10 Harsh Truths Nobody Tells You About Blogging

Blogging can be exciting, especially when you’re just starting out. It is easy to find titles like “How I made 3000$ in my first month of blogging” or “Start a profitable blog in these 3 simple steps.” Posts like these create unrealistic expectations of how blogging can turn out. This article will help you look at blogging from a more realistic point of view.

Consistency Matters

“…and the key to mastering any discipline is consistency” – John Petrucci

Just like anything great in this world, a blog will take time to grow. But it won’t grow if you are not consistent with it.

The first step to starting anything is just that, start. Starting a blog takes courage, and if you’ve taken that step, it is truly admirable. But it’s only the first step. To truly see growth in your blogging journey, you must be consistent. Some people think they can post on their blog only once in two months and have a million views a week. That is not how it works. It takes time, effort and consistency to see success in anything, including blogging.

SEO Is Super-Important

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it is the process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic to your website. Sadly, this very important component of successful blogging is usually ignored by bloggers from the get-go.

Most people who want to start their blog have no idea what SEO is, or what it even stands for. All they know is that when they Google something, stuff comes up. One way to increase the chances of your blog coming up in a Google search is to use the specific keywords in your blog posts relevant to your niche. If you implement SEO as soon as you start your blog, your older posts are likely to generate traffic while you create new content.

This article will give you more information on SEO.

Growth Does Not Come Easy

For some reason, most people expect growth to come easily. Whether it is an infant growing a tooth, or an entrepreneur trying to get to the next level in his business, all growth takes a significant amount of effort.

Trying to grow a blog is hard work. It takes time and consistent effort. It sucks, I know, but that is just how it is. Real success never comes overnight. Sometimes people would post two random articles on their blog site over three months and wonder why no one is engaging their content. If you’re like that, here’s a wake-up call: Growing a blog is hard work!

It Takes A Lot Of Time

Blogging is way beyond, taking a random photo, stringing a few words together, posting, and then expecting a thousand people to engage. You have to be willing to put the hours in. It takes time to produce a proper blog post.

A lot of effort goes into producing an excellent blog post: several hours of research, picture and sometimes video editing, brand and networking events you might have to get involved in to promote your blog. There simply aren’t any days off if you’re going to be serious about blogging. And it’s even worse if you are a student or work a full-time job. You must be willing to out the hours and work in.

You Need To Find Your Own Voice

There are currently about 600 million blogs on the internet. The odds are already against you from the very onset so it is pointless trying to be like anyone else. You need to find your own unique spin. What makes you different from other bloggers?

You need to be serious about building your brand and finding your own voice. If not, you would most likely drown in the endless sea of the millions of other blogs out there. Standing out matters a lot in the blogging business. What makes you unique? You must find it and be loud about it. For people to engage your content, they have to feel a genuine connection to your brand, and that can only happen if you are original.

It’s Like Any Other Business

If you’re going to be a serious blogger, you need to realize there is a lot more to blogging than simply just blogging. A lot more goes into blogging than just posting. You might need to get help for the business side of blogging though.

Creatives in general don’t really like this aspect of their work. As much as it is important to be in love with the actual creative process, you need to be involved with the boring stuff. There are marketing and branding involved, you might need to hire a photographer and a graphics artist. You might need to have long meetings. But if you want to grow as a blogger and a brand, you need to involve these things.

Anxiety And Depression Will Creep On You

Working from home has its perks. You don’t have to worry about office hours, a lousy boss, or an annoying coworker. But it really isn’t all bliss. It can get lonely and depressing.

You might need to watch out for yourself if you are a blogger. Be deliberate about your mental health. Working from home can involve long and depressing hours of brainstorming, forgetting to eat because you’re working so hard. Take breaks once in a while, spend time with your family, go out and see a movie, take walks with your partner or your dog. Take care of yourself physically and mentally.

It Takes Money

Like most businesses, you need to have money to make money in blogging. Of course, you can start a blog for free, but the truth is that you can’t monetize a blog you started for free, because in reality, you don’t own the content.

Apart from using a paid service for your blog, you need money to purchase external tools that will help you in your blogging journey. You will need to purchase a new computer (if you don’t already have one), some paid editing software, maybe even some photography equipment.

This article will give you more information on how to monetize your blog.

Aesthetics Are Important

It takes approximately seven seconds to make a first impression. This means what people see within the first few seconds of seeing your blog will determine if they will come back. We have been told not to judge a book by its cover but in blogging, your ‘cover’ matters a lot.

It doesn’t matter how awesome your content is, if it is lost within a poorly designed user interface, you won’t have a successful blog. Invest in a good designer or learn how to do it yourself. You might need to take a small course on photography or simply hire a photographer. But ensure you put the effort to make your blog look good.

Migrating Servers Is A Pain

As a blogger, it isn’t necessary to know the technicalities of a functioning website. Because of the ease, most people start their blogging journey on a free blog site. The problem with free blog sites is that you have no control or ownership over the blog. If you want more control over your blog, you will need to migrate to a self-hosted blog.

This process of migration though can be quite messy. Migrations should be handled with a lot of caution. It is possible to invest time, money, and effort into a migration, only to find out that you migrated to the wrong server solution. It takes a considerable amount of planning to migrate your data safely to a server that is just right for you. Trying to decide which web hosting to use for your blog? Check out some great options here.


Deciding to start a blog is a bold step, actually starting it is amazing, but staying through and putting in the work is what leads to success. Blogging is by no means an easy path, but it is very rewarding if you choose to be diligent with it. Blogging will teach you a lot about patience and consistency. The things you learn on your journey as a blogger will help you in other aspects of your life.

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