15 Plugins You Need For Your WordPress Blog

WordPress has over fifty thousand plugins for you to choose from; this can make choosing the essential ones burdensome and overwhelming.  We have done the research and determined the essential plugins for you. Below are 15 essential WordPress plugins for your blog in 2021.

MonsterInsights (Google Analytics)

This plugin is the best Google Analytics plugin for your WordPress Site or blog. It has a free version and a paid version for those who want the premium benefits and privileges.

MonsterInsights helps you connect your site to Google Analytics so you can access all the essential stats right inside your WordPress dashboard. Over 2 million websites use this plugin to track user engagement and e-commerce to increase site traffic, site subscribers, and site revenue.

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WP Forms

Several websites use this plugin to build forms because it is the most simple and straightforward form builder plugin for WordPress.

This plugin helps you create surveys, polls, contact forms, subscription forms, and other types of online forms and quickly. This plugin also comes with a free version for simple forms and a paid version for powerful features required for boosting leads generation. Some of the unique features of this plugin are user journey tracking and conservational forms.

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Constant Contact

In our world today, and probably in the future, email marketing is the most effective marketing tool. As one of the best email marketing service providers, a Constant Contact is an essential tool.

Constant Contact helps you build an email list and send newsletters to your subscribers. An outstanding feature of this plugin is the quick and easy email list setup it offers. If you do not have an email list, we urge you to start building one now, and we strongly advise that you use Constant Contact.

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All in one SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps you get more site traffic from search engines. Although WordPress is already SEO pro on its own, so much more can be done with the addition of AIOSEO.

All in One SEO (AIOSEO), currently used by two million-plus websites, offers the best solution for improving your on-page SEO. Although this SEO helps you optimize your site for social media, connect your site to Google Search Console, generate sitemaps, and add meta tags, the AIOSEO team is improving and adding new SEO features to this plugin. This plug also has a free and paid version.

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Spam is something that all websites hate and want to avoid. Antispam stops all spam comments right in their tracks.

Just like its name suggests, this plugin works very hard to stop all spam without asking readers questions, using captcha, or doing anything that would come off as annoying to readers. This is a good thing because most readers want to leave a comment without the hassle of spam checks.

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Vaultpress is a WordPress plugin created by WordPress creators to help you save backups of your site, daily and off-site.

Vaultpress keeps daily backups of your entire site, along with many layers of protection, in an off-site location. This plugin is available at a low price; it is not free. However, for this low fee, if your site is ever hacked, you can quickly restore it to its previous state that has been backed up on Vaultpress.

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The OptinMonster plugin helps you get more subscribers (for your site and your email) and sales fast. It is the most popular Conversion Rate Optimization plugin.

It helps you convert all your site visitors, even those who intend to leave, into subscribers and customers. It does this through the many templates it offers for pop-ups, slide-ins, and all geared towards capturing a user’s attention. Each template can be easily customized. When you sign up for WordPress, this plugin offers you a free version.

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If you want to build beautiful and smooth pages without writing any code, SeedProd is the plugin for you.

SeedProd lets you create pages without writing any code. You can choose from the many available beautifully designed page templates, or you can create a custom page layout from scratch with the drag and drop feature this page builder offers. You will rarely need to create a page from scratch because this plugin comes with many templates for all the pages you will ever need; you only need to edit them.

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The best plugin for web push notifications for WordPress is PushEngage. This plugin lets you push specific messages and information to your site visitors.

PushEngage uses the browser push notifications technology to enable web push notifications on websites. Push notifications are also an excellent source of traffic because they increase customer engagement. PushEngage comes loaded with excellent tools like opt-in reminders, goal tracking, and a/b testing. It is helpful for e-commerce websites, bloggers, publishers, and every kind of site there is.

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Every tool that helps you do things more innovatively and efficiently is greatly appreciated in the online business world. This is why Buffer is deemed essential.

Buffer helps you to schedule and share your content seamlessly across social media. Once you add the Buffer plugin to your WordPress site, you get a dashboard to schedule and share your content across social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. This means that you can plan a day’s worth of tweets, posts and status updates in one go. Buffer also has other great benefits like post analytics and URL shortening.

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This awesome plugin helps you attach your social media share buttons to your images so that they appear when a reader hovers over the image in the post.

This plugin helps you add a Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest share button over your images when you add and enable this plugin. This feature encourages your reader to share your images because it makes sharing very easy and straightforward. Although this benefit is already very tremendous, Frizzly also offers other excellent social sharing benefits.

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Grammarly, powered by artificial intelligence,  is an excellent grammar checking tool that comes with several features useful for fine-tuning your grammar.

This plugin comes with spelling checks, plagiarism detection, vocabulary enhancement, tone adjustment, and other features. It is beneficial for editing your site pages and posts. Like many other plugins, Grammarly has a paid version for basic checks and a paid version for more excellent features like tone and word choices adjustment.

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This plugin is the most popular WordPress backup plugin there is. Once you add this plugin to your WordPress site, you can say goodbye to all your data loss problems.

This plugin helps you set up automatic backup schedules. It also helps you store your data backups on remote locations like email, Dropbox and Google Drive; this means that it becomes straightforward for you to restore your site. They have a free version with plenty of benefits and a paid version that supports installations on many sites, website cloning and many other things.

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One thing that users appreciate is instant replies to their queries. This is why you need an automated chatbot on your site. It would help a great deal if you had ChatBot on your site.

Chatbot is the best chatbot for your site. It helps you give your users instant replies at any time and in any season. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), ChatBot combines with your WordPress Site to create an automated chatbot on your website. ChatBot also combines with live-chat software so the conversation can easily be transferred if it needs to be.

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Sucuri is the WordPress security plugin and web application firewall that will offer you the best protection possible for your site.

Security is vital to online business owners. This reason is why Sucuri is very is essential to have. It helps you protect your business and strengthen your website’s security. It does this by saving your site from threats of malware, DDoS, brute force attack, and all other types of attacks. If you don’t use Sucuri already, then join the millions of users who enjoy security from Sucuri today.

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These 15 plugins are some of the essential WordPress plugins for you. Every single one of them is an essential addition to your online business platform, no matter the nature of your business. Now that you have this thorough guide, I implore you to take action immediately and add these plugins to your WordPress site. Do you think I missed a plugin? Which plugin do you consider the very best in this guide? Leave a comment or a question!

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