11 Husky Blogs Every Husky Owner Must Follow

Huskies are among the most loved dog breeds. That explains why you can find many husky blogs on the internet. If you are a lover of huskies and planning to own one or if you have a husky already, we have selected the 11 best husky blogs you should follow today.

Gone To The Snow Dogs 

Gone To The Snow Dogs showcases the adventures of Shelby, Oakley, Memphis, three beautiful huskies that live in Northeast Michigan. The blog covers a wide range of husky-related topics, from homemade dog treats, tips for travel and camping with your dogs to dog training advice and more. 

They also have a hugely popular YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers and growing every day. Be sure to check out their fun videos and engaging content. 

My Happy Husky

My Happy Husky is the go-to website for everything you need to know about husky behavior. It features one of the most inclusive collections of husky resources and also has a specially curated section on husky nutrition. 

Harry, the blog creator, put everything he has learned in 22 years of dog ownership into this blog to help people who have or are interested in Siberian Huskies.

Mini Husky Lovers

Mini Husky Lovers was created as a tribute to the beautiful dog breed that is the Miniature Siberian Husky. It is your complete guide to owning and raising a mini husky.

This blog boasts of a mega-collection of husky resources and seeks to teach people about understanding dog behavior, and creating a friendlier environment for dogs at home. You will also have access to detailed reviews and in-depth discussions about dog products.

Naughty Husky

Naughty Husky is one of the most popular husky dog blogs that features informational posts on a wide range of topics to address the various aspects of owning a husky.

If you’re planning to get a husky for the first time, you should check out Naughty Husky for informed opinions of how you can get the best out of your relationship with these amazing animals. You could still get some immensely valuable resources, even if you’re relatively experienced in raising these dogs.

Siberian Husky Training

Huskies are intelligent dogs, but they can be quite stubborn and independent. Siberian Husky Training is where you learn everything to get your husk to obey.

There’s a popular belief that huskies are very hard to train. Huskies have this reputation due to their intelligence, but they also respond well to the right type of training. On siberianhuskytraining.net, find out how you can go about training, grooming, and disciplining your huskies in the best way possible.

Snowdog Guru

Whether you already own a husky or are considering getting one, Snowdog Guru has all the husky info you will need. It covers topics ranging from the best diets to alternative health care, training advice, and everything you need for the general happiness and well-being of your snow dog.

You can rely on this blog for the best husky health tips, behavior advice, and adoption and grooming resources. It is also one of the few blogs that review the best dog food options.

Husky Owner

Husky Owner is another interesting collection of resources on everything you need to know about the husky dog breed. It offers a more in-depth look into husky ownership and training than most.

The outlook of the website is quite simplistic. Still, the organization of the blog is so efficient that you can easily find whatever specific information or resource you need under the husky articles, husky training, or recommended gear category. Click here to visit huskyowner.com.

Life With a Husky

Whether you have just got yourself a husky dog or you’re thinking of getting one, Life With a Husky is a great blog to follow for helpful husky tips and entertaining dog stories.

This blog is all about inspiring tangible and meaningful relationships between humans and huskies. With a massive collection of content that touches on the whole journey of owning a Husky, training it, and building a healthy relationship with it, this is one of the best blogs out there for husky lovers.

Husky Advisor

Husky Advisor is your guide to everything husky-related. It stands out from most blogs because it takes on more intimate topics like how to clean your husky’s teeth and recognize certain behavioral patterns. 

The blog was started by Alexandra, a passionate husky owner. His vision is to share his experience and lessons as he raises and trains his two husky dogs. Be sure to check it out for details on how you can live the best possible life with your husky.

Husky Squad

Husky Squad tells the stories of three beautiful husky dogs. There is so much you can learn about huskies from their travels, training, and diet.

One of the highlights of Husky Squad is the special “kibble to raw” online course that will help transition your dog into a healthier raw diet. This is, of course, in addition to the wellness tips and product reviews. There is also a shop section where you can get apparel, accessories, and photography resources.

Supernova Siberian Huskies

Supernova Siberian Huskies is a dependable source for properly bred huskies. On the blog, you’ll learn about everything husky breeding. 

You may want to check out the website for some of the cutest little puppies if you have been thinking of getting one of these amazing animals. You should also check out the blog section for interesting husky training and medical tips. Their mission is to help provide loving companions for every worthy pet home.


We have compiled and briefly discussed some of the best-rated husky blogs you should visit today. You could be an upcoming blogger looking for worthwhile case studies or just an individual that likes husky dogs. These blogs are sure to keep you entertained and informed about the critical things you ought to know about raising husky dogs.

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