19 Home Decor Blogs to Follow In 2021

Are you looking to redesign your house but don’t know where to start? We’ve compiled a list of the top 19 home decor blogs you should follow in 2021. If you’re looking for design inspiration, these blogs should be on your list.

City Farmhouse

The city farmhouse blog is a lifestyle and home décor blog that epitomizes a perfect balance between rural and urban decoration tips, and also centers on DIY resourcefulness.

Jen O’Brien shares design ideas that have been developed through personal home décor endeavors and arduous research. On city farmhouse, she lets you in into her lovely home to be inspired by rich décor themes and accessories, with emphasis on budget-friendly décor. Check out her blog here.

House Beautiful

House beautiful is popularly known for its interior design magazine that has been in publication since 1896. Today, it offers the perfect collection of home décor ideas and products for homeowners.

If you need style inspiration for your various room decorations and design ideas that border on budget-friendliness, House beautiful features an unending collection of home décor tips, ideas, and case studies that are mostly easy to replicate. That’s not all, it also covers some other important lifestyle subjects as well. Check it out here.

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy has a very simple purpose – To inspire people to live a more beautiful and happy life in their homes by offering real-life décor solutions. Visit apartment therapy here.

The blog was launched back in 2001 by Maxwell Ryan, and ever since, it has grown into one of the most dependable sources for expert advice, DIY tips, and shopping guides. An entertaining house tour section is dedicated to showing inspiring home decors from homeowners from all around the world.

Style by Emily Henderson

Style by Emily Henderson covers a range of lifestyle topics, from beauty to food and design. Check it out today to discover how you can make your home reflect your personality through decorating.

If you’re quite familiar with the home décor media, then you may have heard of Emily Henderson. Away from her engagements as a TV host and stylist, she runs her style by Emily Henderson blog where she shares refreshing opinions and insights on design and decoration.

Addicted 2 Decorating

Addicted 2 decorating focuses largely on do-it-yourself décor projects and inspiring homeowners to express themselves by personally taking on home projects.

On addicted 2 decorating, Kristi Linauer covers everything from remodeling ideas to decoration case studies and DIY inspiration. She offers a particularly refreshing insight into the world of colors and how you can combine them to achieve profound aesthetic effects in your home.

Liz Marie Blog

Besides running her shop -The Found Cottage in Michigan, Liz Marie creates time to take on design and décor projects that inspire her reader and followers.

Who better to take home design advice from other than a professional interior designer? Liz Marie covers everything lifestyle, home décor, design, and even makeup. What makes her blog stand out is not just the originality of her style, it is the personality that obviously exists behind all of her designs. Visit the Liz Marie blog here.

The Inspired Room

Melissa Michaels, the creator of the inspired room, has two published books on home decoration. The blog is where she shares immensely valuable resources from tips to books and product reviews.

One of the ways to make your home a happier space is by designing and creating an atmosphere you love. You can borrow ideas from other sources, but Melissa encourages readers to leave some personal design impressions on their home décor style. Check out the inspired room.

The Lettered Cottage

The lettered cottage is a fabulous home décor site dedicated to the simplicity and the beauty of the cottage home décor style.

The lettered cottage is a blog bore out of Layla Palmer’s love for the cottage home décor. She features an inspiring collection of design ideas, homemaking tips, and personal stories. Visit today to get access to her step-by-step guidelines on recreating some of the most exciting design ideas. Visit here.

House of Turquoise

There’s a great deal you can achieve with a disciplined color approach in your home design. House of turquoise shows what beautiful effects colors can have when used rightly.

Do you know there’s no limit to how you can use colors in home décor? Erin collects inspirational decoration photos that feature all shades of her favorite color – turquoise – and shares them with readers on her house of turquoise. She also features an interesting shop section for home accessories. Check it out here.


Remodelista is a somewhat professional blog that contains décor input and ideas collected from professional sources and reliable case studies. The blog covers everything from architecture to lighting and home appliances.

Remodelista is where you can access an extensive collection of home remodeling and décor guides. It covers distinctive and colorful design themes that strike a perfect balance between classic and trendy, as well as vintage and contemporary styles. Visit remodelista here.


Mydomaine is a reputable interior decorating blog supported by professional writers and editors that are affiliated with some of the leading design brands in the industry.

At mydomaine, the belief is that home decoration should be fun and budget-friendly. The blog is the perfect place to get inspired for your personal home décor journey. They offer a refreshing insight into how you can create a home where you can live your most enjoyable life. Visit here.

Young House Love

On young house love, Sherry and John Petersik seek to inspire homeowners with their personal home improvement adventures. Check out young house love here.

Sherry and John have considerable experience in home renovation and decoration, having renovated 7 homes themselves. On the blog, they share inspired design ideas and decorating tips. As firm believers in DIY, they also offer a refreshing insight into DIY crafting and art.

Bless’er House

The bless’er house is your one-stop blog for tools, inspiration, tips, and resources on home improvement. Ralph and Lauren incorporate classic ideas and details that have been refined over years of home renovation and decoration.

Robert and Lauren are the DIY-loving duo behind the bless’er house blog. They don’t just share helpful home improvement resources, they inspire with their amazing journey of how they have turned a house into a home through renovation and decoration. Check it out here.

House Integrals

House integrals is a pretty elaborate home décor blog that’s dedicated to helping readers to modernize lifestyle and house interiors.

As a mixed-media platform, house integrals boast of experienced team professionals that cover interior decorating, craft, furniture, gardening, and many other subjects that concern homeowners. The blog takes a leaning towards DIY methods, so it’s the perfect blog for handy people looking to improve their home style.

In My Own Style

In my own style is another home décor blog that has a great sense of personality behind it. It features creative decoration ideas that are fun to try out.

Diane Henkler is the face behind my own style and her story alone is enough to inspire a change in how you view home décor. She centers mostly on affordable decorating and creative DIY crafts. Check it out for some affordable design ideas that are easy to recreate.

A Beautiful Mess

A beautiful mess is the creation of Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson and the goal is to help readers create happier lives by investing in a homemade lifestyle. Check it out here.

Stay home and make something!! That is exactly what Emma and Elsie want to help you do. If you’re going to commit to a homemade lifestyle, your home must be properly made. This is why they curate an inspiring collection of home décor tutorials and DIY crafts that will help you achieve that level of aesthetics you want in your space.

Homey Oh My

Homey oh my covers exciting interior design case studies, guides, and resources that will help you recreate them in your home.

Homey oh my, written by Amy, features fun décor ideas and DIY tutorials that can help you recreate classic décor themes right there in your home. Her style is characterized by minimalism and simplicity. It’s like they say, less is more. Visit homey oh my here.

Home Made Lovely

Home made lovely is not just one of the best home décor blogs, it’s a great source of design and decoration resources. You’ll find everything from home-making tips to DIY decorating ideas.

You can make your home as lovely as you would like. On a budget, of course. Check out this everything-home resource that provides the guide and encouragement you need to get up, create, and put together that beautiful home you’ve always wanted.

Thrifty Décor Chick

Sarah, the thrifty décor chick, started the blog in 2008 is concerned with sharing simple and affordable ways you can decorate your home.

The blog features Sarah’s personal home décor as a decorating encouragement to readers. Even if you’re limited by budget, she offers offer guides on how you can recreate beautiful and affordable ideas. What’s better? You can also shop some of her recommended products. Click here to visit thrifty décor chick.


You could be a new homeowner looking to decorate your home, or you could just be looking to remodel your home, you could even be an upcoming blogger. These are some of the best home décor blogs to follow in 2021 for the best homemaking and decoration resources. You get access to classic and contemporary decoration ideas, design tips, DIY crafts, and more.

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