10 Ways to Reduce Blogging Stress

Blogging is not easy. If you plan to pursue blogging full-time, it can be more stressful than the regular 9 to 5 grind. This blog post covers valuable hacks for living a stress-free life as a professional blogger. Below are ten proven ways to reduce blogging stress.

Time management

Many bloggers go with the flow and work when they are inspired to work. But just like everything in life, without stability, the mind will get restless, and stress will set in. Blogging with a set routine will reduce blogging stress.

It would help a great deal if you set a schedule and stick to it. Content calendars and content planners are great tools for planning your blogging content ahead of time. These days you can schedule your posts days ahead; this will help you do things at a comfortable pace. Have a set day for your posts to be released, and stick with it. Don’t procrastinate. Maintaining a disciplined schedule will put your mind at ease and help you accomplish all you need to. 


Being a blogger often means that you sit in one spot for long periods at a stretch. Consistently doing this can be pretty unhealthy. Regular exercise is essential for blood circulation and strengthening of the body systems. Regular exercise also helps to keep the mind clear and free from worries.

You can make time out to go to the gym every day. Doing this will encourage a set routine for staying fit and healthy. Alternately, you can take breaks in-between work and go on strolls. You can also try yoga, stretching or meditation. These options are not very exerting, but they keep you flexible and help you relax in stressful situations.

Have a healthy social life

I know many people think being a blogger and interacting with many people online counts as having a healthy social life. Well, I am here to tell you that it does not. Although social media networking is good, in-person networking has a role that it plays.

Instead of doing all your interactions from home, online, you should make time out to physically interact with friends and family. It would help if you hung out with your friends regularly. Go to the movies, eat out, visit museums and art galleries. Go somewhere you fancy. Try to enjoy the social aspects of being human. In-person interactions will help you stay centred and in the real world. A healthy social life will also reduce stress.

Play Sports

Instead of only watching sports and following them online, play them. Playing games is fun too, but they do not count as sports. Sports are physical games that help in boosting our mental and physical health.

Playing sports can help you maintain a healthy social life because you meet a healthy dose of physically present people. Playing sports can also be your determined mode of exercise. If you are not so keen on sports, you can join beginner teams or play with friends.

If sports aren’t your thing at all, you can skip the sports, so it doesn’t become another thing that causes stress in your life.

Watch motivation videos or TED talks

As a blogger, you will be exposed to many random videos on the internet. These random videos hardly add any value; instead, they fill our minds with a lot of unnecessary information. But this does not have to be the case.

When you watch TED talks and other encouraging videos,you learn something new or receive encouragement. Learning brings about motivation, so bingeing on valuable videos will stimulate your mind into action. You can take out some minutes in a day, maybe during your work breaks, to view some inspiring and educative videos. Just be intentional about watching valuable videos instead of random ones.

Find a coffee shop or coworking space

Co-working spaces arespaces designed for digital professionals to work. They usually include fast wifi, comfortable work stations, free drinks/snacks, and great networking opportunities. Coffee shops also have similar features.

Leaving your home officeonce in a while to work in a new environment is a great way to refresh your mind. No matter where you live, there are probably coffee shops nearby. For the co-working option, you can search the internet for available spaces. Usually, co-working spaces cost between 10-20$ per day. They usually also have discounts for long time members.

Use Automated Schedules

I have already mentioned automated schedules earlier, but I am now dedicating a whole section to them because of how vital they are to stress reduction. Automated schedules save bloggers a lot of stress and worry. These days, there are tools to schedule every kind of content.

You can schedule your social media posts. Tools like Tailwind and Hootsuite are helpful for scheduling posts on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. Emails can also be scheduled. For bloggers who have newsletters and who send regular emails, there are tools to schedule emails. You can also schedule your blog posts. Many web hosting platforms have post scheduling as a feature.

Give yourself periodic breaks from work

Many bloggers struggle to do this. It can be easy to work non-stop, especially when inspiration is abundant. Many people want to tap into all this inspiration because they are afraid that they might lose their mojo.

However, it is essential to take frequent breaks to stretch, have a drink, have a snack or do something fun. Like many other jobs, you can take an extended break, for a few days or more, from blogging. These breaks will freshen up your mind and help you return more creative and productive.

Simplify your life

Simplifying your life is another good way to reduce stress. Try to take tasks and programs that are right and ignore the irrelevant ones. Try to take tasks one after the other instead of composing them and trying to tackle them at once.

One practical way to simplify your life is to cancel some of your subscriptions, especially those that send many emails and posts. Another way is to unfollow people on your social media to reduce the content on your feed and the number of people whose posts you have to engage. Asides from saving your time, simplifying your life will help you not feel overwhelmed as a blogger.

Batch similar tasks

As a blogger, many of the tasks you perform are similar. Liking, posting and commenting on other blogs all fall into the community interaction or engagement sector; just like planning, writing and editing content all fall into the content creation sector.

Batching similar tasks is very helpful because it saves a lot of time and prevents stress. You can designate tasks of a similar nature and tackle them together at a set period. For instance, you can do all forms of interaction: replying to comments, engaging with other bloggers in your niche, and greeting new followers in one day. At the same time, you can set another day to schedule all your posts on your blog and your social media platforms.


Applying these 10 ten tips can do good things for you as a blogger and your overall well-being. Make sure to put them, or some of them, into practice to start reaping the great benefits they offer. If you already apply some of these tips, how do they work for you? If not these tips, how do you get rid of blogging stress? Let me know in the comments below.

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