20 Best Cycling Blogs On The Internet Today

Are you someone who loves to cycle as a hobby? There are plenty of great blogs out there that can help you learn more about your hobby and explore what the world of cycling has to offer. Here are 21 blogs that will be very informative and will help you up your cycling game. Some of these blogs share their opinions on cycling races and culture. You can also find blogs on advances in cycling technology and new accessories that will help you elevate your cycling experience.

Cycling Tips

Cycling Tips has all the latest news and updates on cycling in general. They bring their readers the latest news on triathlons, Olympics cycling, and cycle races. There is a wide range of categories that the blog covers for its audience. They also have a section on women cycling, for women who are enthusiastic about professional cycling.

They also do blog posts on cycle-related tech and adventures of other cycling enthusiasts. They also have a podcast for all those interested. Cycling tips also have something they call “TDF fantasy”, their competition where if you pick a rider in the top ten of every stage in tours, and the right predictions can net you prizes.

Cycle Store Blog

Cycle Store might be a great place to learn about various cycling-related equipment. They have in-depth guides on buying cycling accessories, components, and clothing. They even have guides on bikes so you can decide for yourself which one will suit your needs. A lot of the content focuses on mountain biking and road biking, which can help you know more about extreme biking.

They also have guides and news on cycling equipment and accessories according to the best brands available. The guides are categorized according to the brands so easy to access. They even have a section on tips for cycling for both mountain and road biking that offers top tips for cycling enthusiasts out there.

Bike Rumours

Bike Rumors is a great informative website for all cycling enthusiasts out there, with tons of posts and information about cycling, you will definitely learn something new. They have guides on different types of bikes out there. They also have guides on various cycling-related equipment, accessories, clothing, components, and other miscellaneous stuff. They also have other informative guides on gadgets, hacks, gears, tools, training, and nutrition.

They have also the latest news on advocacy, industries, cycling competitions, interviews, and prototypes. They also have a “Ask a stupid question” section where you can ask them for their expert guidance.

Bike Exchange

Bike Exchange is an online store and a retail store for bikes and cycling-related equipment. They also have a blog section that posts both guides and news on topics related to cycling. The guides are in-depth and very informative in general. They also provide the latest news on “Tour de France” and “Six-Day Series Australia” for cycling enthusiasts.

You can also find the latest news and reviews on E-bikes. They also have great guides on E-bikes. They also have a feature section where they post blogs on interesting subjects that will be very informative in general.

Bike Chaser

Bike Chaser posts the latest news for all the cycling fanatics out there. They have the latest news on cycling competitions globally under the “10-Hour Cyclist” category. They also have a section called cycling science under which you will discover very informative blogs on interesting topics. You will also learn the science behind the working of new gadgets or products related to cycling.

There is a section called “Pedal Performance” under which you can learn to perfect your cycling techniques and improve your performance if you want to cycle professionally. They also post news on cycling culture and community in Australia under the “People and Community section”. They also post reviews on new gadgets, accessories, and bikes, which will help you make an informed purchase.

Frugal Average Bicyclist

Frugal Average Bicyclist is for those cycling enthusiasts who love cycling but are limited by their budget and also for those who don’t want to become pro-level cyclists. Their goal is to help you cycle in a budget. They post reviews on various types of bicycles like mountain bikes, road bikes, recumbent bikes, unicycles, etc. They also post on cycling in general like how to get started with cycling, safety tips, health benefits, etc.

They also have blogs on bike repairs that will provide you with an in-depth guide to save you money and do it yourself. They also have blogs on health benefits from cycling, that contain very informative ways to reduce your weight. They also have blogs on cycling trips describing the scenery and the majestic views, which might be a good read.

Bikes N Stuff

Bikes n’ Stuff is a wonderful place where you can read up on various exciting blogs on cycle-related stuff or on the experience of Juliet Elliott. Juliet Elliott is one of the most influential women in cycling. You can find blogs and great reading material in the archive section all the way from 2008 to 2021. She posts about her journey, travels, training, racing, and achievements.

You can also read up on blogs relating to fixed gear, mountain, and gravel bikes. She also posts about the gears she uses and her cycling-related equipment. She also shares about the magazine covers and press interviews.

Podium Cafe

Podium Café is the best place to go for a cycling fan. They post recent news of all cycling-related major competitions like Tour De France and others. They have an archive of all the news they post organized according to years and months. They post the latest news of live races, women’s cycling, and Tour de France.

They also have a pretty interesting competition on their website called “FSA DIRECTEUR SPORTIF”. You can also find cycling-related books on Podium café. They also have a fan post and a fan-shot section which might offer you more information on the races and their analysis on the race.

Bike Reviews Hub

Bike Reviews Hub has extensive reviews and in-depth guides about mountain bikes, electric bikes, hybrid bikes, and road bikes. They have categorized each type of bike according to budget so it will be easier to find the best bike according to your budget. They also have the best road bike for beginners’ guide which will be very useful to people who love cycling as their hobby.

They also have reviews on cycling-related gears and equipment. They also have an in-depth guide on recumbent bikes for exercising or training. They also post various blogs on cycling-related topics that will be informative to the readers.

Ice Bike

Ice Bike is a very good website to search for reviews and compare bikes and biking-related gears in general. They have guides and reviews on 909 bikes in total. Ice bike also provides a plethora of information on biking-related stuff that will blow your mind. Ice bike also has guides and reviews on cycling-related gears and equipment.

Ice Bike also provides a ton of guides to cycling in general starting from what benefits you get from cycling to what gear suits you the best. They also have guides on ice biking. You can also read up on various reports on cycling-related stuff or in general road safety concerns for cyclists and other miscellaneous informative topics.

Biking Bro

Biking Bro has great blogs and posts on biking that will interest all the casual and non-pro cyclists out there. They post a lot of blogs on interesting and informative biking topics, such as best entry-level BMX bikes, commuter bikes, road bikes, and other topics. They also post biking-related health tips and injury rehabilitation and basic cycling topics.

They also post blogs on cycling-related components like reviewing worst to bear gears, best bike grips out there. They also post blogs on cycling-related accessories that will help you and improve your cycling experience. They also have blogs on backpacks for cyclists.


The Velo Orange is an online biking store that sells biking-related equipment and gear but they do have an article and blog section. You can find tons of useful information in those articles. They have articles on a lot of new and useful information, even basics of maintenance to DIY methods.

They also have useful instructions on the very useful stuff related to cycling. They also have blog posts related to their cycling adventures, experiences, in-depth instructions and guides to getting something done, and much more.

The Inner Ring

The Inner Ring is a blog about cycling and cycle sports mainly professional cycling. They focus on news and report relating to Pro cycle races like the Tours and Olympics. They even have a race calendar on their website that you can check out and make sure not to miss any upcoming races.

They also have blogs on featured roads to ride on. They also have reviewed a lot of cycling-related books that you can check out if you want something to read. They also have a list of companies and components if you want to check out.

Turbo Cyclist

Turbo Cyclist is a site where one can find informative and interesting things about cycling. Here you can find reviews on various cycling-related gears and equipment. They have their reviews divided into two categories – trainers and accessories, so you can find what you need easily.

You can also find featured articles and blogs that will be very helpful to any cyclist. They also have something called “cake shop” category where they post about scenic routes and other interesting things.

Cycle Chic

The Cycle Chic is an aesthetically pleasing and informative blog site for all the female cycling fanatics out there. They have wonderfully categorized topics of their blogs so it will be easier to find a topic that you like and start reading. They have posts on book reviews so you can find what will be an interesting read for you.

They also have blog posts on cycle competitions, reviews on products, handy tips and tricks, press interviews, top 10s, and much more. There is even an uncategorized section if you want to explore and find interesting reads. They also have gifting tips and also post on news and events.

Drunk Cyclist

Drunk Cyclist is a very informative website for all the cycling enthusiasts out there but be warned they don’t use subtle language. You can find multiple categories of blogs that can be both interesting and informative at the same time. They post recent news and event reports on cycling races and cycling-related stuff so you can be up to date.

They also have posts on bike tech to keep you informed of the advances in cycling. They also cover news on bicycle racing and advocacy. They also have blogs on routes and epic rides.

The Guardian

The Guardian posts about cycling in general and can be very informative for cycling enthusiasts. They post blogs on news, opinions, sports, culture, and lifestyle. They also cover Olympics-related news. They have blogs on biking’s impact on environments as well.

There are some in-depth guide blogs on DIY stuff and maintenance stuff as well so you can check it out. They also have blog posts on cycling safety. You can also find cycling-related news to keep yourself up to date.

Ride Write Repeat

Ride Write Repeat is a blog by Michelle Arthurs-Brennan, who is an NCTJ (National Council for the Training of Journalists) qualified journalist and is currently the Tech Editor at Cycling Weekly. You can find very informative blogs on professional cycling. You can find blogs on guides and interesting topics on bicycle manufacturing.

You can also read up on bike upgrades and learn their value for money. You can also find informative topics on nutrition and lifestyle. There are also blogs on women cyclists and the troubles they have to face being a cyclist.

The Cycling Scot Blog

The Cycling Scot is a blog by Colin Baird who lives in Scotland. You can find very informative blogs on cycling in Scotland. There is also a route map that you can refer to if you want to go cycling in Scotland.

He also has posts of his experience of using cycle for daily commute in Edinburg. There are also book reviews of the best cycling-related books. You can also find the best routes to go for cycling in Scotland and very in-depth guides on cycling in Scotland like coping with traffic, what gears and bikes you need, the best clothing, accessories, and guide books for cycling.


Wheel Based is a very detailed and informative website on cycles and cycle manufacturing. This is a very good website if you are into research and innovation in cycling technology. They post details on the intricacies of new technology and help you understand the science behind these technologies.

They help protect your innovations and patent your technology and post patents so that readers can learn and feel inspired. This site will help you in learning the biking industry of state-of-the-art technologies in cycle manufacturing and technology. These articles will explain exactly what the designers and engineers have created and designed in detail.


Cycling not only helps you reduce stress but also helps to be healthy and exercise. Some of these blogs also have the science behind cycling and the benefits. For people who love to cycle as a hobby, these blogs can be very informative to help you get the best out of your cycling experience and learn tips and tricks that will come in handy when the time comes. These blogs will help professional cyclists keep up to date and help refine their lifestyle to get their performance to the maximum.

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