12 Best Farming Blogs On The Internet Today

We’ve compiled a list of the top 12 blogs that provide trusted advice and useful tips about farming. These blogs are a must-read, whether you’re a budding farmer or simply curious.

Homestead Hill Farm    

Homestead Hill Farm, a blog started by Barbara Womack is about faith, farming, and small farms’ challenges. She and her husband were seeking a method to sustain themselves and their two young kids when they came across a piece of land in Middlebrook, Virginia, in 1997.

After receiving advice from friends, they decided to sell their farm produce at the Staunton Farmers’ Market, and they’ve never looked back. All blog stories are narrated by a farmer who’s also a regular at the Farmers’ Market.

Fill Your Plate

Fill Your Plate, a program of the Arizona Farm Bureau was established in 2007 to develop a special relationship — a standard tie — between Arizona ranchers, farmers, and Arizonans. It’s one of the ways they’re fostering community! Fill Your Plate allows Arizona families and Chefs to locate and buy locally farmed food while also making friends with the ranchers and farmers who provide it.

You’ll find a variety of amusing ways to interact with the site, in addition to the searchable product database. You can ask questions on their Farmer Forum (on Facebook), look up recipes, see what local celebrities are saying about food, and so much more! The blog run by the Arizona Farm Bureau aims to connect Arizona farmers with customers in relation to what is in season, the places to find it, and how to cook them.

The Field Position

The Field Position is the official blog of Latham Seeds, a seed company based in Iowa. Willard Latham and his wife Evelyn founded Latham Seeds in Alexander, Iowa, in 1947. Willard modified a piece of machinery to aid in the cleaning and preservation of oats against diseases. Farmers in the vicinity heard about it, and Latham Seeds was formed.

The company started off selling certified seed oats before moving on to soybean cultivation. Shannon Latham discusses the company, their consumers, and other personal topics such as her recipes.

Fresh Eggs Daily

Fresh Eggs Daily is a great blog for anyone interested in rearing hens (or anyone that wants to see cute pictures of fluffy chicks).

Lisa’s blog is jam-packed with duck and chicken farming details, including posts on nutrition, health, and behavior. Her stunning images will brighten your day, and her delectable recipes (all of which need eggs, of course) will have you whipping up a variety of delicious treats!

Hannah Binns

Hannah Binns, a part-time farmer’s daughter, and student increase awareness for her industry through a farming blog that chronicles her activities in and out of the farm.

Her enthusiasm for farming is quite motivating, and it’s encouraging to see someone from a younger generation taking an interest in the industry. Her blog is a great way to get a glimpse into life on a homestead.

Farmer Jake

Farmer Jake will keep you informed on what’s going on in the farming world, with content ranging from agroforestry to pesticides. His enormous agricultural expertise and enthusiasm are both astonishing and inspirational.

His amusing stories about life on the farm demonstrate that farming is a never-ending adventure that necessitates more early mornings, planning, and devotion than you could ever think!

Kim’s County Line

Kim’s County Line features her observations and images from life on a Kansas farm. She’s a farm woman who blogs about farm life, photographs, recipes, and everyday living. 

Don Schindler

Don Schindler discusses how farmers and the dairy sector can better engage with customers using social media and digital communication technologies.

It also has several”how-to” guides for various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube.

The Farmer’s Wifee

The Farmer’s Wifee is a blog that primarily focuses on Krista Stauffer’s Washington State farm. She talks about dairy and the sector, but she also likes to express support for other aspects of agriculture.

Modern Farmer

Modern Farmer provides scientific research, facts, and data to help people select the healthiest and most organic foods.

In recent years, there has been a push to find linkages between what we eat, how we live, and the environment in recent years. Modern Farmer speaks to people who desire to be a part of that community.

Beginning Farmers

Beginning Farmers is your one-stop shop for information on starting a farm, designing a new farm, getting funds, and finding land.

Their blog covers everything from rearing hens and goats to mushroom cultivation, urban farms, and commercial farming.


Here are all the fantastic blogs we’ve compiled to inspire you to pursue your farm ownership goals or support a new generation of farmers.

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