15 Photography Blogs You Must Follow in 2021

As a photographer, there are tons of online resources available for you to learn from. It’s not easy to navigate through the options and find what’s best for you. In this article, we have collated a list of 15 of the best photography blogs that you can learn from. Make sure you go through them if you’re looking for inspiration.


This blog was created by Scott Bourne, who has had a career in photography for over forty years, and the blog has been around for over 20 years and is still a leading site in the photography resource industry.

The blog may not be filled with tons of photos that are as many as other blogs on this list, but it sure is filled with tons of information that you will find very helpful in your photography journey, no matter what stage of the career you’re in. It is supposed to be an educational guide for your journey to being a professional photographer.

The blog shows both basic and advanced techniques in photography. It also has podcasts, videos, software tutorials, product reviews, and shopping sections. And they also organize webinars. The site is easy to use and navigate and interesting to learn from.


This blog was founded in 2009 and is run by Michael Zhang and its Editor-in-Chief, DL Cade. It has a great deal of content that you can learn from if you’re a new photographer. But it also has a wealth of resources that every photographer will find useful, including experts.

Their goal is to inform, educate and inspire in all Photography-related things. The blog’s content includes news, tutorials, guides, product reviews, recommended product posts, and unique photoshoots which can serve as inspiration for you. It also allows you to keep up with trends in photo technology.


This blog has a great amount of content to offer. This blog is great for you if you are just starting out and also if you’re an intermediate photographer. There is a lot you can learn from here to improve your skills and craft.

The blog aims to help you boost your photography skills so you can be the best wherever you find yourself. The blog shares the best tools you will need to be successful in your photography career. There is also content on photography techniques on the blog.


This is like an online photography magazine. They feature a lot of creative photographers and artists and their works. The wide range of beautiful art you can experience on this site is bound to inspire you.

A lot of these works are in the social, contemporary, and environmental fields. The site is easy to navigate with major categories being listed at the top of the page. They mostly exhibit photos that inspire you and at the same time evoke deep thinking. An example of such previous displays is their photo series on children’s diets in various areas around the world.

British Journal of Photography

The British Journal of Photography has been in existence since 1854 and has come a long way since then. It stands as a leader in the photography industry as it takes an international perspective on contemporary art and documentary photography.

Each edition has a theme it focuses on for the month. Its content includes a wide range of photography and art from various photographers and artists. Such a versatile resource can serve as a great source of inspiration for you. They also publish in-depth articles, profiles of photographers, analyses, and technological reviews.

The Sartorialist

This is a very popular blog that features fashion and street photography from all around the world. The creator of this blog is Scott Schuman, who is a popular American blogger and fashion photographer. He is the pioneer of fashion photography in blog form. 

Scott Schuman has described his philosophy as trying to mirror how fashion designers look at what they see out there on the streets. The blog exhibits the world of fashion and its relationship with daily life. The blog had featured in many magazines including the New York Magazine and has also won many awards. The blog serves to give inspiration to designers and other photographers out there.

Magnum Photos

Magnum Photos has been around since 1947 and has been cataloging events and telling stories from across the world since then. The blog is run by various creative and puts out impressive content.

The blog tells many different stories in different ways through thoughtful writing and artistic photos. Every content you find on this blog is classy and refined and this is because only the best photographers and artists around contribute to it. The techniques employed, such as the use of lighting can give you new ideas and serve as inspiration whenever you go through this site.

Joe McNally

This blog is owned and run by Joe McNally, an excellent photographer with decades of experience, who people testify of as having a happy and delightful demeanor, and author of 3 photography books. He has many followers on social media.

He pours his heart and soul into his craft and you can see that from the beauty and brilliance of his works. One thing he does perfectly well which stands him out is how he expertly creates a central focusing point in his photos while he maintains a sublime atmosphere in the background.

The blog explains photography in such an easy way in which everyone, whether you’re an expert or not, can understand. The wealth of information it contains is useful to beginner, intermediate and advanced photographers.

The layout of the blog makes it easy to navigate through.

Gary Arndt

Gary Arndt, who is a well-respected photographer and a former entrepreneur, founded his website, Everything Everywhere, in 2007 when he started to travel the world. The blog is very popular and widely followed. Gary Arndt also has many followers on social media.

The blog is like a personal diary and gallery, so there is an insight into Gary Arndt’s personality through it. The blog shows his journeys through the world and since its inception, Gary Arndt has traveled to about 140 countries and all seven continents. The blog has also been featured on Time Magazine’s top 25 Blogs of 2010.

Thomas Hawk

Thomas Hawk is a very popular blogger and social networker with very inspiring content on his blog. According to him, he thinks of himself as a Photography factory and he has a quest to publish 1,000,000 photos and has so far published a great array of high-quality impressive photos.

His blog covers a very wide range of topics in photography.

His images also catalog places, people, and cultures, and he gives well-written posts to explain them. This is one thing that makes his photography blog stand out.

Chase Jarvis

This blog is run by Chase Jarvis, an outstanding photographer, director, and social artist. He brilliantly explores the intersection of art and pop culture through still and moving pictures which he shares on his blog. He also does commercial work for the likes of Nike, Pepsi, Volvo, Reebok, Apple, and Red Bull.

This blog is a great place to go to see breathtaking pictures and videos and also read weekly insightful posts on photography. There are also live conversations between Chase Jarvis and other professionals in photography on YouTube and the blog which you can learn greatly from.

David Hobby (Strobist)

The blog, Strobist is owned and run by David Hobby who has been writing online as far back as 1995. The blog is very popular and has a huge readership of thousands of photographers from all around the world. It featured as one of Time Magazine’s 25 Best Blogs of 2010.

The blog greatly focuses on teaching lightning techniques to intermediate and advanced photographers as a tool to improve digital photography. It teaches techniques that can help you improve the overall quality of your photographs. To keep improving on your skills, this is one blog you should stick to.

Bob Krist

Bob Krist is an award-winning freelance photographer, author, and writer at Pixiq who is also popularly considered as an authority in photography.

He is a freelance photographer and he regularly works for a lot of top magazines. These include National Geographic Traveler, Smithsonian Islands, and so on. He was recently honored at the Eisenstadt Awards for Magazine Photography.

The blog contains motion, travel documentaries, character studies, tourism, and so on.

Alex Koloskov

Alex Koloskov is also a brilliant photographer with a great photography blog. He shares his photos and very generously goes further to give all the information and details regarding how he took the shot.

Part of what he shares are behind-the-scenes videos of his photoshoot sessions. This blog, therefore, gives an In-depth view of photography. It is a great blog for you to satisfy your curiosity about how photographs are taken and step into the process of how beautiful photos are created. It is also a great go-to option for you as a photographer who is still learning the tips and tricks of the art.

Syl Arena (PixSylated)

Syl Arena is another outstanding photographer with about four decades of experience, photography blogger, adjunct photography instructor, and author of best-selling Photography books on lighting, who is well known for non-representational photography. He calls his photography non-mimetic.

His blog, PixSylated, is another great photography blog that displays his great photography and photography techniques, tips, and tricks.


This list we have compiled for you is to help you find the best photography blogs that can serve as great sources of inspiration for you. These are some of the best photographers out there and there is a lot to learn from them. They offer the best resources for you to sharpen your skills and improve your photography business. You really should check them out as you will not only learn from them, but get greatly inspired and by them and filled with ideas, and you’ll be glad you did.

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