11 Best French Bulldog Blogs On The Internet Today

The French Bulldog, or ‘Frenchy,’ is a popular tiny dog breed. It’s easy to see why because these endearing small tanks make for easygoing and dependable companions. If you’re considering getting one, it is a wise idea to educate yourself on their characteristics, personalities, and training techniques. We’ve identified the top 11 French Bulldog blogs you need to check out if you need to learn more about this breed.

All About Frenchies

All About Frenchies was started by Jordan and Betsy, a couple committed to the proliferation and preservation of the French Bulldog breed through meticulous breeding techniques, strict adherence to breed standards, and the spread of strong and respectable pedigrees.

They support healthy breeding techniques by educating others about the benefits of AKC registration, commitment, and responsible ownership and spreading information on the breed. By encouraging professional breeders to produce healthy French Bulldogs regularly, the couple works tirelessly to defend, propagate, and inevitably make French Bulldogs a much more frequent and readily available pet option.

Where’s the Frenchie? 

Where’s The Frenchie is for modern dog parents looking for trendy dog-friendly lifestyle ideas and travel guides. Nikki, an LA-based creative director, is the owner of the blog. Fira and Weston, her two French bulldogs, are the center of her universe.

Whether it’s the stitching in clean white bed linens or custom-crafted, porcelain bowls designed particularly for the pups, she enjoys being surrounded by beauty and completely experiencing it. Even though this blog isn’t just for Frenchies, it’s an absolute delight. Look through their dog-friendly vacation guides, hotels, and beautiful images.

Ethical Frenchie

Ethical Frenchie began as a small French Bulldog breeding program focusing on French Bulldogs’ health, socialization, and temperament. 

Their aim is to create Ethical Frenchie as a place where every prospective Frenchie adopter feels entirely confident and at ease knowing that their puppies were nurtured in loving homes by people dedicated to improving the breed’s general health. Their blog has lots of tips and information on dog care.


Frenchiestore provides information on the French Bulldog, English Bulldog, Pug, and various other dog breeds. It is a renowned brand committed to a movement in the pet business towards social justice, health consciousness, and more ecological integrity.

Their products and services are always made with your dog’s safety and wellbeing in mind. Though their handcrafted items are designed exclusively for the French Bulldog’s unique sizing and health requirements, they also fit Pugs, Boston Terriers, Dachshunds, English Bulldogs, and other dog breeds.

Our Frenchie

Our Frenchie began when Laura and Tom, a young couple, decided to get a dog. There were numerous kinds to pick from, but one, in particular, stood out: French bulldogs. They wanted a tiny dog that would suit their lifestyle and apartment.

They found their ideal individual after some research. Pandora was her given name, but she is now known as Panda because it is simpler and shorter. She also has white markings on her black body, giving her the appearance of a real panda. They love French bulldogs, which is why they’ve created a nice blog dedicated to their beloved pets. Find helpful hints for your canine companion.

Ask Frankie

Ask Frankie is dedicated to health-conscious owners of French Bulldogs who want a healthy, happy, and long-living dog. Frankie is an Australian female Brindle French Bulldog that resides in Sydney. She was born on March 5, 2016, and has become the glue holding Michelle and Will’s (Frankie’s owner) little family together.

They are ecstatic to share their Frenchie adventures with the rest of the globe. The website also has an online store and community for Frenchie owners

French Bulldog Village Rescue

French Bulldog Village Rescue focuses on rescuing, treating, and finding new homes for French Bulldogs from all around the United States. Their blog has helpful tips, health information, and beautiful French bulldog rescue stories. The French Bulldog Village is a rescue organization that brings together people from all across the country to save, rehabilitate, and rehome French Bulldogs and French Bulldog hybrids.

They work to raise awareness and knowledge about the French Bulldog breed’s responsible purchase/acquisition and possession as part of their mission. They also act as a resource for other rescue organizations and individuals working to save the breed.

Itchy Frenchie

Itchy Frenchie provides articles, views, and events about French bulldogs and their own puppy Norman.

The site is dedicated to providing information on skin allergies in French bulldogs and how to make you and your pet feel more comfortable.

Frenchie Bulldog Pet Supply

Frenchie Bulldog Pet Supply contains a wealth of information for French bulldog owners, ranging from diet and nutrition to DIY dog toys, doggy vacations, and even surfing.

Every French Bulldog owner knows how much fun it is to equip your Frenchie with a collar, fun harness, or leash. The website also has a colorful range of printed collars and leashes for your French Bulldog, in addition to their exclusive Frenchie Bulldog Reversible Dog Harnesses.

Two French Bulldogs

Two French Bulldogs is about Lily and Edward, two French Bulldogs who live in Southern California.

They are proud members of the French Bulldog Rescue Network as volunteers.


Pawshake believes in offering pet owners courteous, dependable, and economical. This is affectionately referred to as “Creating Tails of Happiness” within the company. Their goal is to make it as simple as possible for you to identify and book a pet sitter in your area.

So whether you’re going on vacation, need somebody to keep an eye on your pet while you’re at work, or want to walk your dog around the neighborhood, they’ve got you covered. Their blog has information on dog breeds, how to emotionally connect with your dog, and so much more.


French Bulldogs are adorable puppies who would make a lovely addition to any family. They enjoy cuddling and being near other people, and also a good game of tug of war. The personality of a French Bulldog will peek through because they are outspoken and curious.

If someone in your family or you are home frequently and can give them the attention and time they need to feel secure and loved, a French Bulldog is a terrific dog for you. You’ll know if your French Bulldog is adored because they will give back all of it and even some more. Make sure to check out these blogs when you’re ready to get your French Bulldog!

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