to take advantage of the kinds of headlines that have converted well in the past.

The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is a very simple tool to use. You simply input your idea for a headline and it then gives you a detailed analysis, emphasizing parts of your headline that are excellent and it then offers suggestions on how to make the headline even more catchy.

The analysis it provides includes your word balance, the emotions and sentiments it triggers, and your word count.

Although it is a free tool, it requires personal information such as your name, email, and some other personal data.

Key Features

  • This tool is free to use
  • It provides helpful tips to make your headline better, including links to articles that can give you more insight
  • The headline is put into certain categories (such as emotional or generic) to help you make necessary adjustments
  • It gives you both word and character count
  • It provides you a log history so you can see how you are improving over time


This headline analyzer tool can easily pass as the tool in this list that has the best user interface. It is quite easy on the eyes and also very easy to navigate. It delivers detailed results with quality scores to help you rank your headline. It also offers you suggestions to help you improve your headline.

This free tool gives you a detailed analysis of the strength and weakness of your headline, giving you the information under the following metrics:

  • Headline quality score
  • Strengths
  • Suggestions

It gives you this information to help you improve it as much as possible. It will let you know if your headline needs to have more words, or if it needs to have more keywords e.t.c.

You can make adjustments and then click ‘analyze again’ to get the best possible results.

Key Features

  • Like the CoSchedule Analyzer, it is free to use
  • The user interface is attractive, clean, and easy to navigate
  • It provides suggestions on things like context words, alert words, or the length of your headline
  • This tool provides a quality score to help you in determining the quality of a headline
  • It stores your headline testing history so that you can see how much progress you are making in writing quality headlines.

Blog Title Generator (by SEOPressor)

Blog Title Generator by SEOPressor is another free headline generator tool that can help you produce high-quality headlines for your blog posts. It provides you great recommendations for headlines that are most likely to convert. What makes it unique however is the presence of a dropdown that allows you to enter your keyword and define it with a greater degree of accuracy.

As stated above, what makes this headline tool unique is the added drop-down menu provided when you are inputting the keyword. In this menu, you are required to add the description of your blog. The options in this menu include location, skill, person’s name, and skill.It is important to note however that this tool has a 5-word daily limit. This limit increases though when you provide your email address.

Key Features

  • This tool is free to use
  • The presence of a drop-down menu to help you define your keyword better
  • It provides you great recommendations after you have defined your keyword
  • Daily limit of 5 keywords (increases after providing an email address)

Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

One of the best ways to guarantee engagement with a blog post is to have emotionally stimulating headlines. Whether the emotion is anger, happiness, or sadness, the most important thing is that your reader feels something. This tool assigns an emotional marketing value (EMV) to your headline ideas

If you are looking to capture your audience’s attention using emotions, the Emotional Marketing Value Headline analyzer is the best tool for you. This tool measures EMV (emotional marketing value). This tool also provides information about the emotion you are most likely to elicit in your audience. This in turn will help you to determine the action your audience is likely to take.

Key Features

  • This tool is free and fast when developing a headline
  • It assigns a score so that you can improve the more times you test out a headline
  • It displays your headline’s appeal so that you can have a fair idea of what kind of emotion it would evoke in your audience

 Portent’s Content Idea Generator

This tool is for people who want to add a little spice and creativity to their headlines. One thing that stands out on its homepage is the presence of some black and white cartoons. Although it’s unlikely that anyone would go to the website simply to watch cartoons, you can see the slant towards creativity and fun in this headline generator.

Although this tool gives you a fun and creative spin on your headline creation, it is important to note that it is not appropriate for all businesses as they can be niche. The tool takes a creative approach, and it could use pop culture idioms and even funny phrases that can be quite catchy. If you want that creative edge in your headline you might want to use this tool.

Key Features

  • The tool is completely free
  • It is simple to use. All you have to do is type in your keyword
  • This tool gives detailed explanations for each word it suggests in a headline
  • You can scroll through a lot of headlines rapidly

HubSpot Blog Topic Generator

Topic Generator by HubSpot is one of the most straightforward headline generators out there. If you ever find yourself stuck in trying to come up with an idea for a headline, this tool is for you. It will generate for you a bunch of topics that you can choose from to begin your creative process.

This tool helps you generate new ideas for your blog as well as topics for your blog posts. All you have to do is add your keyword in the text field and it will display for you the headlines or titles for you to select from. Subscribing to the Hubspot newsletter will save you some time in headline generation if you want headline ideas for an entire year.

Key Features

  • This headline generator is free to use
  • It allows you to generate topics using up to five different nouns
  • It is the best way to generate titles and ideas to fill your monthly content calendar


The design and user interface of this tool are neat, simple, intuitive, and user-friendly.

This headline tool takes a slightly different approach than the others. It firsts asks you what you want to blog about before then asking you to input your keywords.

Once you have inputted what you want to blog about, as well as the relevant keywords, the tool provides several possible headlines which are likely to convert based on its information database.

Although you most likely would have to go through a lot of recommendations before you choose the one that is just right for you, the topics are creative and they can give you an entirely new perspective on your topic.

Key Features

  • This blog topic analyzer is free to use
  • It provides recommendations both for your topic and keywords to target
  • This tool swiftly provides topics relevant to your niche
  • Headlines can be saved and brought up later

Sumo Kickass Headline Generator 

This headline generator claims to help you to write headlines like a boss, and it does!

Sumo Kickass Generator tool helps a great deal in generating titles that are catchy and engaging. It is a flexible platform that lets you choose between seven styles of characters.

Firstly you choose the kind of post you are considering to generate a headline for. The options include explanatory, list, controversial, how-to, or DIY, etc.

The next thing to do is to complete the fields (which are modified based on the blog style you selected) and you will get a bucketload of ideas based on the information you inputted.

Key Features

  • This headline generator is free
  • It is a versatile platform that gives you access to seven different character styles
  • It provides headlines according to your needs when you have determined the kind of blog post you want to publish
  • It generates engaging and catchy headlines

Title Generator (by TweakYourBiz)

One of the most influential headlines generator out there, the Title generator by TweakYourBiz is quite easy to use and intuitive. To use this tool, you are required to input a noun or verb and then generate results after you click the submit button.

It produces a lot of headline ideas and lets you choose from them. It might seem overwhelming at first but this tool categorizes the headlines to help you identify the right one for your blog post. This tool lets you get your results in either Sentence Case, Title Case, or All Caps case. It is one of the best headline generator tools out there.

Key Features

  • It is a free title generator
  • It gives you a lot of options to choose from when generating headlines
  • It organizes the headlines it generates for better selection

Fat Joe Blog Post Title Generator

Fat Joe Blog Post Title Generator is a title generator tool that is one of the best out there. It allows you to generate multiple headlines for your blogpost quickly and easily. Most generators require you to register before you can use them, this one allows you up to 10 results for free.

This title generator allows you to quickly and easily generate tons of great ideas for your headlines. Simply enter your topic or one or two keywords and you’ll instantly generate many great ideas. You can simply refresh for more ideas till you find a title that resonates with you.

This tool is great for online bloggers and content writers.

Key Features

  • This tool allows you to produce up to 10 words for free
  • You can search just one or two keywords to produce multiple results
  • You can produce an infinite number of headline ideas


Deciding which headline analyzer is best for you could be a daunting task simply because there are so many of them. You might need to test out as many as you can to decide which one will work best for you. What makes for a good analyzer is its ability to generate headlines that appeal to your target audience. These kinds of headlines are sure to convert. Choose the best tool that works well with what you want, and the kinds of people you want to reach. This will place you steps ahead of the competition and give your blog the attention that it truly deserves. 

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