15 Blogging Niches That Will Get You Great Traffic

A blogging niche is a specific topic you’ll write about (or content you create) consistently on your blog. But why does it matter at all? Can’t you just create content around random topics on your blog? Ever heard the phrase, “Jack of all trades, master of none”? If your blog isn’t known consistently for one specific niche, you are unlikely to rank well on google searches, hence engagement with your content will not be up to its full potential. Below are great ideas for niches that have great potential for traffic.


The fitness niche is one of the most looked up of all niches on the internet. Most people are concerned about their health and want relevant information on how they can improve it. You can take advantage of this ever-growing demand for quality fitness-related content and create a fitness blog around it.

Things like diets for weight loss, anti-aging formulas, and medication, and workout routines usually represent the bulk of google searches on health and fitness. The fact that people are so concerned about their health is why this niche is one of the most engaged with and profitable niches out there. Of course, you don’t need to be a certified health worker or “guru” to run a health blog, but having those qualifications would definitely be an added benefit.


The photography niche is highly competitive and despite the high entry barriers, it is quite popular among new bloggers. If you’re looking to start a photography blog, you can focus on topics such as image sharing and photography tips and tricks to maximize their photography equipment. You can also cover events and the latest news in the industry.

You would need to be skilled to some extent to be able to provide relevant information in this niche. If you are a newbie but still want to venture into this blogging niche, you might need to hire a skilled photography content creator and writer for you. Equipment reviews and the popular “who shot it better” better posts are a few possible topics within this niche.


Food blogs are definitely some of the most popular blogs on the internet. A few popular food blogs include Food52, Kitchn, and (arguably) the most popular food blog on the internet right now, Seriouseats. One thing that makes food blogs so popular is simply this: “Everyone loves to eat”.

If you’re someone who is passionate about food, cooking, and recipes, this might just be the perfect blogging niche for you. Creating the blog could actually be a fun task for you. Food is obviously one of the most popular topics anywhere, hence this niche will do very well if you run the blog well. You can even do restaurant reviews as a collaboration. That could do wonders for traffic to your blog.


Many well-meaning parents have a hard time raising their kids. Even people who have been parenting for a long while still feel exasperated sometimes at the complications of raising kids. A lot of people need help in this area, hence this niche has the potential to have a lot of traffic.

There are a lot of blogs out there that give different angles on how to raise kids and be good parents. If you’re going to stand out in this niche you need to have wholesome content that can actually help people. It helps if you yourself are a parent, but it isn’t a necessity. With proper research, you can provide information on proven ways to help parents guide their children’s growth and development.


Fashion is a huge part of human existence. No day passes without the thought of what we will wear crossing our minds. Fashion blogs are one of those blogs that will never be obsolete, simply because of how relevant fashion is to our daily existence.

There are several possible topics under this niche. You can collaborate with various brands to review their clothes, you can also blog about the latest fashion trends and the fashion choices of various celebrities. Fashion blogging goes beyond just clothes, it also goes into fashion accessories, cosmetics, and even perfumes. It is super wide and you can take always take advantage of this fact.


The travel blog niche is one of the most exciting on this list for several reasons. For one it lets people fantasize about places that they have never been to but would like to go to. It also helps people who are planning vacations to make informed decisions. This niche, if done properly is sure to drive a significant amount of traffic to your blog.

This niche is great for you if you’re passionate about having new experiences and visiting new places. You could easily just document your experiences as you travel to different places. Photography will play a huge part in your travel blog, so have your camera or smartphone ready. And even if you can’t afford to travel just yet, you can travel vicariously through other people’s experiences, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Spirited Pursuit and Nomadic Matt are great travel blog examples.

Personal Finance

Practically everyone wants to make money, as the popular phrase: “money makes the world go round.” This niche on finances goes way beyond how to make money, although making money is also a huge part of it. It is also about healthy financial habits and disciplines that will people keep the money they make, as well as grow it.

There are a couple of things you can choose to write about in this niche. Some of them include how to have a good savings culture, how to create a budget, good places to invest your money, and so on. People want to be educated on how to properly manage their money. This niche is sure to drive traffic. Mr. Money Mustache is a great personal finance blog. You can also check out Nerd Wallet for awesome finance content.


Lifestyle blogs focus on everyday living. A lifestyle blogger creates content (articles, pictures, or videos) that centers around their life, relationships, and day-to-day choices. If you’re going to be a lifestyle blogger, you must be fine with being open with total strangers. Your life is literally the content they engage with. A Cup of Jo and The Satorialist are great examples of lifestyle blogs.

You might have a lifestyle blog where you write about various themes depending on the events going on in your life at the time. For example, if you’re starting a business, you could create content about how it is for you. Or perhaps you went on a vacation, you could document the whole process and how the whole experience was for you.


The tech space is one that is constantly evolving because of the tons of updates it gets every day. There will always be a new smartphone, game console, or laptop that is being released every day. People who are tech bloggers can never run out of content to blog about simply because of how much this space constantly evolves.

If you are passionate about gadgets, exploring the tech space, or you’re simply a game nerd, perhaps you should consider becoming a tech blogger. You would probably love the blogs Engadget and Polygon if you’re a tech and game enthusiast. Your target audience will most likely be looking for the latest tech news, the latest games or gadgets reviews, or the latest software updates across various platforms. Several tech companies release new products every week. You can never run out of content.

DIY (Do it yourself)

There are a few reasons why people would rather take on projects themselves, like saving money, spending quality time with family, or simply just for fun. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the market for DIY has steadily increased since most people are stuck at home and trying to save money.

As you can imagine, there are several possible projects and topics to blog about in this niche. You can write a review on craft items, try a new DIY and share your experience with it, collaborate with other DIY content creators, and share DIY tips and tricks. This niche also has the advantage of being able to take advantage of affiliate links. Placing links to sites where your audience can purchase materials is a great way to drive traffic to your blog. A few DIY blogs you can explore are Almost Makes Perfect and The Spruce Crafts

Personal Development

The personal development niche is possibly the most underrated niche on this list. Today’s world is highly competitive and those who don’t keep up fade into the background. This is why a lot of people are deliberate about self-development. There are not as many blogs in this niche as the others, this in itself is an advantage if you look at it with the right perspective.

Your content in this niche is directed to people who want to get better in whatever field they are in. You review and recommend books, motivational speakers, and other self-help materials that your audience would need and appreciate. And if you are an expert in any field, you can create content based on your knowledge and experience that you know would help people who need to develop in that field. Great personal development blogs include Brain Pickings and Lolly Daskal.


Anyone who wants to advance in any career path would definitely need to get an education in that field. This niche would attract people from all walks of life, hence there will almost always be an audience for you, should you decide to focus on it.

A blog in this niche could have topics that center around good study habits, exam preparation tips, and things of that sort. It could also include affiliate links to certain scholarships for those who might be interested in them. Blogs (like KQED and TeachThought) dedicated to this niche will drive a significant volume of traffic.


The sports industry is one of the largest industries in the world, and for obvious reasons. As a blogger in this niche, you can take advantage of the sheer size of this industry. You will always have a target audience. The Athletic and Sporting News are great examples of sports blogs.

Most sports blogs focus on only one sport, but there is nothing wrong with blogging about multiple sports. You can also blog about major trending sporting events such as the FIFA world cup, the Major League Baseball World Series, or the NBA playoffs. You will definitely have a good amount of traffic for your blog. There is also a lot of activity that goes on during various sporting seasons. This could also provide great ideas for content.


As strange as it might sound, blogging itself could be a blogging niche that could generate a lot of traffic for you. There are a lot of blogs out there, hence a lot of bloggers. Some of them looking for ideas, others looking for motivation. But whatever the reason, you are sure to get a lot of traffic running a blog about blogging.

One important aspect of blogging is community. Being able to connect to other bloggers who can relate to how you feel can give a sense of belonging because blogging can be quite lonely sometimes. You can create your blog to be like a community for bloggers to come together and share ideas. It will generate traffic for your site. Copyblogger and Bloggingbasics101 are great examples.


This niche generally appeals to people who are animal lovers. If you love animals or own pets, you might want to seriously consider starting a pet care blog. People who are real animal lovers will flock to your blog if you have great animal content.

The pet care industry rakes in billions of dollars every year. Done right, the pet care blogging niche can be very profitable. Most people take their pets seriously, and as a blogger within this niche, you would provide them with content that will help them with their pets.

You can also provide affiliate links to pet care products like animal food and toys to help with driving traffic to your blog. Great pet blogs include: pawcurious.com and irresistiblepets.net


Blogging can be an amazing journey of passion and self-discovery. Even though this article has a lot of blog ideas for you, it is definitely not all-inclusive. There are other niches that you can connect with easily. Take your time and figure out what you are passionate about and blog about it. It’s always easier to create content about something you love. It’s also important to pick a niche that is flexible enough to allow you to have access to an endless stream of content, while interesting enough to keep people coming back to it.

Finding the balance between these three aspects is key to your success as a blogger.

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