9 Best Corgi Blogs On The Internet Today

Corgis have grown increasingly popular among pet owners in recent years. They are similar to dachshunds in appearance, with a small torso and powerful thighs. They are adorable, assertive, and ideal for households with small children.  If you are a Corgi owner or plan to adopt a Corgi anytime soon, check out these 9 blogs to get all you need to know about Corgis.


Corgicare covers a wide range of topics for Corgi owners, from general care tips and basic information about Corgis to tips on Corgi temperament, exercising for Corgis, training and lifestyle tips for Corgis, and much more.

The blog has a steadily increasing viewership and is emerging as one of the popular Corgi blogs out there.

Tibby the Corgi

Tibby the Corgi is about Tibby, an adorable fluffy corgi from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. On social media, he posts funny stuff, but he’s also a fan of a good selfie. This is to imply that he’s basically a cross between Kylie Jenner and Tina Fey in the form of a fluffy corgi.

Fortune, Buzzfeed, and the New York Post have all featured him; he’s one of the most popular Fluffy Corgi in the world, as well as Toronto’s most Pawpular dog. Every day, he delivers smiles and laughter to almost 350,000 people. Check out the blog for cute pictures, Corgi care tips, and day in his life images.

Navy Corgi

Navy Corgi was started by Alex and Zach, two Corgi lovers based in Washington, D.C. They started this blog as an extension of the Navy’s Instagram page to chronicle their dog-friendly travels, share their puppy-raising experiences, review some fantastic products, openly discuss easy dog-friendly recipes, and share the tricks and tips they used to help Navy’s social media accounts grow and navigate.

Navy is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi purebred. She not only has the recessive fluffy gene, but she also has the recessive blue merle pattern coat, making her one-of-a-kind. Navy, popularly known as the “yap queen,” enjoys being heard. She’s a spunky, feisty pup that enjoys belly massages, butt scratches, fetch, and as many sticks as her small mouth can hold!

Stumps and Rumps

Stumps and Rumps is a resource for corgi-lovers intended to inspire happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives for pets and their people. Megan founded Stumps and Rumps with the goal of providing Corgi (and dog) owners with the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to help their pets enjoy happier, healthier, and more meaningful lives.

She’s a blogger, photographer, and educator from a little Missouri town with big plans for her dogs. She has a love for pineapple on pizza, basic tees, and skinny jeans, and anything’ Corgi.’

Three Corgis

Three Corgis is primarily dedicated to Cupcake, Hambone, Wolfgangin San Diego (the owners plan to add a third Corgi soon). The blog also features other Corgis and documents their lives from around the Internet. On the blog, you can find ideas, inspiration, and lots more.

You can get your hands on Corgi Tanks, tote bags, T-Shirts, Calendars, Crews, and buttons, and there will be more as they progress on this fantastic adventure.

Willo The Corgi

Willo the Corgi is a dog who lives in the United Kingdom. She is a cross between a lovely puppy that loves to cuddle and spends most of her time cuddling her owner and a girl with a lot of sass and attitude that you can’t resist chuckling, even when she’s barking or running.

She was the last of five puppies- two males and three females, in a litter of five. Rolling around in freshly cut grass and eating are two of her favorite things to do.  She enjoys eating so much until she howls with delight while doing so, and her peculiarity has garnered lots of social media attention. 

Corgis as pets

Corgis As Pets is based on a book that was founded by Lolly Brown and provided excellent information on Corgis- where to buy them, how to feed them, etc.

You can find articles on training, diet, grooming, and cost also.

The Daily Corgi

The Daily Corgi is precisely what it sounds like: in-depth coverage of a corgi’s life every day. It also has a Tumblr page for those who don’t like the blogs.

Follow it to stay up to date on Corgi care, feeding and nutrition, diet, grooming, and so on.  

Corgi Addict

Corgi Addict boasts of a slew of original postings thanks to a devoted following, and it’s the starting point for many of the corgis that go viral.

The blog writer is obviously smitten, and you can find practically all the Corgi information you need here.


Corgis are intelligent, affectionate, devoted, clever dogs who are always up for a challenge. However, before you decide to become a Corgi parent, make sure you’re ready for the responsibilities of owning a new pet and do your homework on the breeder or facility where you’ll get your Corgi. The 9 Corgi blogs discussed in this post are the best resources to help you make your decision.

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