21 Fishing Blogs to Follow in 2021

Are you looking to pick up fishing as a hobby but are overwhelmed by the amount of information available on the internet? Are you a seasoned fisherman looking to improve your knowledge and keep up to date with fishing news? The below-mentioned blogs can off you great insights on fishing starting from the basics to what you need to look out including obtaining a fishing license. Scroll down to discover 21 great blogs on fishing in no particular order that will take care of your fishing needs.

Mid Current

Mid current is a great website for “Fly fishing”, a fishing technique that uses a heavy cast line and a lightweight lure pretending to be a fly. It not only includes a great guide on fly fishing but also, they have various sections for getting started with fishing.

They have a section for gear reviews that can help you find the appropriate gear for you. Mid Current can also help you find and arrange you’re fishing trips by location or by the fish you want to catch, they also have guides for various budgets depending on how much you want to spend on your fishing trips.

Moldy Chum

Moldy chum is a website that provides great information for beginners who want to learn all of the basics of fishing. They have a huge archive on fly fishing that you can find under the archive category. Moldy chum has a giveaway section as well, where you can try your luck and win fishing gear regularly.

They also have various blogs regarding conservation and good practices to follow up for fishing to reduce your impact on the environment. Moldy chum also posts about their “chumion”’s various arts and their achievements and findings.

Irish Angling Update

Fishing in Ireland provides information and services details about basic fishing information on how to get started and safety measures. They also provide details on accessible fishing spots and the regulations one needs to follow while fishing over there. You can also book a boat through the official website.

You can find fishing methods, patterns, locations and regulations, and laws related to salmon, pike, trout, and coarse on the site. They also offer services to catch and tag sharks and release them of course. Fishing in Ireland also offers a variety of fishing reports and details on angling conservation.

Take Me Fishing

Take Me Fishing is a site where you will find all your fishing and boating resources in one place. You can find information relating to both how and where to fish and boat. One can find appropriate information on fishing laws and regulations according to their respective states in the US.

They also offer information on how to get started on fishing whether it is fly fishing, ice fishing, saltwater fishing, or freshwater fishing. You can also apply for a boating and fishing license through Take Me Fishing.

Hatch Magazine

Hatch Magazine is a place where you can the latest news related to fishing. For a person new to the fishing hobby Hatch Mag can offer them a lot of tips and tricks to improve their fishing skills.

Do you want to buy fishing gear but are not sure about it being good? Hatch Magazine got you covered with their review category where they have in-depth reviews of various fishing products and services. Hatchmag also has a section for posts related to travels and photography and conservation of fish.

Georgia Wildlife

This is the official website for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, specifically the wildlife resources division. You can also register your boat through this site to legally fish in the region. You can also find the latest tips, reports, and blogs from their fishing staff every week.

Georgia Wildlife gives you details of regulations, locations, and guides to fish walleye and trout. They also have an interactive fishing map on their site.  They also offer a Fish-n-Learn program for kids of age group 8-15 to teach them about fishing. Your little one can get a wonderful “Kid’s First Fish” certificate to remember their first catch.


Orvis is a very good place to get yourself informed on gear, accessories, and apparel to go outdoors, and also you can find your gear if you want to get started on fly fishing. You can even buy gifts and dog beds if you have a fellow companion with you.

Orvis also has a great collection of reading material under their experience section. They have a great collection of stories of travel, fly fishing, and adventure. They also have an educational section for fly fishing where you can learn about it in detail.

On the Water

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, you will get what you want with On The Water’s surfcasting blogs. Surf Casting is a fishing technique where you catch fish by casting your line while standing on the shoreline. You can find various fishing reports for places like Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont.

For those seasoned pros out there OTW also provides a fishing tournament calendar for both fresh water and saltwater fishing. OTW also provides a boat buyer’s guide and various cooking recipes for your catch.

Fishing Staff

Fishingstaff is a free blog site where you can get free tips for any type of fishing out there, the website posts nearly every day blogs about tips and tricks for fishing and reviews on fishing gear.

 They have a section dedicated to budget reels and fishing rods for all those interested to get a new one. They also have a section dedicated to kayaks, while mentioning the pros and cons of their top 5 picks under 300$ which will definitely help you chose one if you need one. Fishingstaff also has a recommendation of their own top 7 picks for best line for bait caster.

Tactical Bassin’

The name says it all, Tactical Bassin’s main focus is fishing bass whether it be smallmouth bass or spotted bass, this site got you covered. They have tips and tricks on the gear needed to catch a bass.

Tactical Bassin’ also has great guides for bait modification and what type of baits you need to catch bass in any season. They also have a guide on swimbaits and glide baits. They also have a section on topwater fishing like frog fishing.

Pacific Angler

Pacific angler got you covered with their up-to-date news of fishing in British Columbia, they also offer services to plan salmon fishing trips, sturgeon fishing trips, and still water fishing trips.

They also happen to have a store in 78 East Broadway Vancouver, BC, selling a plethora of fishing accessories and gear for those who want. They also have introductory, flytying, river, saltwater, and steelhead courses which might help you learn and refine your craft. Pacific Angler also has what they call “The famous Friday fishing report” blog section which might be a good read for the fishing enthusiasts out there as well


Trizily offers tons of fishing guides and fishing tips for people wanting to learn fishing or polish their fishing knowledge. Trizily also offers a variety of “take me fishing” blogs which you can find on their nicely organized site.

They also have tons of great guides on the best way to get yourself geared for fishing what you will need and what will be the best for you. They also have a guide on cameras if you need one for your fishing trip.

WeFish Blog

WeFish is a very good information trove when it comes to fishing. They have wonderful blogs on fishing and great guides on fish species, fishing spots, equipment, and much more. They also have a fish atlas on their website so you can analyze your catch.

Wefish also has an online shop section where you can buy fishing equipment but it also has in-depth reviews for you to compare fishing gear available globally. They also have guides that you can take advantage of to improve your fishing skills regardless of your skill level.

Tailored Tackle

Tailored tackle might be a jackpot for fishing beginners out there, with tons of information on fishing that you simply cannot ignore. They have tons of resources and ebooks on fishing that will help a fishing novice learn the tips and tricks to reel in his success. They also have a comprehensive fishing library which might be worth it to check out.

You can also look for places to fish and boat in tailoredtackle.com and plan your trip accordingly. They also happen to have a shop for tackles, rods, and reels. The site also helps beginners by classifying the equipment as per species of fish.

Fish Mad Pro

Fish Mad Pro is a very good place to go for fishing-related information or fish-related topics.  They have lots of information on fishing and fishing equipment. You can read various information and recent news on various fish species on Fish Mad Pro.

You can also find some great reading material on fishing and get an idea of what kind of gear you need for specific types of fish. They carry out in-depth research on this equipment so you can rely on their information to find what is best for you. They also have a section for kids to make fishing fun for them in case you want to take your young ones out for fishing.

Fishing Zeal

Fishing zeal is a great place to search for great fishing tips, interesting facts, and the latest info about fishing gadgets and reviews. There is also a plethora of information and guides on how to read and use GPS tools for finding fish.

You can also find great reading material on interesting and educational topics like how to make fish lures at home, or on how to put a line on a reel, spooling a spinning rod. If you are a person who believes in doing things yourself, there are some great DIY guides on the website.

Fish n’ Canada

Fish n’ Canada was a North American weekly fishing show that aired on CBC in 1988 and it has its own blog with tons of content. The website has a variety of information regarding fishing and fishing trips. The website has a hotspot category where you can search for fishing locations and fish species.

Fish n’ Canada also has a “how-to” section where you can read up fishing tips and guides that might help you. There is also a news section to keep readers up to date on the latest fishing news. You can also read up on some great outdoor enthusiasts on the website that might inspire you.

Fishing with Rod

Fishing With Rod provides you with a ton of fishing-related information. They have an in-depth guide on getting started with fishing British Columbia with things like fishing regulation, license, and general etiquette. They also have fishing locations on their website which might help you. They also have an “Ask the Expert” section in case you want professional information.

You can also read up on fishing articles and reports available on the website. There is also a news and update section where you can go to learn the latest news regarding fishing. There is also a list of BC fish species. There is an event calendar on the website so the interested ones can make sure that they don’t miss it.

Trout and Stream

Trout and Stream is an online shop that you can go and browse and buy fishing accessories, lures, tackle boxes, hooks, lines, and much more.  They also have categorized the blogs according to brands, so if you know your fishing equipment you can find what you need easily.

You can also read up on their blogs which are very informative for beginners. The blogs consist of gear reviews and fishing reports like fishing in a pandemic, fishing in a big river, fishing in summer, trout, and chub fishing.

Fishing for History / Fin and Flame

Previously known as Fishing for History, Fin and Flame have a collection of antique fishing equipment specifically antique lures and reels. If you think you have one, they will buy vintage reels, lures, and rods.

They also have a blog section for all those antique reels, rods, and lures where you can read up on the history behind them. They also have a useful site section where you can get a number of helpful sites that can help you find information from official government resources in any region. These sites provide services or goods and some provide useful information for free.

Classical Angler

Classical Angler is a blog site by Erik Helm who is a hunter and a fly fisherman. You will find a large number of blogs that Angler has been working on since 2008. The blogs mostly share his experience, perspective, and stories which are regularly updated.  

Classical Angler might be a great read for interested people out there regardless of their experience levels. The site also has links to other useful topical websites which might have content that will pique your interest.


Fishing can be a very relaxing and satisfying hobby to pick up, a great way to spend some time with nature and embrace peace and serenity. For “new to fishing” people these blogs will help you learn and understand fishing better and hopefully get you closer to your first catch. For the seasoned pros out there, these blogs are a great way to keep updated with the news and learn new things to add to your fishing knowledge and help you refine your craft.

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