10 Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Sales

In the world of affiliate marketing, there are more failures than successes, sad but true. It is often due to a lack of strategy. To help affiliate marketers, we’ve compiled a list of tested and proven ways to increase affiliate sales.

Build an e-mail list

There is a good chance your visitor will fill the visitor’s form, which includes their email when they visit your blog. You can use this form to compile an email list of your targets for educational and promotional content. Get response is a good tool for email marketing.

Don’t make the mistake most affiliate marketers make when following up on a prospect. They follow up prospects with lots of promotional articles, which make it too obvious they want to sell a product. This is a wrong move.

You need to be tactical when selling a product because people don’t like the idea of being sold. First, build a relationship with the prospects through informational content before you start sending promotional content.

Use paid ads

There is no better way to increase your brand exposure than through paid media. Instead of waiting for your website or content to rank on the first page of Google, you can put your affiliating marketing content in front of your target audience through paid ads on different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Facebook: Facebook boasts of millions of users worldwide. Someone right now is probably scrolling through his timeline to past time. That is where you meet your target audience with attention grabbing content.

Twitter: You can promote affiliate marketing content too on twitter

YouTube: Make a video review of the product, service or company you want to promote and promote it on YouTube. Ensure you use the right keyword for easy visibility.

You can use Instagram and LinkedIn too to promote your content.

Write comparison blogs

Your potential customer has identified a problem. During his research, he came across different possible solutions. Now, he is confused as to which solution is the best. This is where you come in as an affiliate marketer with comparison blogs.

You write comparison blogs to help a potential customer make the best decision. Writing comparison blogs entails unbiased comparing of two companies, products or services together.

If a potential customer has a reason to second-guess your judgment, he may not click on the call to action button.

Examples of comparison blogs include Mac vs. windows, Amazon vs. EBay, Samsung vs. LG, Language tool vs. Grammarly etc. You can use keyword research tool to find the two products or services your target audience are considering.

Add call to action buttons

You wouldn’t want your readers to read just your content; you also want them to take action now. Add call to action buttons in the body of the content. However, ensure you don’t fluff your content with call to action buttons. Add where it is necessary.

Another way you can get people to click on the action button and increase sales on the action button is to add affiliate link to your images. If the reader finds the images attractive, they might want to click on it and check it out, thereby increasing your sales even if they don’ read the content.

However, make sure your call to action buttons flows with the content and not forceful. For instance, for a product review, check on Amazon is more preferable than buy now. A reader may find the latter forceful.

Use exit intent popup banners

Exit intent popup is the popup that comes right after a visitor is about to leave the page. The question most marketers ask is does exit intent popup works and can it increase affiliate sales.  According to data gathered by conversion sciences, you can win back 10 to 15% of lost visitors.

Imagine the increase in your affiliate sales if you can increase your lead to 10 to 15%!

The exit intent popup technology is a script that tracks when a visitor is about to exit the site. It also works on mobile devices whenever the visitor presses the back button or click on the address bar.

An exit intent popup banner is your last minute chance to grab the attention of the visitor before leaving. Therefore, you might want to make sure the message is clear, there is urgency, and call to action button. Also, add appealing and relevant image.

Here is an example of exit intent popup from Zutano. You see that you can also use exit intent popup to generate email list. You can use privy to build yours exit popup.

Improve your organic traffic

The higher the traffic you generate to your website, the higher the probability of increasing your affiliate sales. Improving your organic traffic to generate more sales entails, optimizing your website and content for search engines crawler to rank your site on the first page.

75%  of internet users never move past the first page, so if you want a chunk of the 75% to visit your website, you need to improve your website SEO. This includes improving your on page SEO, off page SEO and technical SEO.

On-page SEO deals with the content of the website.

Off-page SEO- your website will rank well on search engines if it gets inbound links from authority websites.

Technical SEO deals with the website speed and the site architecture.

Build trust with your audience

Trust is important in digital marketing or any other form of marketing for that matter.

85% of consumers say they will stop patronizing brands they don’t trust anymore. Your first priority as an affiliate marketer is not profit; it is building trust with your audience. Do not give your audience any chance to second-guess your authenticity.

Here are ways you can build trust with your internet audience:

Know your target audience: understand the buyer persona of your audience.

Create relevant content– Ensure the content you create addresses the need of your target audience. Use your content to speak to them directly. Show that you care and be responsive.

Website credibility: Make sure your website is secure. Also, display trust, proof, testimonials, awards, reviews, recognition on the website, etc.

Others ways you can build trust includes updating your content regularly, be genuine, and have listening ears.

Declutter your webpage

The idea of decluttering your webpage is to make your visitors feel comfortable on your website, also makes it easy to interact with your content. You might want to remove outdated content, reduce pop ups, and the design elements. If possible, reduce the ads too.

Here are ways you can declutter your webpage

Modify your website: reorganize your website and content to make it user friendly. Don’t just throw images, texts or designs into your website, make sure they are there to achieve a desired goal.

Build a linking strategy: be mindful of the manner you add links to your WebPages. Make sure your links are targeted towards a desired action. Although, linking can boost your search engine visibility, it can also serve as distraction to the readers.

Write product reviews

One of the ways buyers invest their money wisely is by reading product reviews online before making a purchase. 

Many people don’t have the time to review products themselves and some don’t even know how to do it. This is where you come in as an affiliate marketer to provide fair and balance product reviews.

Before you begin to write product reviews, first identify your interest, which ultimately becomes your niche. Then create a product lists around the niche.

It would be helpful for you to review top review website around your niche to see how they are doing it.

Spying on your competitor’s website will help you to produce a better product review.  

Lastly, be honest with your review, and make it easy for the readers to understand your content.

Use content marketing

The idea of content marketing is creating and delivering the content that resonates with your target audience. By creating and sharing free content, you can attract new customers too.

You can use content marketing to increase your brand awareness, generate leads, and of course, increase your affiliate sales.

Content marketing begins with identifying the needs of your target audience. Then you can distribute the information through your blog, social media platforms, eBooks, infographics, email newsletters, and how to guides.

Ways you can promote your products through content marketing:

  • Create blog posts on the benefits of the products.
  • Create videos on how to use the products you are promoting.
  • Create content around what your target audience loves.


Increasing your affiliate sales is about building a relationship with your target audience. Do not let money motivate you; instead let your desire to be a solution motivate you. Identify your audiences’ needs and recommend the products that will solve their problems. Make your visitors comfortable when they visit your website by improving your website user friendliness, speed and decluttering the webpage. With time, you will find success.

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