12 Beagle Blogs to Follow in 2021

If you are a Beagle parent, here are some of the best beagle blogs to follow in 2021. Some of these have content only for beagles while others are more generic with in-depth information on how to take of your beagle.

Beagle in Mind

Beagle in Mind is one of the best blogs to find highly informative content that can help you decide if you want a beagle. It can also help existing owners who are having a hard time understanding their dogs. While having a beagle can be fun, understanding your pet’s emotions can be difficult and Beagle in Mind can help you with just that.

The blog has multiple informative posts that can help you understand nutrition for your pet, train it better, and more. It also has narrative blogs that can help you find out more about what it feels like to be a beagle owner and how you can better understand your dog when you notice any unusual behavior.

Beagle’s Life

Beagle’s Life is one of the most informative sources for finding out everything you need to know about your Beagle’s life expectancy, nutrition, healthcare regimen, and more. There is also in-depth information available on how to comfort your dog when it is scared or if they are not in a good mood.

Understanding your dog’s emotions is a part of raising them and Beagle’s Life can help you with that through its informative posts. There are also grooming tips and other guides to help you take care of your beagle’s appearance. If you do not already own a beagle, there is an extensive buyer’s guide that will help you understand the differences between different beagle breeds and help you adopt the right one.

Beagles to The Rescue

Beagles to The Rescue is a website created by an animal shelter in Chesapeake, Virginia (USA). The website has a very informative blog that will help you take care of beagles and understand them better. If your dog is showing signs of poor health, the blog can help you identify signs of any underlying health issues very early.

There are also extensive blogs that help you understand the costs of owning a beagle and how much you can expect to spend on healthcare. You also get insights on various skills that you can teach your beagle to help it adapt to an active and healthy lifestyle. Senior beagles in particular can become overweight very quickly and the blog can help you implement disciplined exercise regimens for your dog.

Beagle Guide

Beagle Guide is one of the best resources to help you get nutritional information for your dog and help you understand what diets work best for it. There are also homemade recipes that you can learn from the website which can allow you to cook delicious nutrient-rich meals for your dog to help it stay healthy instead of relying on preservative-rich products that can be potentially harmful.

There is also an extensive section that allows you to train beagle puppies. Getting a puppy can be trying times for dog owners as you have to teach everything to it yourself and it can be difficult to understand a beagle’s emotional reactions if it is your first time owning one. Beagle Guide can help you understand your pet better and help you train it for a better and healthier lifestyle.


Rover, also known as ‘The Dog People’ is one of the biggest blogs on the internet full of dog care information. You will find the Beagle blog under the Dog Breeds section on the home page. The blog features a complete guide on how to adopt a beagle and everything that you need to know before adopting one. You get a rundown of the dog’s breed information and what kind of personality traits beagles exhibit, to help you consider if you want a beagle.

You also get insights on how to take better care of your beagle through exercises, healthcare routines, and more. If you are an existing owner, you will be able to find a lot of information on how to better identify health issues or other problems that your beagle may be facing. There are also some great tips available for first-time beagle owners who want reliable information to help raise their pets. 

Beagle Care

If you are looking for an informative source to find everything you need to know about becoming a beagle parent, Beagle Care is a great blog to follow. It has in-depth information to help you groom and take care of your beagle. The blog focuses heavily on taking care of your beagle’s health at all ages of your pet’s lifespan.

You also get information on how to train your beagle to perform basic tasks and be obedient. Beagles can be naughty and mischievous and if you have a hard time dealing with your pet, you will find insights on how to punish your dog by helping it learn that good behavior is rewarded. There is also information available on dog breeds and how to identify if your beagle is a pure breed or not to help you avoid getting scammed by shady dog breeders.

Sit Stay

Sit Stay is a dog blog with a ton of content available for beagle owners. The blog has been around since 1995 and it focuses on healthcare. From handling various injuries to taking care of your dog if it falls sick, there is a lot of medically backed informative content.

There are training guides available at Sit Stay that help you teach your dog manners and to treat strangers with respect. If you have a dog that is hard to control, Sit Stay can help you understand your dog’s emotions and train it the right way. There is also a lot of information available for adoptions and how to choose the right dog if you are considering adopting a beagle.

Oh My Dog

Oh My Dog does not exclusively focus on content around beagles like most other publications on this list but, there is a lot of information available to help you take care of senior dogs. It also discusses common traits that dog owners exhibit and how you can be a better dog parent.

Taking care of your dog is not just about your beagle, but also about you. There is a lot of healthy advice on how to treat your dog better and how to approach training your dog. There are also product reviews available on the website to help you choose the right gifts and treats for your dog.

Tail’s Life

Tail’s Life is a great blog that focuses on the healthcare and well-being of your dog. If you have a pet that shows signs of anxiety or fear, you will be able to understand its emotions and help it. Mental health is just as important as physical health for dogs and treating your dog right requires expertise which Tail’s Life offers.

You will find insights on how to take care of your blog through the right healthcare routines and if you are a new owner, there is content available to help you decide if you want to choose a beagle or not. The blogs are beginner-friendly and help you understand what it takes to be a first-time pet owner.

Dawgie Bowl

The Dawgie Bowl blog is a healthcare-focused blog that offers advice on how to deal with physical ailments that your dog may be facing. Obesity is also a difficult topic that dog owners do not want to face and Dawgie Bowl helps you understand the importance of a balanced diet and exercise.

The global pandemic has been difficult for not just humans, but also dogs and the blog has a ton of informative content to help you keep your dog comforted at a time it is not allowed to go out as much. You also get insights on what human foods dogs can eat and what natural foods you can use to replace packaged foods that can be potentially unhealthy.

Beagle Daily

Beagle Daily is a one-of-a-kind news website for beagles. Each time a beagle is featured in international news, the website covers it. It is more of a source of entertainment if you are obsessed with beagles than something that you can use to become a better beagle parent.

However, there are some informative content pieces available on the site that offer advice for beagle owners. There are also product and service reviews that you can refer to in case you are looking to buy toys, treats, or other healthcare items for your beagle. It also offers a subscription feature for free which you can opt-in for to get access to all the beagle news in your inbox.

Beagle Pro

Beagle Pro is an information trove for anyone who needs some quick information about puppy care, feeding, behavior, and more. While it does not include any personal experiences from pet owners, if you want technical information, Beagle Pro is one of the best resources out there.

Every dog owner wants their dogs to have the highest life expectancy possible and beagles have an average lifespan, which makes it important for you to take care of them. Beagle Pro focuses heavily on keeping your dog naturally energetic and active and helps you take care of your dog when it reaches senior years and needs special attention.


Beagles can be playful and mischievous and if you are not sure of how to take care of one, you can learn from some of these blogs. Whether you are a first-time owner or an experienced beagle dad, there is a ton of content available to guide you on how to understand your dog’s emotions and give it the best life possible through healthy practices.

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