10 Fatal Mistakes Most New Bloggers Make (And how to avoid them)

Like any other business, success in blogging too comes through trial and error. That’s why successful bloggers take years to develop followers and find a niche of their own. If you’re a new blogger, it’s important to know the most common mistakes that can stall your progress. Let’s find out what they are.

Using a Free Blogging Platform

Many new bloggers start with a free blog the first time because it is convenient and easily accessible. However, if you want to make money from blogging, free blogs are not the right way to do so. Free blogs can be demolished at any given time without any reason, but self-hosted blogs provide you with complete control. Free blogs have limited space, decreased bandwidth, and are not equipped with all the features. Anything posted on a free blog is not owned by the blogger but by the blogging site or platform. The main thing to remember is that free blogs offer no chance of monetization.

The best way to remedy this is to move from a free blog to a self-hosted blog, such as one on WordPress. All you have to do is install the blog, select a domain name, and make the payment.

Aiming for Perfection

Every blogger wants their blog to be perfect, and for some, this hunger for perfection is more all-consuming than the rest. Indeed you should develop high-quality content for your readers, but getting stuck in that loop can do you more harm than good. Not everything about your blog will be in your hands. Therefore, instead of constantly aiming for perfection, try to learn from your mistakes and make the necessary improvements.

New bloggers should note down that the wiser alternative to harping on perfection is to focus on progress. When a blogger focusses on progress, they automatically end up perfecting their blog posts. Thinking of perfection 24×7 won’t make you progress, but thinking of progress starts you on the path to success. You would not know the process till the end if you keep fine tuning the style. Mistakes happen but you should keep creating anyway.

Not Investing in Branding

Every successful entity is known due to its branding. Do you know how some colors immediately remind you of a famous food chain? Or how a small piece of music informs you of the OTT platform you love? Therefore, branding is crucial, and not investing in branding is another mistake made by new bloggers.

Branding gives your blog a unique look and makes your readers instantly identify your content. Something as simple as a logo can go a long way in establishing your blog as a brand. Create a logo that reflects the personality of your blog. Make sure the colors, font, design, and vibe align with the content of your blog because this logo will become an identifying factor to many in the future. Even coming up with a tagline for your blog sets your content apart from the thousands of blogs out there on the internet today.

Not Publishing Consistently

Consistency is everything, and going against this vital mantra can cost a new blogger pretty heavily. Being inconsistent with your publishing schedule can make you lose followers over time. Whereas earlier it was thought that posting every day is the way to go. However, the beliefs around that have changed. A blogger doesn’t have to post every day, but sticking to a consistent schedule can be a game-changer. Write every idea that you think about. Those shouldn’t be good ones always. When you plan your content calendar, you can easily weed out the bad ones.

Even if you post once a week, make sure you stick to it, at least for the next couple of months. Creating a good post every week is much better than creating a bunch of mediocre posts in a row. Quality always beats quantity in terms of blogging, and as long as you keep posting quality blogs consistently, your audience will continue to devour your content.

Giving Up Too Early

Think of your blog as a business. Do you expect to make an insane amount of profits in the very first month? No. In fact, you are probably prepared not to see a lot of profit in the first year at all. It is only by investing time and efforts will your business grow, enabling the profits to roll in. A blog is no different in this regard. As a new blogger, you can’t expect results right away, and giving up early is never the answer.

Instead of giving up, take time to nourish and grow your blog. See the kind of content most appreciated by your readers, do your research and post unique content, and focus more on building trust than gaining money. With time, traffic will be generated organically, bringing the readers to your blog along with the money to your bank account.

Not Investing in Yourself

Leaving everything to fate and chance never works, and the same is true for blogging. Not investing in yourself is a sin committed by bloggers quite often. You have to give in your dedication and contribution to ensure your blog grows and reaches your target audience.

The harder you work, the shinier will be your luck. You will have to spend hours and hours on your blog, investing your own money to get the returns. Read books, listen to podcasts and audio programs, derive online training, basically do everything to become a better blogger.

Research on the latest developments in your niche. Comprehend how it can help you achieve the best of what you are doing. Learn a skill that may be helpful in creating blogs. Hustling is good but hustling in the right way is important. Investing in yourself will lead to both professional and personal growth.

Not Choosing a Good Design

The way your blog looks visually plays a huge role in its success. Therefore, make sure your blog’s design is not just aesthetically pleasing but also accessible. A good-functioning design is just as important as a good-looking design. Choosing a good design also means choosing a readable/legible font, managing your popups and ads, and sending relevant and timely emails.

The design of your blog extends to your readers, identifying the tone and aesthetics with the one you maintain throughout your posts. Select a theme and stick to it. Using a lot of variety can also be a bit too intense.

Have a flexible functionality-offering blog. Minimalistic but effective design will be just fine. But it should be visible and fluent. Besides, having a responsive design is very important. The readers should be able to read your blog on any device. Use mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.

Not Building a Relationship with the Readers

Why do bloggers post? To convey their opinions on a subject? Yes. To gain a following? Also yes. But what is the most integral element of blogging? Readers and the relationship formed with them. Without your readers, your blog will not progress at all. Failing to build a relationship with your readers is a mistake that must be avoided at all costs.

When bloggers have a solid relationship with their readers, it brings about many benefits. Not only do you end up making friends for life and gain a loyal following, but your blogs also get more traffic, thereby bringing in new readers and audiences consistently. Using the comments section is a great way to encourage discussion. You can use other channels too to build relationships. When anybody comments on your blog post, remember to thank them. In this way, you can surely engage more people in viewing your blog and expanding the audience.

Not Doing Keyword Research

If you don’t already know about the importance of keywords in blogging, it is high time you look it up. You could be posting some of the best content out there, but if your keywords don’t match the trending ones related to your field, chances are your blog won’t reach as many people as you’d like.

Knowing the set of keywords helps your business and brand. Keywords help you determine vital information about ranking. So when you optimize them to use in the blog, the search engines can help your blog rank for the targeted keyword. As it helps the search engines understand your business and drive traffic accordingly.

Look for the short tail and long-tail keywords that are the most relevant to the subjects you post about, and use them in your blogs. This can be quickly done because of the several keyword-generating apps available these days.

Not Building an Email List

No matter how many promotional tools enter the market, the importance of emails can never be denied. Hence, building an email list is just as imperative for a new blogger. These emails are essential both for your new and old subscribers to keep them up to date about the happenings of your blog.

Whether it is a new post or a new product launch, email lists keep all your readers and clients updated about their favorite blog and blogger. The best thing about email lists is that unlike Google SEO and social media platforms that are constantly changing, you have complete control over them. Plus, it helps to deliver your message to the users directly. You also get the freedom to make it personal. So, a customized email can make it more impactful as it is a more intimate way to communicate.


Building a blog is like building a community; you cannot thrive without making new friends and welcoming other bloggers into your life. It is natural for a new blogger to make mistakes, but the successful ones learn from their mistakes and focus on making progress. Keep creating unique content, build a niche, interact with your readers, add value to the lives of your readers, and never stop believing in yourself and your content.

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