12 DIY Blogs You Must Follow in 2021

Whether you are looking to become a DIYer or seeking inspiration to start your own DIY blog, there are plenty of blogs out there that can offer great learning experiences. From home decorators to painters, there are plenty of creative blogs out there by and for people who love doing stuff themselves. If you are looking for some virtual inspiration, these are the top 12 DIY blogs that you must follow.

The Inspired Room

The Inspired Room was created by DIY author Melissa Michaels who wanted to share her contentment of working on projects by herself. The blog encourages readers to embrace a clean and simple lifestyle. If you are looking for a DIY blog that helps out budget conscious people while also maintaining style and class, it is one of the best blogs to follow

A lot of the blog focuses on how to decorate your interiors and create a toxin-free household through the use of the right products. She offers product recommendations including essential oils and decorative items. Michaels also has gift guides to help her readers encourage others to join in and create sustainable and eco-friendly households.

Paper & Stitch

While the name of the blog suggests that it is about paper crafts and sewing, the blog has expanded to offer so much more. The blog was launched by former high school art teacher BritanniMehlhoff who takes advantage of her fine art skills and helps others restyle their homes in the most creative way possible.

The blog features a ton of DIY projects including some very interesting topics like dying clothing naturally or creating bowls out of rope. You also learn a lot of repurposing existing things in your house to create new products which is a great learning experience for those who want to adopt a no-waste lifestyle for the betterment of the environment around them. There are also some fun blogs that allow you to make puzzles to have fun with colorful easter eggs.


Remodelaholic was launched by DIY enthusiast Cassity who shares her DIY experience with her audience. There are plenty of budget-friendly ideas that she presents to her audience and there are contributors who submit their ideas which are shared via the site.

Most of the content on Remodelaholic revolves around food and home décor. One of the things the blog focuses on is simplicity. All of the projects are easy to follow and anyone can pick up these projects and complete them at home with minimal resources needed. There are some video tutorials thrown in as well. If you are looking for a blog that offers DIY ideas for printablesnad woodworking plans, it is one of the top blogs to follow.

DIY Playbook

Even though DIY Playbook’s founders Casey and Bridget call themselves beginners, they are among the best bloggers who create DIY content. From refining your existing furniture to creating projects from scratch, they offer everyone something to work towards. If you are looking for inspiration for home décor, it is one of the best blogs to follow.

They also offer curated recommendations for specific parts of your house. If you want to reinvigorate the design of your patio, you will find lists of DIY articles on the site that will help you take up some projects to work towards. They have also started working on style content to help you are looking to repurpose or use create your own clothes from scratch. The blog also features gifting guides in case you want to create DIY gifts for your loved ones on any occasion.


DIYS.com markets itself as the world’s largest DIY community. There are thousands of projects that you can check out from various categories. From gardening to cooking, everything you can think of is covered on the website. there is a lot of emphasis on healthy living and beauty projects. If you are someone who wants to adopt a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle, DIYS.com is one of the best blogs to follow.

From making your own beauty products that are toxin free to creating nutrient-rich food to keep yourself healthy, there is plenty of great content available on the website. The gardening section is worth checking out as there are hundreds of articles covering every aspect of DIY gardening that you need to know whether you want to create a decorative garden or grow vegetables in your own backyard. The kids section features arts and crafts projects that you can engage in to spend time with your child or keep them busy while you’re hard at work.

Addicted 2 DIY

If you want to save money and build things yourself, you should head to Addicted 2 DIY. There are various DIY sections that you can browse through to find projects that suit your home and interests. From crafts to repurposing, there is something out there for everyone. You can give new life to existing items and rethink your home design with the help of the blog.

There are some great decorative projects available on Addicted 2 DIY. The projects seeks to inspire people to rethink their lifestyles. The blog features a ton of no-waste content which inspires home owners to reduce the amount of waste created at home and repurpose existing items.

Fall for DIY

Fall for DIY is one of the best blogs to follow if you have an eye for interior design. There is a steady flow of content on the blog for décor, party organization and more. The fashion and food sections are also equally impressive and if you want to create your own stylish and personal space, Fall for DIY a great place to pick up your next DIY project.

The blog’s objective is to make your living space as functional and beautiful as possible. The best thing about Fall for DIY is its budget conscious projects. Almost none of the projects that are listed on the blog will be out of reach for most of the audience. It shows you how far inexpensive décor can be repurposed into looking luxurious if you have the right creative approach.

Addicted 2 Decorating

Addicted 2 Decorating’s founder Kristi is one of the best creative minds in the blogging space. With thousands of blogs created for DIY lovers, you will find plenty of guides to go through. From tips and tricks to full DIY projects for home décor, everything you would ever want from a home décor blog is available all in one place.

There is a complete project galley that features not just purely decorative items, but also functional DIY projects that you can create to improve your furnishing. There is also a home tours page where you can check out Kristi’s home and check out all of the DIY project she has worked on throughout the years. It is one of the most popular home décor blogs on the internet and the best part is all of the projects are very budget friendly and you can create them with minimal expenses involved.

Vintage Revivals

The title of the blog gives away what it is all about. If you want to repurpose vintage items and make them useful for a modern home, this is the blog for you. Whether you want to reuse old items for your office or your home, there are hundreds of projects that you can look up and be inspired by.

From changing the accent walls in your home to creating a vintage-style bulleting board using basic items that you may have lying around, there are some really creative projects that you can try out. There is a Room Reveals section in the page that allows you to see many of the projects put together to create a uniform theme in actual workspaces or homes which you can reference for your own projects.

Pretty Handy Girl

Pretty Handy Girl is a run by Brittany who inspires women to take up their own DIY projects. There are plenty of woodwork and other intensive DIY projects that she takes up. If you love creating your own furniture or want to create something that you want to gift, the blog has great content to offer.

You can check out the Project Gallery section where a list of DIY categories are available. If you are new to DIY projects and need assistance with learning how to use tools, there is a guide section that will help you get started with all DIY essential tools that come in handy in creating these projects.


Merrypad was originally founded by two DIY enthusiasts Emily and Pete. Currently, Emily is the active founder who posts tons of content on DIY projects that you can make on a budget. They have also branched out to help people design homes in the most affordable way possible via DIY projects.

All of their personal projects are documented on the blog. MerryPad is definitely for enthusiast DIYers who want to invest a lot of time and effort into their craft. She is also easy to reach via her official email as she responds to her audience if they need any assistance with projects.

Old Town Home

Old Town Home is a blog that focuses on old homes and how DIYers can take up projects to modernize them. The founders have putting out content to renovate old buildings in the best way possible. There has been a lack of updates since April 2020 but the old blogs are just as relevant today with plenty of guides available to help you renovate your home.

Old Town Home is one of the few blogs that can help DIYers renovate their master bathroom through quick little DIY projects that can add a ton of functionality even in small spaces. There are dozens of woodworking articles as well to help you create your own furnishings for your home. While there is not much content when it comes to their food section, there are still some amazing recipes for the holiday season if you are looking to bake some special cakes for your loved ones on a budget using healthy ingredients.


Whether you are an active DIYer or are just getting started and seek inspiration, these blogs are great if you want to pick up new projects for yourself. The joy of finding new and interesting projects to work on is unbeatable, especially when you don’t have to make a hole in your wallet to create some amazing things for your home. Personal beauty products are also gaining traction in the DIY project space with the younger generations focusing on safe beauty products that are toxin-free. From paintings to woodwork, there are DIY blogs for everyone that you can explore. If you want to start your own DIY blog, there is plenty to learn from these 12 blogs as well as they’re some of the most successful sites out there that have gotten everything from SEO or content quality just right.

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