16 Best Disc Golf Blogs On The Internet Today

Are you someone who is interested in the sport of disc golf and want to find out more about it? In this post, we have compiled a list of the top 16 blogs on disc golfing that you must follow. These blogs cover a multitude of disc golf-related topics and events that will interest all types of players. Scroll down to explore the options that are best suited for your needs.

Professional Disc Golf Association

Professional Disc Golf Association is a membership organization that aims to promote the growth and appeal of disc golfing sport. PDGA is the perfect website to start looking for disc golf-related information. All the beginner disc golf players can find proper rules and regulations to read and learn on the site and professional players can also search up for competition manuals for any upcoming disc golf events.

PDGA also posts the latest news and updates on disc golf tournaments and events throughout the world. For professional disc golf enthusiasts, they also have a section that contains information on major disc golf events and world championships.

Innova Disc Golf

Innova Disc Golf was formed in 1983 to learn the necessities of disc golfing enthusiasts regarding gear and equipment as the sport was just created. Today Innova Disc Golf is known for its lineup of golf discs that provide superior feel and accuracy to players. They also have a blog that covers a variety of disc golfing-related topics which will interest any disc golfing enthusiast.

Their blogs usually cover remarkable highlights from various disc golfing tournaments, various guides, and stories about world champions that will inspire you. They also have blogs that will teach the readers about the peculiar characteristics of disc golfing and make a novice player understand the sport a bit better.

Infinite Discs

Infinite Discs provides quality and accurate information on disc golf. They have a blog on disc golfing where they post various disc golfing tips and also post blogs about their product lineup. You can find information regarding all the gear and equipment essential to any disc golf player; they provide readers with reviews to help them understand the pros and the cons.

They also have a section that contains disc golf terminologies that will be of utmost help to the entire beginner disc golf player or any interested disc golf enthusiast. You can also go through their course resources that contain educating and interesting information about disc golf.

DGA Disc Golf

Disc Gold Association is an association dedicated to introducing people of all ages to disc golfing and increasing the popularity and love for the sport. You can also find their blog page that has great disc golfing blogs that will interest people of all ages young and old alike. Their blog has topics that cover various professional disc golf players, disc golfing events, championships, new amazing gear or product updates, and much more.

DGA also has an “education” section that will teach a novice player how to play disc golf properly and also for recreational play, it will also inform readers about the history of disc golf. You can also find a section on disc golf course installation guide that contains in-depth information on the pros and cons of developing a disc golf course.

Disc Golf Reviewer

Disc Golf Reviewer is a blog by disc golfing enthusiasts that put an effort to bring the best disc golfing information to their interested readers.  The blog has various guides by disc golf players that will help you through various necessities and issues like a disc golf novice. Blogs such as data on most popular discs might be a very interesting read for experienced players. There are similarly good reads for experienced and novice players.

Disc Golf reviewer as the name suggests also has reviews and their perspective on disc golfing-related gear and equipment that describe the pros and cons. You can find reviews on distance drivers, fairway drivers, mid-range discs, putters, understable discs, and various disc golf sets.

Disc Golf Pro Tour

Disc Golf Pro Tour is a platform for all professional disc golf players to showcase their skills and fans can get together and enjoy the sport.  You can find blogs that provide you information and clips of various disc golf pro tour championships and the player’s point charts to know how they performed.  There are also blogs on recaps of rounds and highlights of players’ peak moments during the match.

Disc Golf Pro Tour also has a schedule section for interested disc golf lovers to keep up to date with the events and tournaments. They also post about various news and media concerning disc golfing sport that will keep the readers informed about the things happening in the disc golfing community.

Disc Golf Puttheads

Disc Golf Puttheads is a blogging site about Chris and Rodney and their love for disc golfing, they made this blog to record their finding of disc golf.  They post blogs on technique, research on new ways to improve, new places to play, and much more. You can also find blogs on putter reviews of various manufacturers that will help you learn the pros and cons of each of them.

Disc Golf Puttheads also has a lot of product review blogs that you can go through to understand what gear and equipment are better for your needs. You can also find tons of useful disc golf tips in case you want to up your game and learn new techniques to give yourself that edge in your upcoming match.


Udisc is a great blog to follow with a great variety of disc golfing blogs to choose from, all the blogs are very informative for readers and interested disc golf enthusiasts. There are great guides for beginner players under the “Instruction” category, these guides will provide information about the essential basics, how to throw, ways to improve, rules, and etiquettes of disc golf.

Udisc also has blogs on gear used in disc golfing, these blogs describe the various gear and they also have the best disc golf gear of the year for the interested. You can also find blogs on travelling, various disc golf courses around the world, events and tournaments, and professional players’ stats.

Disc Golf United

Disc Golf United is a great site when it comes to finding information regarding disc golf as a beginner eager to learn. You can find amazing informative blogs on disc golfing that will arm you with the essential knowledge and in return improve your performance. These blogs include tips to help you throw farther, suggestions on why to join a local disc club, improve your form, and many more really helpful blogs.

Packing your bag is an essential skill when it comes to disc golf, it dictates how much weight you are going to carry. Disc Golf United has blogs and guides that help you understand and learn how to build your bag efficiently so you don’t overpack.

Disc Golf Now

Disc Golf Now is a blog post by Red a disc golf player who made this site for all disc golf lovers to come together and learn about the sport.  Here you can find “Disc Golf 101“ which is a step-by-step guide for all disc golf beginners to refer and learn from. The guides are in-depth and offer a very good explanation on how to get started and teach a person the different types of disc available.

Disc Golf Now also has a recommended gear section where Red shares his experience and perspective on various disc golf gears. The gear reviews include gear like bags, disc golf baskets, and finally discs for beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

Frisbee Rob

Frisbee Rob McLeod is a Frisbee ambassador who lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and currently holds 6 Guinness world records and 13 world championships. He has a blog where he posts on a variety of Frisbee-related topics and also on disc golf. You can find a multitude of blogs such as how to choose the right golf disc and a comparison between disc and ball golf.

You can also find a lot of blogs on his participation in various tournaments and learn a lot from his experience. Any aspiring golf disc player will find this enticing to learn about a professional’s mindset, schedule, preparation, and points he focuses on. There are also blog on his classes where he teaches groups of outdoor enthusiasts about disc golf.

Throw Pink

Throw Pink was founded in 2013 for women’s health initiatives now evolved to running tournaments and disc golf promotions to encourage women for physical activity. You can find blogs that offer a variety of helpful tips that will help you understand your physic better as a woman and help you perform better in the sport of disc golf. They also post blogs on mental health and physical fitness to create awareness among the female community members.

Disc golf is not about strength, it’s about technique and experience which you can gain over years of participating in various events and tournaments. You can find the list of events that are scheduled in case you are interested in participating.

Disc Golf Help

Disc Golf Help is the perfect place for all beginners to visit, as the name suggests the site has a lot of articles focused to help novice disc golfers. You can find their beginner’s guide to disc golf that explains the sport, the scoring system, and various terminologies. There are multiple types of disc golf discs that are used in different situations to gain an advantageous situation; they also have a blog describing the types and their purpose.

Disc Golf Help also has guides for beginners to help them choose their bags and backpacks that will suit their budget the best. Such reviews also help them understand the pros and cons and help them decide the one suitable for them for their budget.

Ladies First Disc Golf

Ladies First Disc Golf is focused on creating an interest in women for disc golf and helps them to play their first game of disc golf with great ease and enjoyment. They are primarily a store stocked with discs of various weights and clothing for female disc golfers that are both fashionable and comfortable. LFDG also has a blog that contains topics concerning disc golfing.

Their blogs consist of various interviews with female professional players who mention their journey, favorite places to play, their preferred methods and tactics. These blogs also contain advice from professional disc golfers that will be helpful to every aspiring player.

Parked Disc Golf Blog

Parked is a blog about disc golfing, created in 2016 to spread the awareness of disc golf and generate insight among the people about this sport and help this sport grow. On this blog, you can find various informative and interesting blogs that describe the cultural and historical aspects of disc golf. There are also blogs that describe events occurring in the disc golfing community.

Parked also has blogs that interview a lot of disc golf professionals and their opinions on this new emerging sport and how rapidly the demand for this sport is growing in their country. You can also read up blogs on the various products that were announced got approved and disapproved by Professional Disc Golf Association’s standards committee.

Disc Golf Examiner

Disc Golf Examiner is a wonderful site to visit for disc golf-related enthusiasts. You can find blogs on various disc reviews that are classified by their disc speed ranging from 1to 14 and various well-known brands. They also provide coverage to a variety of disc golfing tournaments some include Edinboro Open, Buckeye classic, Ice bowl, and many more.

Disc Golf Examiner also has blogs on interviews with professional disc golf players who share their perspective and their reviews of various disc golf courses and events. There is also a Disc Golf Examiner Originals section that has interesting and intriguing blogs on various disc golfing topics that might pique your interest.


Disc Golfing is a fun sport, and people of all age groups can play it. There are a ton of things to learn from these blogs as a beginner disc golf player like various terminologies, rules, and regulations. For experienced disc golf players, these blogs provide great tips and suggestions to provide you an edge before your next match. You can also find interviews of professional disc golfers to help you improve by learning what they are focusing on and doing differently. There are always a ton of things to learn as a beginner or experienced player and these blogs will help you with that.

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