15 Personal Finance Blogs to Follow in 2021

If you’re looking to improve your financial knowledge, finance blogs can be a great source. We’ve shortlisted the 15 best personal finance blogs that you can trust for financial advice.

Maple Money

Maple Money is a leading Canadian personal finance blog. It was founded by Tom Drake, a financial analyst, in 2009. The site also has a podcast hosted by its founder, Tom Drake.

The blog has content for everyone. It teaches you how to make, save and invest money. The blog covers a wide range of topics on money management, such as starting a side gig, reducing utility usage, gaining tax advantages, using promo codes, and so on.

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Mint Money

This blog is targeted specifically at women. It was founded by Vanessa Bowen, a Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, who felt the need to share her experience after she made the connection between financial freedom and her ability to follow her dreams.

The blog offers holistic coaching. Financial literacy is taught with a blend of real talk, making it easy to understand and relate. The blog covers everything from budgeting to reducing debt, building emergency savings, and covering how to set and achieve financial goals.

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Frugalwoods is a popular personal finance blog. It was founded by Liz, who, alongside her husband, managed to save a lot of money and quit their 9-5 job to move from the city of Boston to rural Vermont.

The use of language on the blog is casual and welcoming, allowing you to feel relaxed reading the blog and understanding the writer and the message correctly. Liz has also authored a book called “Meet the Frugalwoods: Achieving Financial Independence Through Simple Living”.

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Arrest your debt

Arrest your debt is a very successful blog. This blog was founded by Ryan, a police lieutenant, about 15 years ago. The blog caters primarily to first responders, but its content can be found helpful by everyone.

This blog is for you if you are in debt and looking to regain control of your money. The blog shows you how to get out of debt and how to start to save, while it of course, takes into account the additional stresses of a difficult job.

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Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich Slowly was one of the first financial blogs out there. J. D Roth founded it in 2006. The blog is rich with content on how to master your money, and its content is a little bit different from that of many other blogs.

The Get Rich Slowly site is well organized. The blog is helpful and can be easily understood by any and everyone. Topics found here include planning, self-improvement, money mindset, and so on.

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Squawkfox was founded by Kerry K. Taylor, who is a personal finance journalist. The blog gives money management and advice and teaches money management skills. It offers a whole new take on money matters and financial management.

Squawkfox tackles topics such as emotions and money and how behavioural science can help us pay off debt faster. Rather than just talking about numbers and figures and how much you should be saving or what kinds of decisions you should be making, the blog goes beyond the surface to discuss the real issues that impact our finances.

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Four Pillars Finance

Four Pillars Finance was founded by Zach, who quit his day job as a data scientist at 25 because he began to earn enough income through his multiple profitable websites to support his entire lifestyle.

Four Pillars Finance employs philosophy, psychology, work ethic alongside personal finance to teach you how you can live your best life. These are the four pillars on which the website is based. The blog contains highly informative posts. The addition of psychology and philosophy to teaching personal finance makes this blog stand out.

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Wallet Hacks

Wallet Hacks was founded by Jim Wang, who studied Computer Science and Economics as an undergrad, then followed it up with a Masters in Information Technology – Software Engineering. Afterwards, he added a Masters in Business Administration. Wallet Hacks was founded in 2015 after Jim Wang sold a previous website for seven figures.

This blog teaches how to manage money better and in less time. It simply provides you with the information you need to help you be better and do better with your money, without forcing products and services down your throat and without complexities. While it covers a wide range of finance topics, its contents on investment are very popular with people.

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Modern FImily

Modern FImily was founded by Nic and Court, who lived in the United States but now live in Alberta, Canada. They achieved financial independence for their family in 2018.

Together, Nic and Court had over $100,000 in student loan debt but managed to pay it all off in just two and a half years. They stopped living off a “work-spend treadmill” and succeeded in focusing more on living with intention. They also looked for ways to gamify life while increasing their enjoyment. The blog is dedicated to teaching people to live with intention rather than depriving themselves.And how to have fun all along!

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I Like to Dabble

I Like to Dabble was founded by Daniella, who is a self-proclaimed “serial side hustler”. She likes to dabble into different projects to make money on the side. Daniella is an expert on matters on side hustles. If you’re looking to start a side hustle, this blog is for you.

A side hustle can be very useful whether you are looking to make more to save more or you’re trying to pay off a debt. The blog has a wealth of content and resources on starting, choosing and managing side hustles to grow. Asides from that, there is also a lot of information on saving and budgeting your money.

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Think Save Retire

Think Save Retire is one of the top blogs on personal finance. It has content for everyone, regardless of whether you are just starting to get a grip on your finances or are already well on your way to financial freedom.

Think Save Retire provides you with tons of research tools and resources to help you build wealth and live in financial freedom.

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A wealth of common sense

A wealth of common sense was founded by Ben Carlson, who is the Director of Institutional Asset Management at Ritholtz Wealth Management. He has been managing institutional portfolios for his entire career. He is also the author of several books on investing.

The blog focuses its content on wealth management, investments, financial markets as well as investor psychology.

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Wise bread

Wise bread was founded in 2013 and is one of the leading personal finance blogs. The blog focuses its philosophy on living large on a small budget.

Its content is primarily related to credit cards, living frugally, banking, investing, careers, and life hacks.

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Retire Happy

Retire Happy is a famous Canadian retirement blog. It was founded by Jim Yih, who has been writing about finance since 2000. Everything Jim Yih has written is fully available through the blog.

According to the blog, it is dedicated to making retirement the best years of your life. The blog has a great wealth of information. Retire Happy provides content around top-quality financial planning that is practical, timeless, and can make a lasting difference to your long-term financial wellbeing.

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The Fioneers

The Fioneers was founded by Jessica, who writes about finding a balance between work and life. Jess refers to her method as “Slow FI”. And this involves reducing the number of working hours to focus on wellbeing and mental health while being Frugal and making wise money decisions.

Jess recently walked away from her job ultimately as she now makes enough money from her blog. The blog is filled with excellent financial advice, which is given from a personal angle.

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This list is a collection of some of the most helpful personal finance blogs. If you want to make 2021 your best year yet, financially, you should follow these blogs. Together, they provide a great mass of content and information to help you gain control over your finances and master money. Of course, there are still many other good personal finance blogs out there, but sticking to the blogs on this list surely will help you a great deal.

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