15 Blogging Skills to Become a Master Blogger

Whether you are just starting your blog or you have been in the business for a while, blogging requires a diverse set of skills. While you may be highly skilled in some areas, you may be lacking in others. The good news is that you can always develop these skills, whichever one it is that you’re lacking if you’re willing to learn and make yourself a master in blogging.


Professional blogging requires taking out a huge chunk of your time for research. Researching is an avenue to keep learning, which you need no matter how much you already think you know. With limitless resources on the Internet, researching is easier now than ever.

When you research, you will not just scratch the surface level of whatever topic you write on, and this will help you deliver actual value to your audience. While researching you need to check and double-check your facts. Make sure you’re getting the right information off the internet. There’s a wide range of places you can get the necessary information from. But because the information you find on the Internet cannot always be reliable, have a bit of skepticism when researching, and only use information that seems credible.

Content Writing

Your content is the most important thing in blogging. Writing skill is also essential in blogging, but you don’t necessarily need to be a professional copywriter or anything like that. All you need to start is basic knowledge of writing, and with time and consistency, your writing will improve.

Writing for blogs can be a little different from other forms of writing you’re already used to. First, your writing needs to be simple and easy to understand. You should also master the art of being concise. Your writing should also be true to your emotions, as you are supposed to be connecting with your audience not just stating facts and information.

Don’t forget that your content is the value you’re adding to your audience. What you’re writing about should always be relevant to the theme of your blog, important and useful to your audience.


Networking is one way to get quality traffic to your blog. Your network stands when you actively communicate with people around you. Networking is an important skill to have as a blogger and you stand to have a more organic increase in traffic when you network.

You can increase your networking skill by being active on social media platforms and blogging communities. Everyone is on social media today, so it is a great platform for promoting your blog. In all, make sure to find ways to make connections with people wherever you find yourself.

Asides from boosting your traffic, networking with other bloggers is an avenue to learn and improve your skills. Just make sure your network relationships happen organically and sincerely, rather than being forced so that they have quality.

Photo Editing

Did you know that blog posts with images get up to 90% more views than those without? Images make an impact because they are a powerful way to portray emotions. After all, it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, the inclusion of images in your blog is important.

Oftentimes, images obtained from the internet, mostly Google, cannot be used directly, and need to be edited and formatted. Therefore, you need knowledge of photo editing and image optimization. You don’t need professional knowledge of all photo editing tools. The basics such as cropping, resizing, formatting, layering, and the likes, are what you need. Optimized images have the advantage of helping in search engine optimization and helping your blog rank better. You also need to know the sources you can and cannot get your images from, to avoid copyright problems.

Social Media

Having a good social media strategy helps your blogging. If you already have a solid following on social media, that can be converted to your blog traffic. Your traffic can also be converted to your social media following and social media can then be used to keep them in the know.

Updates and blog schedules can be posted on your social media page, giving your audience a means to always feel in touch with your blog. The viral nature of social media can help you get more followers to translate into traffic when you put out good content on social platforms to attract people to your blog. Part of the benefits of social media can also be assessed when you have good interpersonal skills that enable you properly engage with others on these platforms.

WordPress Management

WordPress is the most popular Content Management Website in the world. And there are tons of resources on the internet dedicated to helping you learn the ins and outs of WordPress.

In starting out, there are important elements for basic WordPress management that you need to know. These include how to pick a hosting company, how to choose a domain name, how to select the right theme, the right plugins, how to add images and videos, and so on. Getting familiar with the basics would not take much time and you can begin blogging soon as you learn them. Then as you go on, you should dedicate more time to learning thoroughly.


Content Management Sites that let you build blogs without coding knowledge, and the many web developers we can outsource to, make bloggers usually unbothered about knowledge of HTML and CSS. The mere sight of codes can be off-putting to a lot of people.

However, basic knowledge can be extremely helpful, especially when you need to fix something and make little tweaks on your site. Also, as a beginner, this knowledge can be helpful when you do not have the budget to outsource several areas of your blogging. You can fine-tune your text appearances with a little bit of understanding of HTML code functions. Also, if you wish to prepare a unique theme for your blog, you need knowledge of HTML and CSS.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a term you have probably come across several times. Writing good content is unfortunately not enough to get adequate traffic and to get your blog in search engine results. You need to get a good Google ranking for your blog to be successful. You also need an analytical understanding of how your blog is doing and what improvements are needed.

Platforms like WordPress have plug-ins that help you assess your blog. You will need a basic knowledge of SEO and analytics to optimize your blog. This basic understanding of SEO will put you ahead in your blogging.

Part of the ways to optimize your blog to rank high enough on Google is: using good headlines, using correct heading tags, optimize images, etc.

Goal Setting And Tracking

Goal setting is creating a visual image of where you would like to be or what you would like to have achieved within a particular time frame. Goal tracking is following up on how far you have gone in achieving your goals.

As a blogger, there should be a goal you are working towards. By actually setting goals and tracking your progress, you become more productive in your work. Once there is a goal you are working towards, you put in more work because you consciously want to attain your goal. Tracking your performance will also serve to drive and motivate you.


Building self-discipline is an important character trait for you as a blogger. This is one thing we know to be crucial in several aspects of our lives, and your blogging is one of those aspects whether you are a part-time or full-time blogger.

Following up with your agenda may become impossible for you without discipline. It helps you to adhere to your plans and keeps you on track. Making a schedule for yourself on what to do is important, and following through with this schedule is equally important. It is the discipline that gets you to write and put in the work consistently, which in turn helps you improve your skills. Your blog will drive more organic traffic when you are disciplined and consistent.


You will not become a professional from the very first day you start blogging. You are also not likely to get the desired amount of traffic you want when you first start. You need to be patient with yourself as you take it one step at a time.

If you are looking to earn income through your blog, it will take some time, through which you have to be patient. Patience involves being content with delayed gratification. It will help you maintain your dedication which will eventually pay off. If you are not patient, you are very likely to give up when things are not going as you expected in your beginning stages. This will deny you the rewards of your efforts that are still bound to come if you stay consistent, dedicated, and patient.

Traffic Conversion

Conversion has been defined as “the point in which a recipient of a marketing message performs a desired action”. It is when your audience takes the next logical step you expect after giving them certain information.

You need to know how to convert traffic, especially if you are monetizing your blog. Bombarding your audience with sales jargon and other types of jargon will quickly put them off. Instead, let your content be simple and actionable. You also need to know what your audience wants and give to them. You can convert traffic by taking the time to engage well with your followers. For example, whenever you receive a comment, you should reply.


Marketing here is mostly e-marketing. Your blog is like your business and so, needs marketing like every other business. If you are not a naturally skilled marketer, you will need to learn from scratch, how to promote your blog. Even if you have great content, you most times will have to work hard to get attention to your content and grow a loyal audience.

Find the right way and right strategies to market your blog content and work with them. As you would market products, market your blog every time there is an opportunity, everywhere and in every way you possibly can. You will only see the rewards of how much you market. You have something to offer and you need to let people know. Your marketing skills can help you quickly succeed. SEO, traffic conversion, social media are means through which you market your blog. You can also connect with other influences within your niche, follow other blogs and read and research to learn more on how to market.

Time Management

Time management is the act of planning and organizing how to divide your time among the different tasks you have to undertake within a particular period. It is a critical skill you need to develop to increase your rate of achievement. Good time management enables you to work smarter.

Some good time management skills are; prioritizing, delegation, multi-tasking, scheduling, etc. Time management will help you achieve your task just in time, improve productivity and efficiency, lessen stress and anxiety, aid your growth and give time for leisure. You also need a clear definition of your goals to create your time management plan, as you know what you’re out to achieve. Time management is key to leading a successful and less-stressful life.


As a good blogger, you should know your worth. You need good negotiation skills at every point in time to get adequate compensation and rewards for the value you’re offering. Good negotiation skills will help you earn better, connect better with influencers, get better at affiliate marketing, and so on.

Communication, listening, persuasion, rapport building, assertiveness, and cooperation are part of the skills you need to understand negotiating. You also need to know your industry and your niche well to get an edge in your negotiations. You should consistently show value-based results. Also, to negotiate, you should learn to pitch in the right way, with confidence, showing the value you have to offer.


These are the most important skills which you should focus on to become a master in the art of blogging, and take your blog from the bottom level to a high level. Incorporating these skills in your blogging will make you stand stronger and put you miles ahead in the competitive world you’re in. The key to getting better at anything you do is practice. Keep practicing, and you will not just become a professional, you will record great success at blogging.

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