16 Best Hunting Blogs On The Internet Today

In contemporary times, the internet features exciting resources on almost every topic, activity, and subject that exists. Many great blogs offer informational tips and guides if you’re a hunting enthusiast or an upcoming blogger in the hunting niche. We have selected the top 16 hunting blogs you need to follow if you’re into hunting.

Morning Moss

Morning Moss is one of the most trusted sources for quality outdoor and hunting resources. It features exciting hunting and fishing tips and also boasts of a great wildlife video collection.

The best thing about Morning Moss is that it features an exceptionally diverse collection of resources. You could get interesting and helpful tips and tricks about a diverse range of topics on fishing and hunting. Furthermore, there is an entertaining collection of funny outdoor photographs and videos. You don’t even have to be a hunter to enjoy it.

Redneck Blinds

Redneck Blinds’ main offerings are hunting blinds, stands, gear, and similar outdoor and hunting accessories. However, our main interest is in the blog section where you can keep up with informational and entertaining posts.

Redneck Blinds is one of the leading manufacturers of premium quality hunting blinds in America. In reality, Redneck Blinds is more than just a business. It is also the blog to visit for refreshingly original hunting strategies and informational blogs.

Hunting Insider

Hunting Insider was created for hunters across the world to come and share their personal hunting stories. It features resources that encompass outdoor news, hunting news, gear reviews, and many more.

The beauty of Hunting Insider is that it strikes a connection between hunters and outdoor enthusiasts from different parts of the world. The interview magazine also focuses on conservation and environmental issues. Hunting Insider also offers access to hunter education, conservation organizations, and anti-poaching resources.

Hunting Life

Hunting Life is another great hunting blog to check out in 2021. Here, you’ll discover much great outdoor news, hunting gear reviews, and how-to articles that can significantly improve your outdoor experience.

One of the exciting things about huntinglife.com is the hands-on approach and diversity that characterizes the blog. It features a wide variety of resources that do not only center on hunting, but also on informational outdoor articles. Additionally, it also highlights the North American Conservation Model.

The Big Game Hunting Blog

The Big Game Hunting Blog is the perfect source for free resources and assistance in preparing for big game hunting. The blog covers the essentials of big game hunting, especially firearms and ammunition.

John McAdams, the creator of this blog is very familiar with hunting challenges such as finding a good place to hunt and getting the right hunting gear to hunt with. In this blog, he provides the answers to all the questions that big game hunters may have.

Forgotten Hunter

Forgotten Hunter is your go-to blog for the most reliable hunting gear reviews, hunting guides, and general outdoor survival tips.

Forgotten Hunter was founded in 2019 by Scott Christensen and Bryan Taylor who are passionate outdoor and hunting fans. They are thrilled to have an outlet for this profound passion by discussing honest reviews on fishing, hunting, gears, weapons, and many more.

Eastmans Blog

Eastmans Blog features an unending collection of big game blog posts and gear reviews. It provides all the tips you need to get started on your hunting journey and become successful on your hunting expeditions.

We love that the blog also emphasizes sustainability and ethical hunting practices. The blog is owned by Eastman’s Publishing Inc., a multimedia corporation that strives to help beginner hunters and amateurs become more skilled while promoting ethical hunting.


Growingdeer.tv is where Dr. Grant Woods shares his profound love for managing and growing white-tailed deer with the goal of providing readers with useful information about deer hunting.

The GrowingDeer.tv team enjoys educating folks who share a common love for hunting and wildlife management. The blog stands out in that it also contains some planting and recipe resources. You don’t necessarily have to be a hunting enthusiast to enjoy the several videos featured.

Western Hunter

Western Hunter is arguably the best hunter blog in terms of sheer aesthetics. It offers a visual window into life in the hunting and outdoor lifestyle.

Western Hunter features everything that pertains to hunting gear, hunting tactics, and outdoor adventure. You can also access the educational and entertaining Western Hunter TV on the website. In addition to the informational content it offers, Western Hunter is also the right place to shop your hunting gear.

Musket Hunting

Musket Hunting was created by Mitchell for the purpose of answering hunting questions, providing informed hunting tips, and reviewing the latest hunting gear.

Musket Hunting features deeply informational content on small game, big game, and hunting weapons. These diverse resources are well categorized and easy to navigate through. Also, you can visit the site for some refreshing reviews of the latest hunting equipment.

Helicopter Pig Hunting

Helicopter Pig Hunting is where you learn everything about hunting feral hogs. You also have the choice of getting a go at helicopter hog hunting in real life.

Wild hogs are the most destructive invasive animals in the United States of America, and helicopterpighunting.com is tasked with reducing the growing population of these invaders. In addition to giving people the opportunity to shoot some feral hogs from the sky, the website contains exciting hunting blogs.

Field & Stream

Field & Stream is all about instructing and entertaining hunting enthusiasts with some of the most interesting hunting, fishing, conservation, and survival discussions.  

On Field & Stream, the diverse resources are created and curated by professionals. You have access to a variety of content that has been properly categorized under hunting, fishing, survival, and conservation topics. Like many hunting blogs, it also features some of the latest guns and outdoor gear reviews. 

Miss Pursuit

Miss Pursuit contains a collection of hunting resources and content that’s inclusive and diverse, but with a leaning towards female hunting enthusiasts.

The purpose of Miss Pursuit is to inspire women to pursue and live extraordinary outdoor lifestyles. The website is a complete hub of inspiration with its informational and exciting content that is specially created for female hunting enthusiasts. Click here to visit.

Project Upland

Project Upland is much more than your typical hunting blog. It has the vision of conserving and highlighting the beauty of the uplands.

Project Upland also seeks to create the largest community of bird hunters while advocating for the sustainability of the habitats and bird populations. The blog also features blog posts, podcasts, videos, and many more resources on different hunting and outdoor activities.

Deer & Deer Hunting

Deer & Deer Hunting is dedicated to whitetail deer hunting tips, mature buck stories, and delectable wildlife recipes. This is an excellent hug of information for those with a preference for deer hunting.

Deer & Deer Hunting was started way back in 1973 by Al Hofacker and Jack Brauer. Today, it has grown into one of the best blogs to visit for educational content on deer biology and behavior. You can also check out several delicious wildlife recipes that are easy to replicate.


BowHunting.net is the perfect hunting blog for hunters who prefer to hunt with bows and arrows. The blog is regularly updated with fresh bowhunting news, videos, and gear reviews.

Bowhunting, in today’s world, has evolved from the typical bow and arrow to allow much more complicated weaponry. BowHunting.net keeps you informed with the bowhunting gear reviews. Not only that. The blog features content that will help you improve your hunting techniques and strategies.  


There are so many websites on the internet that feature hunting content. However, only a handful of them have the resources that can truly help you improve your hunting experience. What we have done is to go through several of these hunting blogs and compile a list of the top 16 hunting resources in the world. These blogs are a must-follow, whether you’re an upcoming blogger, new to hunting, or just looking for entertaining content.

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