10 Google AdSense Alternatives for Blog Monetization

Google AdSense is seen as a go-to advertising platform for blogs and websites since 2003. However, there many Google AdSense alternatives that offer more customization and bypasses a lot of limitations faced by Google AdSense. If you want to digitally market your blog, here are the 10 best Google AdSense alternatives for blog monetization.


Ezoic is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives with industry-leading features. It has powerful tools that allow you to monetize your blog, have access to analytics, test layouts for ads and more. It is compatible with all popular content publishing platforms and is easy to setup.

If analytics is important to you as a digital marketer, Ezoic offers feature-rich analytics that allows you to have a better insight into your ad performance. The network is easy to integrate into any existing website and works with WordPress, Cloudflare CDN and other popular content delivery networks. There is a privacy and consent system in place to help meet CCPA and GDRP compliance.


  • User-friendly and easy to set up
  • Advanced analytics
  • Ad performance tracker
  • Great security measures


  • Blog must be Google-compliant


Media.net is one of the fastest-growing contextual advertising networks that help monetize blogs and websites. You will be able to find relevant keyword tags and target your audience. Media.net works primarily with the Bing and Yahoo networks.

The platform offers ad spaces to small, medium and large-scale bloggers as well as media houses. Currently, the platform’s biggest markets are the US, UK and Canada. The platform relies heavily on contextual ads to ensure your audience sees ads that are related to your website. Since Media.net uses Bing and Yahoo! ads, you get higher ad revenue if you can generate a relevant audience from regions like the US or the UK. Text-based ads are also popular on the platform and have the potential to get a lot of clicks to help you earn more from your blog.


  • The platform is free to join
  • The revenue per thousand impressions (RPM) is among the highest in the industry
  • Ad customization options
  • Customer support


  • Ideal only if you have a large UK, US or Canadian audience


PropellerAds is one of the oldest Google AdSense alternatives that offers mobile, video, display and native ads. The service makes use of in-house algorithms that match users with advertisers to ensure all of your audience gets contextual ads. You get full customization capabilities and have the option of designing your own ad campaigns.

PropellerAds is easy to get started with and it is one of the easiest-to-use ad-platforms. The platform claims to be capable of monetizing 100% of your web traffic regardless of where your audience is based in. If you have a non-English website, it is one of the best platforms to choose for advertising. The platform is also compatible with AdSense, allowing you to use it along with other advertising platforms. The platform also has measures in place to bypass adblockers to ensure your ads reach your audience at all times.


  • Compatible with Google AdSense
  • Multiple payment options
  • Low payment terms and threshold
  • No minimum traffic requirement


  • Lower revenue on non-English websites


Monumetric (formerly known as The Blogger Network) is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives for blog monetization. If you have sufficient traffic, you will be able to leverage your audience to generate stable revenue. Display ads on Monumetric are easy to set up, and you can start making money off of your blog in a matter of minutes.

Whenever someone visits your website, Monumetric automatically generates dynamic display ads based on your content and your audience’s interests. There are multiple ad options to choose from including in-article ads, dynamic video ads, banners and more. While Google AdSense is known for its static ads, Monumetric can automatically multiple dynamic ads on your page without being intrusive. Dynamic advertising is the biggest draw of Monumetric, and it allows blog owners to generate substantial revenue.


  • Personal support for customers
  • Ad customization
  • High ad income potential
  • Wide range of ads to choose from


  • Minimum traffic requirement


Skimlinks is a popular ad networking service that focuses heavily on affiliate marketing. If you run a blog that promotes products on services and relies on affiliate marketing strategies, Skimlinks is one of the go-to options out there for you. You can be an Amazon affiliate or partner with other e-commerce stores, and Skimlinks will offer you the monetization tools you need.

Skimlinks is partnered with over 50 networks and over 48,000 e-commerce merchants. The setup process is very easy, and you do not need to manually add more content to your website to start earning from affiliate marketing. Skimlinks offers a Javascript code that automatically scans all of your existing content and transforms all your product and service links to affiliate links. You will be able to monetize all existing content in a matter of minutes and start earning revenue.


  • Numerous affiliate programs available
  • Seamless integration with any website
  • Great analytics tools
  • Low payout threshold


  • No traditional display ads


If you have a high-traffic blog and want to generate revenue from it, Adversal is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives for blog monetization. It has strict traffic requirement, which means that getting approval from the website can be difficult if you have a smaller blog. But if you get more than 50,000 visitors a month, you will be able to start earning on the platform immediately.

Adversal is easy to setup once you are approved. There are multiple banner sizes, and you have access to a range of marketing options. The service is compatible with all popular affiliate marketing platforms as well. Contextual ads are available to ensure your audience gets only relevant ads when they visit your website. It is a self-serve platform that allows you to customize your own marketing campaign and set goals for yourself depending on how much revenue you want to earn from your blog.


  • Quick signup process
  • Low payout threshold
  • Easy to use
  • Great analytics tools


  • Not available for low volume websites


Revcontent is one of the biggest competitors of Google AdSense and it is meant for competitive bloggers only. The site has restrictions on which websites can avail of its services as you need to meet a certain threshold before you are able to make use of the platform’s advertising tools.

If you have a high-quality website, you will be able to take advantage of RevContent’s tools. If you are a publisher of a high-quality blog and experience high traffic regularly, you will be able to earn a lot of revenue. While the barrier to entry is high, the minimum payout threshold is low, allowing you to cash out very easily whenever you want to withdraw your ad revenue. A feature-rich admin panel is available with in-depth analytics. You will be able to monitor your ad campaigns and make changes on the fly. The platform offers mobile ads, display ads, video ads and more. You can also add Revcontent widgets to your websites that are compatible with all popular content delivery networks for easier ad publishing.


  • User-friendly control panel
  • Custom widgets
  • Works with high-paying advertisers
  • Multiple ad formats available


  • Strict requirements to partner

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is an affiliate program that is run by e-commerce giant Amazon. If you run an affiliate marketing blog that backlinks to Amazon, you should be making use of Amazon Associates. It is one of the best paying affiliate marketing programs out there, and you get a flat percentage of the product’s sale price as earnings.

Amazon Associates offers a wide range of analytics tools that allow you to monitor your earnings and see the performance of each of your backlinks. One of the key aspects of the affiliate programs that you need to be aware of is that you do not get paid for advertisements alone. Since it is an affiliate marketing platform and not an ad platform, you will need to successfully generate sales for Amazon to earn decent revenue. Some product categories are worth higher, with luxury products offering a flat 10% commission on sales.


  • High commission on luxury item sales
  • Trusted affiliate marketing program
  • Very profitable for affiliate bloggers
  • Great customer service


  • Reliant on generating sales for consistent revenue


Infolinks is one of the best in-text advertising platforms that is capable of indexing your website and identifying the right ads. If you are new to online advertising, InfoLinks offers a range of tools to help you get started. While the platform is known for its in-text ads, it also offers display ads that you can add to your sidebar as well as expandable ads that can be embedded into your content.

There are analytics tools available for you to measure the performance of your ads. From monitoring traffic to showing you ad performance on specific pages, you will be able to get a complete overview of how well your website is doing in terms of revenue generation from ads. The platform has a global presence and is great for monetizing your blog in any region.


  • In-text ads
  • Admin panel for performance tracking
  • AdSense compatible
  • Easy to integrate into existing websites


  • Limited ad variety


While RevenueHits is one of the newest entrants in the industry, the network is getting a lot of traction due to the innovative approach to digital marketing. The service offers geo-based ads which means that you can show different ads to different demographics of your audience depending on where they live. There are multiple ad options to choose from as well, which include buttons, widgets, display ads and more.

The network is capable of helping your blog reach its revenue potential through its innovative educational tools that help you understand digital marketing. Even if you are new to online advertising and marketing, there are resources available from RevenueHits that help you improve your web content and develop advertising strategies that work for you. You will be able to make necessary changes based on the user-friendly analytics tool that can help you make changes to your site depending on past ad revenue performance.


  • Multiple ad types to choose from
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Learning resources
  • No payout fees


  • No real-time analytics


Before you choose from the best Google AdSense alternatives, it is important that you know how to choose the right platform for your website. Monetizing your website through the right advertisement partner can yield success, but not all of these platforms may be suitable for your website.

You need to consider ad variety as one of the most important means of understanding which platform is right for you. Video ads may be successful in some blogs, while in-text ads work best for others. You should also get full customization capabilities and a great payout rate for displaying ads on your website. You can also reach out to customer service representatives of each of these ad platforms to know more about the terms and conditions of how ad revenue sharing works and identify the right platform for your website.

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