15 Best Beekeeping Blogs On The Internet Today

Beekeeping might seem intimidating to some, but for those who love their honey and beeswax, it can be the perfect hobby. If these cute bees pique your interest we have compiled a list of 17 great beekeeping blogs that will help a beginner searching for guides on beekeeping or an apiary enthusiast that needs a particular piece of information. Scroll down to explore them in no particular order.

Honey Bee Suite

Honey Bee Suite is an informative website when it comes to bees in general. They have blogs on honey bees where you can learn and understand their biology, nutrition, behavior, and much more. You can also find blogs on beekeeping that will help you clarify your doubts regarding beekeeping.

They also have beekeeping blogs describing their experience with bees, where you might learn something new and interesting regarding this craft. Readers might also be interested in blogs on various bee-keeping products such as beeswax, pollen, royal jelly, and much more.

Mudsongs Beekeeping

Mudsongs Beekeeping is the perfect place for beekeeping hobbyists. The website has a step-by-step guide on how to get started on your first beehive starting from the books and start-up costs to maintaining the hive and building your own homemade boards. You can also find tips on installing a nucleus hive and maintaining it, framing feeders, and how to refill it.

Mudsongs Beekeeping also posts great blogs on updates regarding their own apiaries that are both helpful and educative. You can also find blogs on all the gear and equipment necessary for beekeeping, which improves your experience. There are also tons of guides on DIY beekeeping equipment that will help you with your necessities.

Perfect Bee

Perfect Bee is the perfect place for people who are new to beekeeping. It provides free introductory beekeeping courses for beginners as well as in-depth courses for experienced beekeepers. Their free courses include topics such as learning about bees in general, beehives, and how to maintain a healthy beehive.

You can also find blogs on bee health and behavior that will help you be better informed while taking care of your bees. You can also find various guides on buying beekeeping-related products, to help you make an informed decision.

Bee Culture Magazine

Bee Culture Magazine is an amazing website to read up on both education and fascinating blogs related to beekeeping. In this blog, you can find information on diverse topics such as honeybee management, bee plants, beeswax, and equipment necessary for beekeeping. There are also a lot of how-to blogs that you can refer to, to learn more about bees and beekeeping in general.

Bee Culture Magazine also has great blogs on the science and biology of bees and beekeeping that explain the queen bee behavior and breeding. They also provide a lot of honey bee-related research that you can read up on if you are interested. They also have a “Find Help” section to help you find a local beekeeper and organizations.

The Apiarist Blog

The Apiarist Blog is the perfect website for beekeeping enthusiasts or has a beekeeping business. You can find the perfect guides and blogs regarding beekeeping to improve upon your craft and cut your losses as much as possible. There are also blogs on beekeeping principles, responsibilities, training, imports, and economics of bee-related products.

The Apiarist Blog also has great blogs on beekeeping equipment like frames, roofs, floor, and other boards, hives and nucleus colonies, bee sheds. You can also find blogs on various beekeeping practices like varroa control, swarm control, queen rearing, uniting colonies, feeding, and much more.

Scientific Beekeeping

Scientific Beekeeping is an exceptional website when it comes to information and science relating to beekeeping and bees. You can find a plethora of straightforward resources and information on how to practice good bee husbandry. There are resources explaining the biological process occurring in the hive with proper evidence and scientific verification.

Scientific Beekeeping also posts their handy calculators and simulation models that might interest the expert beekeepers. There are also blogs on bee behavior and biology, varroa management, bee nutrition, colony health and diseases, pesticide issues, and much more. You can also find news updates, research updates, and suggested readings and resources on the site.


Bee Keep Club is a great website for novice beekeepers to help them discover their passion for this craft and improve their knowledge of beekeeping. Bee Keep Club has a series of questions that will help you decide whether beekeeping is the perfect hobby for you to invest your valuable time in. They also have a step-by-step in-depth guide for beekeeping beginners to read and understand.

Bee Keep Club also posts great blogs on various informative topics concerning beekeeping and bees in general. You can find blogs on bee pesticides, bee diseases, bee predators, types of bees, saving the bees, gardening, and much more. You can also look up DIY guides.

Wildflower Meadows

Wildflower Meadows is the largest producer of queen honey bees in southern California, they also excel in mite-resistant VSH-Italian stock. Wildflower Meadows also has their own blog post that one can refer to learn a plethora of information regarding apiary in a broader view. Here you can find various blogs on beekeeping the practical and the scientific aspect to the apiary, all they know how to, things like hive inspection, banking bee queen, pollination, and much more.

Wildflower Meadows also have blogs on various categories of bees such as queen bee, worker bees and etc. You can also find blogs on queen bee mating and genetics to learn the science behind all of this. There are also blogs on extracting bee products and beekeeping equipment necessary as an apiarist.

Beekeeping like a Girl

Beekeeping Like a Girl is a blog maintained and created by Hilary Kearney who is the author of the book named “Queenspotting” and is an experienced beekeeper. Beekeeping Like a Girl is a blog that aims to make the craft of beekeeping fun and accessible to learn.  There are online courses to attend to learn in detail about beekeeping.

Beekeeping Like a Girl also has blogs on various how-to regarding beekeeping which will help people facing such problems. Examples of such blogs are “how to bee hunt”, “how to catch a giant swarm” and much more. There are also informative topics such as facts about stingless bees, the importance of queen bees, and much more. Such blogs can be both amusing and educational to read.

Bad Beekeeping Blog

Bad Beekeeping is a blog by Ron Miksha who was a commercial beekeeper now turned into a hobby beekeeper. You can follow this blog to learn about Ron’s opinions and thoughts as an experienced beekeeper. There are blogs on bears attacking apiaries for honey and how to prepare for it. There are also informative blogs on different species of bees and tons of information regarding beekeeping and getting the most out of it.

There are also bee jokes and memes to keep you entertained. Bad beekeeping Blog also has a section containing 1000 bee weblinks which you can refer to find a useful website to help you with beekeeping. They also have a section dedicated to famous beekeepers whom you can follow to learn new things.

Beepods Better Beekeeping

Beepods provides a multitude of information for the beekeeper enthusiasts to be occupied learning new things about beekeeping and honey bees.  They also have blogs for novice beekeepers to get started with beekeeping and provide all the information needed for them to be confident in their craft. They also have both interesting and informative blogs on apiary and bees such as the science behind hexagons, seasonal bee behavior changes, how COVID-19  affected beekeeping, and much more.

They also have educational guide blogs to help you make informed decisions. You can also register to attend a class or an event related to beekeeping to improve upon your knowledge and meet other beekeeping enthusiasts.

Glory Bee

Glory Bee is a remarkable website when It comes to beekeeping, there is a ton of useful information regarding apiary. You can find beekeeping lessons that will enlighten their readers starting from the history of beekeeping to managing bees and the basics of the apiary. There are in-depth blogs on beekeeping equipment and assembly that will help all the first-timers out there.

Glory Bee has blogs explaining all the dedication and investment required to make beekeeping your hobby or a commercial side project.  You can also find blogs on the latest beekeeping news and reports to keep yourself up to date. There are also recipe blogs and DIY blogs for the interested.

Our Bee Blog

Our Bee Blog is a beekeeping blog by East Central Wisconsin Beekeepers Association whose primary statement is to teach and inform beekeepers about apiary and help them expand their network.  You can find great informative blogs on seasonal preparations regarding beekeeping, honey robbers, and much more. They also post about their experience and stories as a beekeeper enthusiast, giving these a read might help you gain information and prepare for future possible issues.

Our Bee Blog also has provided important contacts on their website if you want help or advice regarding beekeeping. There are also honey-related recipe blogs if you want to try making food items using your own honey harvest.

Home Sweet Bees

Home Sweet Bees is a wonderful beekeeping blog by Charlotte Ekker Wiggins who has been beekeeping since 2010. Home Sweet Bees has a ton of blogs on beekeeping and bees in general. Charlotte also posts her beekeeping chores and stories that you can read up, to gain insight about her experience and apply those in practice. There is also a section for bee plants to help you be informed on various flowers and how they affect the honey produced.

She also posts great blogs regarding beekeeping gears that enhance your beekeeping experience and improve your quality of life. You can also find blogs and guides on beekeeping how to, to learn new things or ways about beekeeping. There are also gardening blogs for you to maintain your flowers for your bees to suck or pollinate.

American Bee Journal

American Bee Journal is an amazing website for every apiarist to follow to be updated with the latest news and advances in beekeeping. American Bee Journal was established in 1861 and has been publishing ever since so the amount of experience and quality is assured. The topics of blogs are targeted towards both beekeeping hobbyists and commercial apiaries. Interested people can go through their archive section to read up on both informative and interesting topics to expand their knowledge on beekeeping.

You can also subscribe to their ABJ digital for the digital copy of their periodical magazine releases. They also have a section for useful apiary-related tips and links that might be useful for beekeeping enthusiasts. You can also read up on the latest news and be updated on what is going in the beekeeping community.


Beekeeping might require a lot of dedication and time but it is worth the effort. You can use the bee products to start your business and bring your own brand to the market. Some people might prefer to limit beekeeping as a hobby to spend their valuable time. Whatever be the case, learning about beekeeping from these blogs will be immensely useful for you. Don’t forget that beekeeping requires a lot of dedication and patience, so be patient if you’re planning to start your journey in beekeeping.

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