15 Vegan Blogs You Must Follow in 2021

With more people choosing to go the vegan way in today’s world, a large number of vegan blogs permeate the internet. To help you identify the best vegan blogs, below is a list of the top 15 vegan blogs.

Fat-free vegan kitchen

Fat-free vegan kitchen is known for its unique creations with everyday kitchen ingredients. As a dedicated vegan, Susan Voisin does not wear or eat anything made from or by animals. This lifestyle value extends to her Fat-free vegan kitchen, where she shares a collection of over 1400 low-fat vegan recipes.

To Susan, food is something of a celebration, and on her blog, she shares the coking gift with as many as are interested. In general, Fat-free vegan kitchen shows you how you can translate exciting recipes without using refined fats. A fat-free recipe does not have to compromise essential fatty acids. Susan teaches how you can get your EFAs while sticking with strict vegan rituals.

Veggie Desserts

Veggie Desserts is dedicated to celebrating vegetables with vegan and vegetarian recipes. Here, you can find some of the simplest recipes you can make with fresh and seasonal produce. If you’re a vegetarian or someone who’s recently decided to eat more fruits and vegetables, you should check out Veggie Desserts.

Kate Hackworthy is an experienced food blogger and magazine columnist who is not ashamed of her love for vegetables. On Veggie Dessert, she highlights the beautiful nature of vegetarian and vegan recipes that can be made for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. She has also released a book that contains vegetable-based desserts and cake recipes.

The viet vegan

The Viet Vegan is another impressive food blog to check out for tasty vegan recipes that are straightforward to prepare. Lisa is the Vietnamese Canadian, nerdy vegan behind the blog. She shares delectable and nostalgic original vegan recipe videos and introduces her followers to exciting life experiences on The Viet vegan. To visit the blog, click here.

Alongside creating tasteful recipes, Lisa is obsessed with taking pictures of food, and she shares a lot of inspiring photographs on the blog. Although the blog is primarily vegan, non-vegan food lovers also stand to gain a lot. Think of it as the perfect collection of food resources if you’re trying to lean more towards plant-based diets.

Rainbow plant life

Being vegan is more than just food; it is lifestyle choice that permeates every other aspect of one’s existence. Rainbow plant life insists that you can still eat good food as a vegan and not compromise on flavour. Follow Nisha on Rainbow plant life and learn how to master vegan cooking in your home kitchen.

The kind of recipes you’ll find on Rainbow plant life are wildly flavorful vegan recipes that range from elevated comfort food to indulgent recipes and globally inspired dishes. The seemingly complex principles of flavor and vegan cooking techniques are made so much easy that you’ll become a better cook in no time. In addition to these, you’ll find vegan lifestyle tips that’ll help you further down the road on your vegan journey.

Oh she glows

Vegan diets are not in any way boring. Check out the exciting vegan recipes and the aesthetically pleasing pictures that accompany them on Oh she glows. Angela, the blog creator, has some interesting plant-based food tips for everyone.

The positive health effect of vegan diets is still understated. Oh she glows some of the most energizing plant-based recipes you can easily prepare. As most of them are gluten-free and allergen-friendly, they are perfect for almost everyone. Angela also has a cookbook published. It contains an unending collection of plant-based recipes and full-color photographs.

This rawsome vegan life

This one would convince you that food does not have to be complicated to be enjoyable and that you get as much joy from a plant-based diet as you would from an animal-based diet. Everything you need to transform your raw cooking experience for the better is featured on the blog.

Em, the vegan blogger, has a profound love for the natural environment, and the choice to live as vegan stems from this. This rawsome vegan life does not only feature plant daily plant-based recipes but also other resources like documentaries and books that will inspire your vegan cooking and your journey toward self-nourishment. This is one of the best vegan blogs that motivate an eco-friendly and mindful lifestyle.

Chocolate covered Katie

Dubbed the queen of healthy desserts by Glamour Magazine, Katie presents an unending collection of plant-based dessert options Chocolate covered Katie – one of the top 25 food blogs in America. The blog gets up to 8 million visitors who come for healthy desserts and comfort food recipes every month.

Chocolate covered Katie is indeed a candid space for vegans who would love to immerse in the indulgence of sweet treats but in a very healthy manner. Katie also has a cookbook – Hello Breakfast – on sale. It features some 50 healthy breakfast recipes, most of which are nut-free and gluten-free. The photos on the blog are immaculate for a wonderful visual experience. Check the blog out here.

Vegan in the freezer

Even with as many food blogs as there are, there are very few that answer questions regarding food storage – whether entire meals or leftovers. Vegan in the freezer features some of the most comforting and delicious vegan recipes that you can enjoy on the spot or freeze for a later time.

Vegan in the freezer will help you better understand important facts about vegan ingredients and how you can choose the best for each recipe. All the recipes are created and tested by Ginny, after which she documents the processes such that you can easily replicate them at home. When you get on, you are offered a free copy of Ginny’s Easy Vegan Dinner Favorites eBook. To visit the blog, click here.

The colorful kitchen

The colorful kitchen is documentation of Ilene’s exciting vegan journey since she was a little kid. Somehow, she has managed to weave her love for cooking, photography, and eating colors into her blog. In addition to the numerous vegan recipes, she features a special section that teaches parents how to introduce plant-based food to the kids.

Are you vegan and looking out for exciting and straightforward recipes you can easily replicate in your kitchen? The colorful kitchen is a great blog to check out. On the blog, Ilene shares her vegan cooking and inspiring life experiences that have led her to this project. Who better to take healthy food tips from than a certified health coach?

Vegan Richa

Vegan Richa is here to help you develop an unbeatable approach to exotic vegan cooking. The face behind the blog is Richa, an award-winning recipe developer, blogger, and photographer. She offers an unbelievable collection of resources for vegans and upcoming food bloggers. Visit the blog here.

Dwelling on her Indian roots, Richa loves to show how easy it is to make exotic vegan Indian cuisines. Alongside the written recipes are detailed photographs that further describe the cooking processes. Furthermore, Vegan Richa features several recipe videos categorised into instant meals, desserts, and vegan holiday meals. Richa has released two plant-based cookbooks that you can get in print or digital formats

A considered life

A considered life is much more than a plant-based blog. It encompasses everything about eco-friendliness with a focus on minimalism, simple living, and sustainability. You can find all the resources you need to inspire your journey into a more sustainable and cruelty-free lifestyle on a considered lifestyle.

Sophie is an ardent supporter of vegan and cruelty-free living. The minimalist belief is that less is more, and indeed it can be. One of the steps towards sustainability and eco-friendliness is eating a plant-based diet. Becoming a vegan activist and a minimalist is not the easiest thing to do. However, Sophie provides you with resources to make your journey smooth. Also, she talks about how you can make your fashion sustainable.  

A couple of cooks

A couple of cooks is an award-winning blog that was created by Sonja and Alex Overhiser to share vegan and vegetarian recipes. They started sharing these recipes back in 2010, and today, they have gathered a substantial worldwide following for their exciting plant-based recipes.

A couple of cooks features recipes inspired by seasonal produces and their experiences. Yes, they also document their travel and lifestyle experiences on the blog. In addition to being plant-based recipe developers, this couple is also actively involved in food photography and food podcasting. They also have a youtube channel that features their delectable recipe videos and makes them much easier to replicate in your home kitchen.

Emilie eats

The story behind Emilie eats is quite inspirational, as Emilie went vegan recently in 2015. Shortly afterward, she began to share her plant-based recipes on the internet, and today she has gathered a relatively huge following. Her recipes are characterized by affordability as she believes everyone should be able to eat healthily.

Every week, Emilie Herbert shares a new plant-based recipe developed from affordable and straightforward natural ingredients. She has a particular liking for vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and fruits. These are all ingredients that are easy and affordable to get. She has also released an ebook – Vegan on a Budget – that contains helpful tips on how to eat vegan without overspending.

The simple veganista

The simple veganista is about inspiring vegan eaters, whether they’re new to vegan cuisines or just looking for inspirational new dishes. The blog features simple and healthy recipes based on whole food plant ingredients. It also features a section on other kitchen and pantry-related stuff to improve your overall kitchen experience.

One of the important features vegan meals should have is practicality. Many food blogs feature recipes readers would never be able to replicate. The simple veganista teaches practical vegan recipes that are straightforward to make. The face behind the blog is Julie, a creative vegan cook that uses her experience to come up with simple recipes with ingredients that are easy to get at the store. To visit the blog, click here.

The garden grazer

Just like all the other blogs we have featured on this list, the garden grazer shares easy vegan recipes that are relatively approachable. Kaitlin is a fervent believer in simple, healthy meals that aren’t complicated. This is why she emphasizes recipes that are easy to follow and quick to prepare.

The garden grazer is also somewhat of an inspirational blog that documents Kaitlin’s lifestyle from her childhood to her transition from vegetarianism to a fully vegan lifestyle, and many more. Check out her tasteful plant-based recipes and the stories behind them today on The garden grazer. On her blog, she also introduces her followers to matcha – a high-quality green tea.


These are just some of the best blogs to consult if you’re living the vegan lifestyle. On these blogs, you’ll find plant-based excitement that’ll inspire you to further commit to your vegan values. They are all testaments to the fact that plant-based food can be just as exciting, delicious, and exotic as other types of diets. Of course, they are also wonderful examples to follow, if you’re thinking about creating a vegan blog yourself.

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