16 Best Gardening Blogs On The Internet Today

Gardening is an art you get better at with time. However, starting can be so tricky if you have little to no prior gardening experience. Today, we have selected the top 16 gardening blogs you must follow to access resources that will inspire you and inform you about everything you need to know about gardening.

A Way to Garden

A Way to Garden is one of the best blogs to help you ease into the art of gardening. It provides a great number of how-to articles and tips on garden design and maintenance.

Margaret Roach, the face behind the blog, has decades of gardening experience, and she’s been a writer in the garden niche for 30 years. She’s also a garden columnist for The New York Times.

You Grow Girl

You Grow Girl is a gardening blog that speaks to the contemporary gardener and seeks to redefine how people relate to plants.

Gayla Trails is an experienced writer and photographer with an interest in gardening and ecology. She shares informative gardening posts and guides to encourage beginners and inform advanced gardeners on You Grow Girl. You’ll find information on everything from planting techniques to vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, and more.

Cold Climate Gardening

Cold Climate Gardening is a great blog for gardeners looking to learn about plants and gardening processes that are suited to low-temperature environments.

Gardening in a cold climate is a delicate endeavor and it’s nice to discover a gardening blog dedicated to those who live in cold regions. Cold Climate Gardening features a collection of resources to help people garden successfully in cold and short-season climates.

Garden Therapy

On Garden Therapy, Stephanie inspires with hundreds of garden-related crafts and projects. She eulogizes the considerable benefits of gardening on both the gardener and the environment.

The interesting thing about the garden therapy blog is that it doesn’t only discuss gardening tips; you’ll also find articles on plant-based beauty, recipes, and growing food. You can gain so many things from having your personal garden, and many of them are discussed here.

Epic Gardening

Epic Gardening takes a more scientific approach than most to gardening. Visit the blog to learn about creative gardening techniques like aquaponics, hydroponics, and more.

If you want to create a garden where you can grow part of your food or if you’re dealing with pests and diseases in your garden, the Epic Gardening blog has some great resources you need. You can also read reviews of products that can enhance your gardening experience. 

Grow a Good Life

Grow a Good Life shows how you can achieve self-sufficient living through gardening. You’ll get valuable vegetable gardening tips and garden-to-table recipes to help you create outstanding delicacies.

The blog takes a leaning towards simple, frugal, and sustainable living. You get precious resources that will help you grow your fruit and vegetable from scratch, and in no time, start harvesting returns. It also teaches how to preserve garden harvests and recreate delectable recipes from fresh harvest. 

Constant Delights

Constant Delights focuses on sustainable gardening. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener, the constant delights blog can teach you how to incorporate sustainable gardening practices.

In addition to features guides and tips on general gardening subjects, the blog features comprehensive sections on lawn care, pest control, indoor gardening, and unique processes like hydroponics. Get familiar with contemporary and sustainable gardening techniques on Constant Delights today.

Gardening Gone Wild

Gardening Gone Wild is an online hub for people looking to go into gardening. It provides people with the resources needed to create a sustainable system of gardening.

Getting familiar with garden fruit and vegetable species is a major aspect of learning how to garden. Gardening gone wild discusses great garden plant options and how to choose the right ones for your garden. It also features some cool garden photography to inspire your gardening endeavor.

Backyard Gardener

Backyard Gardener is the perfect blog for those serious about developing a self-reliant gardening style.

Backyard Gardener not only offers gardening guides and tutorials but also elaborates the fundamentals of garden design and how you can create beautiful garden designs that will complement your overall landscape and increase the visual value of your property. 

Fine Gardening 

Fine Gardening is the definitive magazine for gardening enthusiasts of all skill levels. It covers the basics of garden design with advice from horticulture experts and landscape professionals. The blog focuses more on ornamental plants and home landscaping rather than edible gardens. 

Over the years, Fine Gardening has moved beyond the magazine and it continues to bring expert how-to and advice to passionate gardeners across multiple platforms.

Plant Care Today

Plant Care Today is one of the leading websites featuring a wide range of gardening topics. Over the years, the blog has clocked several million visitors and today the website receives over a million hits monthly. 

Their audience includes new gardeners just starting out with indoor and outdoor plants, flowers, or landscaping, and other experienced gardeners with years of care and plant growing experience. They’ve published in-depth plant care guides offering decades of plant growing expertise. 

Gardening Knowhow

Gardening Knowhow provides information and inspiration to over 180 million gardening enthusiasts every year. With over 14,000 articles and more being published every day, their main site is a virtual encyclopedia of gardening information. 

On the blog site, you’ll find the latest gardening hacks and DIY projects, garden tours, and guest posts by gardening experts from around the world, along with weekly promotions, contests, and giveaways.

Old farmer’s Almanac

Old Farmer’s Almanac provides a diverse range of content for gardeners, from planting charts for those who grow their own food to recipes for those who live in the kitchen and forecasts for those who don’t like the question of weather left up in the air.

In recent years, they’ve expanded The Old Farmer’s Almanac line of products and they now produce calendars, cookbooks, garden guides, and even a digital magazine.


Digging is where Pam Penick shares all the gardening goodies she can dig up. You’ll find many gardening articles and pictures while you’re at it.

Gardening blogs are plenty on the internet, but the Digging blog is more than just that. Apart from providing the usual gardening content, Pam shares beautiful plant pictures and provides virtual garden tours. Beginner and advanced gardeners alike find the blog informational and entertaining.


Gardenerd takes a more relaxed approach towards gardening, it is still one of the ultimate resources for organic gardening.

Christy Wilhelmi believes that gardening unifies physical activity and healthy food choices. She commits to studying the intricacies of organic gardening and delights in sharing this information with readers. Gardenerd is your one-stop shop for organic gardening information and resources.

The Impatient Gardener

The Impatient Gardener has informational articles and guides that serve as garden inspirations for everyday gardeners and prospective gardeners as well.

Erin, the creator of the impatient gardener, is all about real-life gardening. She includes both the good parts and the less interesting aspects of gardening to inspire prospective gardeners and keep them in touch with the reality of gardening.


The art of gardening is a delicate art that can only be perfected with time and continuous effort. Trial and error don’t cut it if you hope for the best gardening experience. If you’re inexperienced and looking to go into gardening, experienced but need additional resources, or just a prospective blogger looking to go into garden blogging, these blogs are the best gardening resources on the internet today.

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