19 Boating Blogs to Follow in 2021

Are you looking for tips and reviews to buy your first boat or are you looking for specific information to help you with your boat issue? We got you covered with 19 boating blogs to follow in 2021 that are sure to give you information to expand your knowledge on boating. These blogs will help you be prepared so you can set sail safely and confidently. Scroll down to find these blogs in no particular order.

Boating Magazine

Boating Magazine is an all-rounder site when it comes to finding information regarding boats, boating, and marine accessories. You can both blogs and videos on boating-related topics. They also have a wonderfully organized menu for you to access and learn about different types of boats. In case you need to buy a boat they have you covered with boat buying guides and reviews. They also have their boat of the year mentioned in case you are interested.

Boating Magazine also has a how-to section where readers can learn about boating tips and maintenance and know what to look out for while boating. You can also find in-depth and easy-to-understand guides on boating safety and laws.

Sportsman Boat

Sportsman Boat is a family-friendly center console boat manufacturing company based in South Carolina. Sportsman boat blogs are the perfect place for all the Sportsman boat enthusiasts to check out. They post blogs on their new upcoming models and any new hardware updates. You can also find blogs regarding the manufacturing of your precious Sportsman Boats which will help you understand your boat better.

Sportsman Boat also posts blogs on all the various activities you can do with your family member when out for boating. You can also find blogs regarding any events that Sportsman Boats organized like dealer awards and more. They also have blogs on equipment to carry with you to enhance your boating experiences like marine coolers and more.

Boat life

Boat Life is a manufacturer of high-quality boat cleaning products such as boat wax, polish, caulk, and more. They also have blogs on boating-related topics that are both informative and interesting to read. You can find blogs on boating lifestyles which usually deal with seasonal tips and checklists to enhance your boating experience. 

Boat Life also posts blogs on their product lineups and you can refer to get a better insight into their products. You can also find the latest boating-related news and learn about what is occurring in the boating community.  There are also DIY and boat customization guides that experienced boat enthusiasts might be interested in.

The Boat Works

The Boat Works is one of the best boatyards in Australia, and they also happen to have a boating-related blog page that might be worth your while to check out. Here you can find all types of blogs on the facilities you can find in the boatyard like laundry, restaurants and cafes, barbeque facilities, en suites, and more.  Blogs on “must-have” boating accessories might interest people who want to elevate their boating experience.

Boat Works also post blogs on boat buying guides where you can learn about the things you should look for while buying a boat. They also post blogs on various boating-related organizations where you can learn about contacts that can help you with your boating problems.

Click and Boat Blog

Click and Boat is one of the best places to look for peer-to-peer boat rentals. The major service they provide is to the boat owners to cushion their boat expenses by renting it to other individuals. They also post blogs that have a ton of boating-related useful information that you can follow. Click and Boat also got you covered with their guides and tips to know before renting a boat, so you won’t get the short end of the stick.

They also have blogs on the best destinations to set sail, which might help people planning to rent a boat and go on a boating trip. Here you can also find in-depth guides on boat maintenance and to-dos. They also have news blogs dedicated to Click&Boat boat owners to help them boost their revenue for upcoming seasons.

The Ocean Sailing guide

The Ocean Sailing guide launched in 2017 is a blog by Goran who started this blog out of a love for boats and everything that they offer. Here you can find tons of articles on boating-related topics that are both useful and entertaining. They also have blogs on boating accessories which you can follow to keep up with what is the latest thing in the market that will enhance your boating experience. You can also find in-depth easy to understand and follow guides to maintain and take care of your boat.

The Ocean Sailing Guide also posts reviews of various boating-related accessories which are very informative and will help you decide on your next purchase. They also have a guest blogging section where interested boating enthusiasts can promote themselves and build a reputation for themselves.

Better Boat

Better Boat offers a wide variety of blogs for your average bloating enthusiast to choose from. They have great in-depth guides for beginners that are simple and easy to understand. These guides include boating guides and information, boating lifestyle, and boating-related tips and tricks. They also have in-depth guides and information on pontoon boats along with detailed reviews of various pontoon boats. You can also find tips, tricks, and tutorials on pontoon boats and how to maintain yours.

Better Boat also provides blogs on deck boats and you can find important information like beginner’s information, buyer’s guide, and deck boat tips for maintenance. You can also find blogs on various activities to perform while on a boating trip to keep you and your family entertained.

Waggoner Cruising Guide

Waggoner Cruising Guide is called the bible for Northwest Cruising and provides information about various marinas, marine parks, fuel docks, US/Canada border crossings, customs, VHF radio requirements, and more. You can find blogs on various popular cruising destinations to visit in Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska. They also have good blogs on boating like tips, safety, maintenance, and more.

Waggoner Cruising’s website also has status updates on Marianas, borders, and parks so you can modify your schedule accordingly. They also provide classes on boat training and trip planning in case any beginner wants a hands-on learning experience.

Snag A Slip

Snag A Slip provides a hassle-free and easy way to book and plan your boating trip, so you can enjoy your trip without any frustrations. They also have an amazing blog that an average boating enjoyer would find both informative and entertaining. You can find boating tips and a list of places to explore during your boating trip. They also have mentioned a list of boat docks to help you find a dock nearby you.

Snag A Slip also has a boating bucket list that you can go through to get your inspiration for things to do during your boating trip. You can also find out the bare minimum preparations and essentials to do before your boating trip.

Boatsetter Blog

Founded in 2012 Boat Setter is an amazing place to go for rental boating services, with their services expanding over 600 locations all over the world. They provide an amazing beginner’s guide for novice boating enthusiasts and these guides are very easy to understand and follow. You can also find boat-related guides that will ensure you can take care of your boat in the best possible manner.

One can also find great fishing blogs here, so you can give these a read and maximize your chance of reeling in your catch. They also have blogs on sailboats and yachts for interested people. You can also go to Boat Setter and list your boat for rent in case you want to make a few bucks on the side.


GoRollick is an amazing place to go and check out when it comes to guides on outdoor vehicles in general. You can visit GoRollick for boating-related blogs which are very informative and enjoyable to read. They have an ultimate guide to boat ownership that explains how to get your boating license, maintaining a boat, boat taxes, boating safety procedures to follow. One can follow this guide to learn in detail about the commitment and capital required to own a boat.

GoRollick also has other boating-related guides like guides for boat trailers, winterizing your boat, inboard vs. outboard motor, and much more. They also have an amazing blog called boating 101 that answers top boating-related questions by beginner boating enthusiasts.

Boat Blurb

BoatBlurb is an exceptional site to visit for boating-related guides and information. They provide the information by broadcasting engaging news and insights provided by the boating community. BoatBlurb also publishes the latest news about products, destinations, tips, and boating culture for all interested readers. You can also find reviews and articles on boating-related products, gear, accessories, and equipment which will help you make an informed purchase.

BoatBlurb also posts blogs on their boating community which might be a very good way to expand your knowledge. They also post on the latest emerging technologies and innovations in the boating field. You can also find their virtual boat tour and watch it in 360 VR view to watch boats closely without visiting the dealership.

Best Boat Report

Best Boat Report is a boating-related site by Kern who has a deep passion for boating and wants to pass along his boating knowledge to others. There is a boating FAQ section for all beginner boating enthusiasts to refer to for information regarding boating. They got you covered by providing you the information needed to get started with boating and maintaining your boat while following boating laws and regulations.

Best Boat Report also has blogs on water sports and activities for adventurous people to try out. You can also find blogs on fishing which will help you prepare and ensure your chances of catching fish. They also have blogs on various boating-related products which one can refer to expand their knowledge.

World Sports Boats

Created in 2008 World Sports Boat is all about providing straightforward information on sports boats, sport cruisers, sports yachts, super and mega yachts. They have blogs on boat categories where one can understand the variety of boats available and learn to distinguish between them. They also have reviews of various types of boats such as concept boats, Eco cruisers, Megayachts, sports boats, superyachts, class 1 powerboats, and others.

World Sports Boats also have an award section where they post blogs on their best boat of the year which might be worth for a boating enthusiast to look into. You can also find the latest boating-related news and updates that will give you an idea of what is occurring in the boating community.

Endige Boating

Endige Boating deals with boats, boat selection, boat electronics, and software so people with boat electronics DIY customization would find this useful. There are also blogs on boats in general that will help you understand your options in detail before purchasing a boat. They also have guides and information on useful boating software like OpenCPN and other mobile apps. You can also find blogs and guides on boating-related electronics and hardware like sensors, cameras, and IoT, display, control devices, and 3D printing.

Endige Boating also has blogs and reviews of various commercial marine equipment and products that will help you with your boating experience. You can also find nautical charts on their website to help you with navigation.

Boating Journey

Our Boating Journey is a blog that documents the journey of Scott and Ally that started in 2017 to becoming boat owners, find their permanent life aboard, and retire in the Caribbean.  Anybody not necessarily a boating lover can follow their journey and feel inspired by their passion for boating. They post weekly every Sunday so you can follow their journey at your own pace without being overwhelmed. 

Boating journey blogs also comprise the various boat reviews that Scott and Ally do. They describe the boat in detail mentioning their pros and cons as expected from people trying to live aboard. You can also find blogs of various travels and events they went to with their own original photographs.

The Driftwood Boat Blog

Driftwood Boat Blog is by Harry and Marion who bring their readers’ blogs about Irelands waterway’s networks. They want to ignite interest or even a passion in their reader to start boating. They know their way around Ireland’s waterways and will give you an understanding of the characteristic features of those waterways. Next time you want to have a boating tour planned in Ireland you can refer to these blogs to make sure you get a general idea.

Driftwood blogs also post their travel blogs on the French waterways for the interested boating enthusiasts to check out. They also have blogs on living aboard where they blog about their journey throughout the entire month. You can also find some useful boating tips and tricks blogs.

Paul’s Boat Blog

Paul’s Boat Blogs is a blog by Paul Atkins who runs their family business named Atkins Photo lab. Paul has a great passion for building boats and boating in general and posts blogs about how he works on his boat. He blogs about building his boat step by step explaining everything to keep in mind while performing that task.

Paul also has great blogs on woodworking and planning the layout of the boat that you can follow to understand what goes into ship manufacturing a bit in detail. He also posts his struggles and concerns regarding boat-building and how he overcomes them. You can also find blogs on his meetings with experts which will give you experts’ perspectives regarding this field.

Scout Boats

Scout Boat has an amazing boat blog for all boating enthusiasts to be excited about. They got beginners covered by posting useful and informative blogs containing the essential things a boat owner must do. They also have blogs and guides on essential boating skills to have as a boat owner, such skills include tying knots to backing a trailer to diagnosing a motor problem. They also have blogs on how to tow your boat safely.

You can also find blogs on boating etiquette guides that will help you understand rules and guidelines to follow on water. They also have blogs on various activities for recreation and for kids to do to keep them occupied. They also have various checklists that can be useful to refer to before going on a boating tour.


For most people their normal schedule is jammed full of work and boating can be a wonderful way to spend your time relaxing together with your family. Boating and traveling together exploring new places can be a wonderful way to connect with your family and friends. Boating can be an expensive hobby to maintain but it’s all worth it when you can feel that gust of wind hitting you and bring forward the appreciation for nature. There is a lot of essential information and skills required before you can start boating and these blogs should help you get started with boating while maintaining the proper boating etiquette.

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