18 Smart Home Automation Blogs You Must Follow

Smart home automation can be a tough subject to keep up with. As the industry grows, more and more resources for smart home automation surface on the internet. If you’re remotely interested in smart home automation or if you’re a prospective blogger looking to go into this space, below are 18 smart home automation blogs to follow.

Smart Things

Smart Things introduces you to novel smart technologies that can help you monitor, control, and secure your home from any location. 

Updating your house with automation technologies will improve safety, convenience, and energy efficiency. The smart things blog will introduce you to the concept of smart living while touching on the latest smart products and how you can incorporate them into your home for improved living.

CNET Smart Home

The CNET Smart Home website will introduce you to everything you need to build a smart home that is customized to your taste.

On cnet.com, you’ll get commentary, news, gadget analysis, buying guides, and reviews of some of the latest smart home technologies. Even if you’re not so tech-savvy, you’ll still find the blog relatable and captivating enough to want to continue reading. 

Tech Hive

Tech Hive is a leading resource on home automation-focused connected devices. It showcases exciting smart home automation products and produces detailed reviews on anything related to smart home automation and IoT devices.

From soundbars, TVs, and multi-room speaker systems to digital assistants, home security, and more, if it’s new, high-tech, and intended to make life better at home, TechHive has it covered.

Smart Home Geeks

If it’s a smart technology, it has very likely been talked about on Smart Home Geeks. They test and review smart home tech products, giving you an insight into how to build your smart home.

In addition to the fact that they test out all products in their homes, they also give their honest opinions about how effective and how functional the products are.

Smart Home Solver

Smart Home Solver reviews and compares the best smart home devices, so readers can find it less confusing to make the best choices for their homes.

One of the impressive things about Smart Home Solver is that you don’t have to be a tech geek to relate to the blog. It breaks down the complexities of smart home technology and helps people see the benefits and how easy it can be to live a smart life. 

All Home Robotics

All Home Robotics centers on the application of robotics in homes while also touching on other smart home technologies.   

All home robotics was founded in 2012 to inspire aspiring tech lovers with the tools and resources needed to make their homes smart. They stay current with the latest technologies, products and keep you updated with resources to get your smart home up and running. 

The Ambient

The Ambient provides reliable information on the best ways to set up your smart home and some of the best smart products on the ambient.

The Ambient is another of the many blogs that cover the exciting smart home technology space. The ambient was created in 2018, but it has grown so much in those few years to become one of the authorities in the home automation space. Visit the blog for informed perspectives on some of the latest smart home gadgets.  


Z-wave is a well-known wireless technology protocol used in many smart home devices. Z-wave’s official blog features some great tips on home automation.

On this blog, you’ll learn about products that are essential to creating a smart home. It features guide on how you can ease into the home automation process if you’re new to it. Home automation is a gradual process. The Z-wave blog breaks down the process into projects you can take on, one time at a time. 

Smart Home Blog

Smart Home Blog may not be as popular as many of the other blogs on our list, but it is one of the best hubs for everything home automation.

It features some unique tips and tricks that can help you in DIY home automation processes. The blog also features content on smart product reviews and exciting new projects you can easily replicate. If there’s any question you have in home automation, David is there to answer you. 

Mighty Gadget

Mighty Gadget uploads regular updates on the latest in the tech world. It focuses on smart home and mobile technologies. 

You’ll be surprised about the innovations that are available in the home automation world. Mighty Gadget gives you a wide view of the diverse home improvement systems and products while also offering tips on how you can start your journey into the world of smart home automation.

Electronic House

Electronic House was born out of the electronic house magazine, which has been around for a very long time. The blog provides expert insight into automation products and technologies.

Electronic House is the blog to visit if you’re a beginner in smart home automation. The blog features guides that will help you integrate exciting products and technologies into your home. Here, you can also learn how to take on DIY home automation projects.

Automated Home

Automated Home is a community of smart home automation enthusiasts. You get to connect with people with who you share a fondness for tech.

Automated Home has been up since 1996, and it has grown to become the center of one of the largest smart home community. It is one of the most trusted resources of information on smart home technologies. Check out the blog for informational reviews and tutorials on establishing a smart home system.

Safe Smart Living

Beyond the aesthetics of smart home automation, it can also make your home more secure. Safe Smart Living has some great tips for smart homes and resources for you.

Safe Smart Living was created in 2014 as a resource for smart home security and identity theft prevention. Today, it has grown to cover other aspects of personal security, including financial safety and security. Visit the blog for informational resources on how you can leverage smart technology for a more secure lifestyle.

Build Your Smart Home

Build Your Smart Home will keep you updated with information on the latest in the world of home automation. Visit for resources that will inspire your introduction to smart home automation.

Build Your Smart Home has a somewhat technical leaning, for people who are quite familiar with smart home automation technologies and systems. This is not to say that there’s nothing for beginners as well. You’ll get DIY tutorials, as well as product reviews and interesting case studies.

Pocket Lint

Pocket Lint is popular for its high-quality content that includes reviews, tech news, and buying guides for tech gadgets. 

While pocket lint talks about general tech products, it does feature a section on smart home automation topics. You’ll find information on smart security systems, smart home entertainment, and many more. The product reviews will help you make the right smart product choices.

Smart Home Insider

Smart Home Insider is the perfect home automation blog for beginners and those who are not very tech-savvy and would love to adopt smart technologies in their homes.

Smart Home Insider was created by Kieren to document his personal mission of building the best smart home. On the blog, he shares things he has gained from personal experience. If you need to decide on the best technologies to adopt or the best products to buy, Kieren has you covered with his refreshing insights.

The House Tech

The House Tech focuses more on smart gadgets and accessories. Check out this blog if you need informed opinions on the best smart home automation products.

Thanks to their unbiased reviews, many homeowners have been able to enjoy some of the most reliable smart home products available on the market today. Even if you’re new to home automation, the resources are easy to understand and use.

One Hour Smart Home

One Hour Smart Home was created by James to help people automate their homes and improve their living with smart technologies. 

One thing that makes this resource stand out is that it has a smart home automation podcast that will walk you through improved technologies. It also features product reviews and setup guides to guide the reader through the installation of different smart devices. 


Smart home automation is still a growing space. As smart technologies improve, so does the need for resources to inform and inspire people to adopt these systems for a more secure and comfortable lifestyle. These blogs we have discussed feature some of the best smart automation resources you can get today, ranging from product information to new technologies and DIY tips.

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