10 Awesome Sites to Find Free Images for Your Blog

As a content creator, you will always need the right picture to get your message going. It is also important that the images are of good quality. The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to create a budget to get high-quality images to go with your content. Below are 10 sites to find royalty-free images for you to use to solidify your online content.


Burst is a relatively new great website for free stock photos, powered by Shopify. They have a collection of thousands of pictures shot by a global community of photographers. They even showcase their top free high-resolution photos of them every week.

Burst’s goal is to give entrepreneurs access to good images. You can find some great royalty-free images on this site. Note that it is run by Shopify, a webshop provider, and while some of its images are covered by the Creatives Common Zero license, others are covered by the Shopify license. You, therefore, need to pay attention to the license for any image you intend to use.

Burst is a really good platform for you to get pictures, whether you’re a blogger, entrepreneur, designer, or developer.


This website offers a good range of hand-picked royalty-free images from a variety of free image sources. It is regarded as one of the best websites for free royalty-free images that are commonly used by people.

Pexels offers a good range of nature photos, cityscapes, business stock photography, abstracts, and many others. Its content can be used anywhere, from small businesses to nonprofits, marketers to designers. It is even not just a photo library, but also has videos too.

The images are all provided under the Creative Common Zero (CC0) licensing agreement. So, you can use any images freely, for personal or business purposes, without having to credit the creator.

The site also comes with a great search feature which allows for a good level of narrowing down, so that you quickly find the image you want.


Pixabay is a repository for a great number of quality photos. It has up to 780 thousand plus free photos, vectors, illustrations, and even videos. It is one of the largest databases for stock photos. The site is also easy to navigate through.

The main search bar allows you to sort your search by factors like media type, orientation, color, and minimal dimensions. This makes it a great option if you are looking for a very specific image.

Pixabay offers its resources, including videos, under the custom Pixabay license, a modified and somewhat more restrictive version of the Creative Commons Zero license.


Unsplash is one center for photography that is absolutely beautiful and brilliant. The website claims about 207,000 contributing photographers. If you are looking to create a “wow” effect with the picture you are adding to whatever you do, just browse through Unsplash. Their pictures are of very high quality and are well-selected. The pictures are also of a wide range and can be used for any project.

Unsplash contains photos of landscapes, buildings, nature as well as artistic photos. Their photos are also quite unique rather than cliche.

The website offers ten new royalty-free photos under the Unsplash license every ten days. Their database is also well sorted, making it easy to search through and find the right photos that you need quickly.


Stocksnap has the motto “not to be some crappy stock photo site”. And it can be said that they do follow through with their aim. The website contains some really great shots and masterpieces that are handpicked and royalty-free.

You can find high-quality and high-resolution stock images on Stocksnap.io that you cannot find anywhere else. This will give your site or the resource you are looking to use the images for a unique outlook. Their range of pictures is also very versatile.

The images are made available under the CC0 license, and so, free of all copyright restrictions.


Picjumbo adds new images to the website every day. They have a database of over 2,500 stock photos. They provide a wide range of high-quality photos for you, that fits into a variety of topics. These include abstract, fashion, technology, nature, and many others.

Asides from the free stock photos available on the website, Picjumbo’s photographer and founder, Viktor Hanacek, also offers unique paid packages for bloggers, designers, and also agencies.

Plugins for photoshop are also available on the website.

Death to Stock

This is another website that produces high-resolution and quality images for use by everyone whether personal or professional. It is also owned by photographers.

With death to stock, you can simply submit your email and have a new batch of photos delivered to your email every month.

The site also allows for premium membership which makes you a paying member of the community. As a premium member, you help to finance trips and projects to make more great stock photos available.


This is owned by, and the pictures are photographed by Karolina Grabowski, who is also a web designer. The website has several thousands of pictures in its database. The pictures are stunning and unique.

Kaboompics’ photos cover a wide range of categories, such as fashion, food, landscapes, lifestyle, interior design, and many others. Also, a large number of Kaboompics’ photos are social media compatible.

Although the photos are free to use, It is highly recommended that you read the licensing agreement for the photos. It is asked that you include a photo credit and a link back to the site when possible. Of course, this will aid the website’s growth, and in turn, give the chance for the creation of more incredible photos for use.


Shutteroo also has a good range of beautiful free high-resolution photos, useful for both personal and business purposes.

A great feature of Shutteroo is that you can let the designer know of any kind of photo collection you would like to use and it will be made available on the site in the future. This gives the avenue for continuous growth and expansion in the range of photos offered on the site.

Shutteroo also allows you to use its photos freely with no need to credit the site in your work.

Negative Space

Negative space adds new stock images to their database every week. The photos here are handpicked. This is another site without copyright restrictions, allowing free use of its photos.

You can search through the site by categories such as animals, nature, food, technology, architecture, work, business, and people. The site is easy to browse through as it is sorted for ease. The images are sorted by category, copy space position, and color.

This is one site to go to if you are looking for some special pictures or pictures that are not commonly used, as it has good images that you won’t find on other free platforms.


You need the perfect image to solidify your site, ad, design, article, or other creative work. Whatever it is that you need is available out there in the many online sources for free stock photos. The above-mentioned sites make it easier to find the perfect suitable picture you need at all times. Of course, this list is not exhaustive and there are more stock photo sites out there. Now that you have all this information, you do not ever have to get stranded when looking for the perfect photo.

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