12 Lifestyle Blogs You Must Follow in 2021

The lifestyle blogging niche is one of the most competitive. There are a lot of them out there, but some of them are very successful and have a large following. Here is a list of twelve lifestyle blogs that are some of the best out there. Make sure you follow these if you’re planning to start your own lifestyle blog.  


A Cup of Jo is a blog by Joanna Goddard, launched as a mere hobby in 2007 while maintaining a high-powered career. She has had a lot of editorial experience from some top firms in the US.

Now, Cup of Jo is no longer a hobby but Joanna Goddard’s full-time gig. The blog also has a team of writers.

Cup of Jo is a daily lifestyle blog. The blog covers topics on relationships, design, food, style, travel, culture, and motherhood. It includes practical tips and advice to follow. Women and mothers of all ages are the blog’s target audience, and it is a great blog for women and for you as a fashion and lifestyle enthusiast.

A cup of Joe was featured in Forbes’s “Top 10 lifestyle websites for women” and also featured on many other major media outlets because of the great work and wealth of content. The blog majorly makes money through selling affiliate products, publishing sponsored posts, and displaying advertising.


Camille Styles is a great blog for you if you want to discover new ways to improve your lifestyle, wardrobe and learn new recipes and home decor.

This blog is owned and run by Camille, who is a Texas-based former event planner turned lifestyle blogger and also is the author of a bestselling book titled “Camille Styles Entertaining”. Her book, product sales, offering sponsorship programs, and speaking engagementsare her major sources of income.

The blog is built with WordPress. And Camille works alongside a team to give the best tips and ideas on wellness, food, design, style, and travel.


The Blonde Abroad is a travel blog and great for you if you are a travel enthusiast. The blog is owned and run by Kiki, a California native, and solo female travel blogger. The blog’s owner, Kiki, shares with her readers, potential places to explore, her travel experiences, and much more. She also shares tons of pictures of places she visits, giving you the perfect imagery as if to allow you the opportunity of living through her travels with her.

The blog’s major topics are lifestyle, travel, and photography. The blog is built with WordPress. The major source of income is product sales.

If you’re looking to grow your blog, improve your photography skills, travel around the world, or just looking for practical lifestyle advice, then, Blonde Abroad is for you.

The Blonde Abroad makes money through consulting, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and product reviews.


Wit & Delight is an online hub with its content and posts on lifestyle, fashion, beauty, interior design, food & drinks. They also focus on serious topics like mental health, self-acceptance, and parenthood.

The blog is owned and run by Kate Arenas, founded in 2008, and through this lifestyle blog, she shares her personal stories, struggles, and experiences. She runs the blog alongside a team of lifestyle and fashion experts, to give the best advice. It’s a great blog for you to learn about yourself and improve your lifestyle.

The blog is built with WordPress. The main sources of income are affiliate product sales, sponsored content, and selling their products related to fashion and beauty. The blog is aimed at a wide audience. The blog is for you if you want a bit of everything in the same place.


Luxe Digital is a luxurious lifestyle blog. It was launched in 2018 by Florine Eppe Beauly, who is the Editor-in-chief. She works with a global team. The blog has grown into a full business. It is majorly split into “Business” and “Lifestyle”.

Its target audience is professionals, who live and love the taste of the high-end life. This includes both men and women.

The main topics it covers are business, lifestyle, beauty, technology, and travel. When you subscribe to their mailing list, you have the option of choosing a monthly business letter, a lifestyle letter, or both. The blog also offers discounts, previews on new items, and special offers. The blog was built with WordPress. Even in its build, it is sleek and sophisticated. The main source of income is ads.


This blog is owned and run by a couple, Megan Gilger and Mike. is a lifestyle blog filled with original content about travel, interior design, food, and beauty. The blog has been featured on sites like The Huffington Post, Yahoo! News, Fly Wheel, etc.

It is built with WordPress. It has a simple layout. The simplicity allows photography to stand out and allows navigate through and find what you’re looking for easily. Their sources of income are branded collaborations and sponsored ads, selling Amazon products related to lifestyle, beauty and fashion, and affiliate marketing.


He Spoke Style is a men’s lifestyle blog launched in 2013 by Brian Sacvawa. He is the curator of menswear ensembles.

He uses the blog to offer useful advice and tips for grooming, accessories, and colognes. Also, for men who are new to fashion, he offers a glossary that explains the different styles and names of clothes.

The main topics covered are lifestyle and fashion. The blog was built with WordPress. Millennial men are the blog’s target audience. The main sources of income are brand collaboration and product sales.


Lauren Kay Sims is a lifestyle blog that talks about the latest fashion, fitness, health, outfit ideas, among other things. The blog was founded by Lauren Kay who is passionate about inspiring women and gears this passion into sharing fashion and wellness tips.

If you are looking for some great content on fashion, family, wellness, and beauty, then this blog is for you. The blog’s main sources of income are selling fashion products from other brands, affiliate marketing, and collaborations with other fashion and lifestyle brands.


Cupcakes and Cashmere is one of the very first lifestyle blogs. It was founded by Emily Schuman. The blog has turned into a global sensation. And this has made Emily Schuman an established businesswoman.

The blog offers tips and advice on fashion, style, and home decor. And with running it, Emily has written a couple of books, one of which is the best-selling book “Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home”, and also owns her clothing line. The main topics covered are fashion, beauty, food, travel, decor, and motherhood. The blog was built with Maven. The main sources of income are advertising, selling fashion products from other brands, brand collaborations, and sponsored content.


This is a lifestyle blog unlike so many others and is one of the biggest lifestyle blogs. It is owned and run by Ree Drummond, a writer, blogger, photographer, and mom. The blog centers on ranch life. Its content is recipes, style, beauty, travel, home & life, food & cooking, news, entertainment, and great giveaways. Ree Drummond also shares some personal content.

Ree Drummond started the blog alone, but she now has a team of editors assisting her in running the blog. People keen on ranch-style living are the blog’s target audience. The blog’s main sources of income are affiliate marketing, selling their products, advertisements, and sponsorships. Ree Drummond has gone on to start “The Pioneer Woman” magazine as well.


Refinery29 is a global media company that also features a high-quality lifestyle blog that focuses on young women. The blog is owned by Vice Media which is an American digital media and broadcasting company.

The blog’s major contents center on beauty, wellness, lifestyle, entertainment, work and money, and fashion. Also, the blog launches new content daily. The blog was built with WordPress. Its main sources of income are ads, affiliate programs, collaborations, and sponsorships.


Pouted Magazine is an international lifestyle magazine. It is a platform with content that focuses on fashion and lifestyle but also provides unique content on technology, interior design, and travel.

Pouted is run by a team of experienced people. If you’re looking to follow the latest trends in fashion, travel, design, and entertainment, then Pouted is for you. The blog was built with WordPress. The blog’s main sources of income are product sales, sponsored review posts, and Amazon associates affiliate marketing program.


There are tons of lifestyle blogs on the Internet. If you’re looking to start your own lifestyle blog, remember that the competition is high but if you persist long enough, you will find success. This is why we have compiled this list just for you. If you’re just looking for great lifestyle blogs or you’re looking to learn because you want to start your blog, these are some of the best blogs to follow.

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