18 Best Golf Blogs On The Internet Today

Golfing is more about the on-course experience than a theoretical knowledge of techniques and equipment. Nevertheless, one has to start somewhere when getting introduced to this beautiful game. In this blog post, we will talk about the best golf blogs on the internet today.

Hooked On Golf

Hooked On Golf is the go-to blog for golf equipment reviews, golf courses, PGA tour updates, and anything remotely connected to golf or the lifestyle of golfers. It was started by Tony Krologos in 2004 and has over 5000 blog posts.

Over the years, the blog has acquired a loyal base of followers and has been visited by tens of millions of readers. Today, it is one of the most trusted websites for golf-related content.

My Golf Spy

My Golf Spy provides refreshingly original golf content to tutor, inform, and entertain golfing enthusiasts. The blog also specializes in product reviews.

My Golf Spy is not just a golf blog, it is a great forum to build connections with the golfing community. It is well known for golf product reviews and buyer guides that help golfers make better gear choices.

Golf Stinks

Golf Stinks takes an entertaining approach to golf blogging. It provides serious golfing tips and information, without the seriousness of typical golf blogs.

The exciting thing about this blog is that it is relatable for both beginners and advanced golfers. It is an entertaining blog that can help you keep your golfing experience fun, even as you improve your game.

Graceful Golfer

Graceful Golfer features the best of beginner tips, golf news, and golf events. The blog was started by Anna and Armana, two professional golfers who met while golfing professionally.

On the blog, they share their golfing journey to inspire women who have a liking for the sport. The blog also provides a professional perspective on golf equipment.

Practical Golf

Practical Golf deals with the reality of golfing. It is one of the most popular game-improvement resources for golfers, with thousands of readers from all around the world.

The blog touches on real-life subjects like confidence, effective practice, strategy, and many other topics that are not discussed on typical golf blogs.

Adam Young Golf

Adam Young Golf is a great resource for people looking to get better at golf. It provides valuable guides and gear information.

Adam Young teaches how golfers – both pros and amateurs – can improve their skills and techniques. He draws from a profound knowledge of motor learning and brain function, which is complemented by his golfing experience, to create golfing guides.

Hitting The Green

Hitting The Green is a great golfing resource for beginners, unlike most golf blogs that feature technical content only advanced golfers can relate to.

Hitting The Green was created by Rob, a golf enthusiast and tutor with decades of experience. He breaks down the complexities of golfing and offers resources for beginners to ease into the game and start building their skills.

The Golf Travel Guru

If you’re planning a vacation and looking for recommendations on great golfing locations to choose from, The Golf Travel Guru is the blog for you.

The Golf Travel Guru has traveled to great golfing spots all around the globe for almost three decades and he has a lot of experience to share about golf travel. Visit the blog for some inspired travel advice and recommendations.

The Sand Trap

The Sand Trap has one of the largest golf communities and it is the perfect place on the internet to connect with other golfers and golf lovers.

The Sand Trap features informational how-to articles, forums, a store section, and many more resources. These resources will help you improve your game, choose better equipment, and also connect with golf enthusiasts from different places. It’s a really wonderful community to be part of.

Andrew Rice Golf

Andrew Rice Golf features a variety of golf resources from articles to schools, lessons, and products that will help you improve your golfing experience.

Andrew Rice Golf is the blog that will help you improve the technical side of your game. It features discussions on swing, architecture, equipment, and the whole state of the game in today’s world. Andre Rice has been teaching golf for almost 25 years and he has a lot to offer.

Golf State Of Mind

Golf State Of Mind teaches golfers how to improve their overall mentality, self-belief, and focus to effect a positive change in their performance. The blog was started by David Mackenzie, an avid golfing enthusiast.

David draws from his experience as a mental coach to effectively communicate how the best golfers achieve the mental and emotional stability that helps them excel.

Trackman Golf

Trackman Golf is quite simplistic in its approach to golf blogging. It concisely touches on tips, gear, and tour news.

Trackman boasts of one of the leading technologies in the indoor virtual golf revolution. In addition to that, the trackman golf blog covers drills that can develop your game, insights into skill development, tour stats, and tour news. You’ll also read about some great gear advice so you can find it less overwhelming to make a good equipment choice.

Golf Forever

Golf Forever is consistently updated with tips and information that can help create a golf-optimized body and lifestyle for overall game improvement.

Golf Forever touches on gear reviews, golf news, tutorials, and some other resources for people with any form of interest in the game of golf. It focuses more on fitness programs that can help increase flexibility, strength, and distance.

Golf Dash

Golf Dash is dedicated to helping golf enthusiasts play the best golf of their lives by providing cutting-edge performance tips.

The blog was founded by Doug Farrick and John Diekmann in 2006 out of their common passion for golf. The resources they feature on the blog include practice ideas and tips, a podcast, a free eBook, and golf product reviews.

Three Guys Golf

Three Guys Golf provides a refreshing perspective on golfing subjects. This is one such blog that provides a unique perspective for fellow golfers.

The blog was founded by Wade, Matt, and Adam to offer a refreshing insight into the game and also help fellow golfers with information on a variety of topics that could improve their game. The blog features instructional videos to get the message across in a more understandable manner.

The Golf Blog

The Golf Blog claims to be the number one blog for all things golf. The blog design is kind of old, but it features immensely valuable golf resources.

The blog has been featuring golf news and guides since 2004. In addition to the self-improvement techniques that are available on the blog, you can follow major tournaments on the blog and get updated with regular golf news.

How To Break 80

How To Break 80 is written by Jack Moore with the sole purpose of providing world-class golf instruction.

How To Break 80 is a blog created and curated for competitive golfers. It keeps readers up to date with the latest tour news and also features some tips on how to improve your golfing skills.

American Golfer

American Golfer provides updates on travel golfing and publishes detailed product reviews to guide you on your golfing journey.

The blog will keep you updated with all-round golfing information with posts on subjects that include golfing equipment, body protection, practice tips, and more. It was launched back in 2008 and regardless of its simplistic theme, it is home to great golf content.


Whether you’re a competitive golf player, an amateur, or just a spectator that loves watching golf, these blogs are some of the best you can visit on the internet today. In addition to teaching how to improve at the game, these blogs motivate beginners who seek to become better at the game.

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