16 Hairstyle Blogs to Follow In 2021

There are thousands of hairstyle blogs on the internet but only a few make the cut. In this blog post, we have compiled a list of the best hairstyle blogs that feature valuable hairstyle content on current trends, creative styles, hairstyle products, and tutorials.

Men’s Hairstyle Trend

Men’s hairstyle was created by Matt Varty in 2013 to inspire the confidence to create and try out new hairstyles in men.

Men’s hairstyle trend is arguably the biggest men’s hairstyle blog on the internet. The website showcases cool haircuts, inspired hairstyles, and valuable grooming tips. It also connects the readers to gifted barbers from various locations all around the world. Visit Matt’s blog here.

Twist Me Pretty

Twist me pretty is a lifestyle and fashion blog that will keep you up to date on the latest hairstyle trends while also highlighting some unbeatable classic hairstyles.

Abby Smith, the blog creator, covers subjects ranging from hairstyle to fashion, lifestyle, and more. Gifted with a spirit of adventure, she combines a whole of activities ranging from web design to modeling and writing. Twist me pretty is her platform to share with readers valuable hairstyle resources.

Cute Girls Hairstyles

If you don’t find a simple ponytail enough, Cute Girls Hairstyle features an unending collection of tutorials on recreating creative hairstyles.

Mindy McKnight, the face behind Cute Girls hairstyles, is one of the most renowned hairstyle bloggers. While her hair tutorials began as a hobby, it has grown into what is now a hairstyle reference for hundreds of thousands of moms and daughters all around the world. Check it out for some great hairstyle and lifestyle resources.

Afro Bella

The goal of Afro Bella is to celebrate women’s inner and outer beauty. The blog shines a refreshingly positive light on natural hair and women in general.

Patrice Grell Yursik, the blog creator, was born in Trinidad. She created the blog as a tribute to women of different sizes and skin tones, teaching them how to step up the hairstyling game. She also offers a great insight into some really cool hair products. Visit Afro Bella here.

Vintage Hairstyling

Check out vintage hairstyling for some classic hair ideas for your next hairstyle. If you’re looking for a high rate vintage hairstyle blog, this is the blog to visit.

Lauren Rennels has a special place in her heart for vintage fashion. She created vintage hairstyling as a hub for educational material and resources for the beauty industry. You can read about hairstyling tutorials and tools. There are also shop sections where you can access hairstyling products, books, and DVDs.

Naturally Curly

Michelle Breyer and Gretchen Heber created naturally curly to collect and share products, advice, and other resources to help those with natural curls.

Naturallycurly.com is one of the leading internet hubs for the natural and textured hair population. The blog has come a long way from being just an online hair discussion board to a certified source of curly and textured hairstyle ideas, products, and services. Check it out here.

Hair Romance

Hair romance inspires people to fall in love with their hair. Sometimes, all you need is an inspired hairstyle idea. Visit hair romance for creative hairstyle tips.

Christina has been on the journey of learning to love her hair after hating it for such a long time. On hair romance, she offers tutorials, tricks, and advice to help you create hairstyles you’ll love. Check out her blog today if you would love to go on a journey of falling in love with your hair.

Confessions of a Hairstylist

On confessions of a hairstylist, Jenny gives step-by-step instructions that simplify some of the latest hairstyling trends. Visit the blog here.

Living life to the fullest with her husband and children in Arizona, Jenny Strebe has over 15 years of experience as a hairstylist. Her blog – confessions of a hairstylist – is a guide for people looking to try better hair products and techniques.

Hair and Makeup by Steph

Hair and makeup by Steph has got many exciting hair tutorials that come with cool pictures. Visit the blog for some professional perspective into the world of hairstyling.

Who is better to take hairstyle advice from, if not a professional hairstylist with years of experience under her belt? Stephanie Brinkerhoff is the creator of hair and makeup by Steph blog, where she shows how to recreate classy and inspired styles. 


Hairfinity was created by Tymeka Lawrence in 2004, after struggling with personal hair problems. Now, she provides much-needed help to women facing hair health issues.

Hairfinity is not just a blog for hairstyles. It is particularly curated for people with common hair care problems. There, you can get affordable and healthy solutions to enhance your hair and keep it in optimal condition for styling. Visit the blog here.

My Style Bell

My style bell is your premier resource for celebrity hairstyles news, product reviews, new hair trend, and tips for everything hair-related.

In addition to showcasing cool hairstyles and keeping you informed with news of the latest celebrity hairstyles, my style bell is a place to get some great hair product advice. There’s plenty of reviews and step-by-step guides. My style bell is not just informational, it is also entertaining.

Curl On a Mission

Thais, the author of the blog, seeks to create tips and guides for those with natural curls while inspiring with her personal hair journey. Visit here.

People with curly hair have unique experiences, and it is cool that there is a hairstyle blog that caters exclusively to people who fall into that group. She posts reviews of some great hair products you might find useful while telling stories from some of her travels.

Latest Hairstyles

The latest hairstyle was created back in 2005 by Cindy Marcus with the purpose of providing helpful resources for people who need beautiful hair transformations.

The most exciting thing about the latest hairstyles blog is that it has resources for different hair types, hair colors, ages, and gender. This structure makes it easier for you to access resources that have been tailored to suit your specific hair type. Click here to visit Latest Hairstyles.


Esquire has been a standing authority on men’s fashion since the 1930s when it was just a magazine. Visit the blog for many cool hair resources.

While Esquire caters to men’s lifestyle and fashion needs, it features a comprehensive section that contains a variety of hair resources for men ranging from guides to tutorials and style options. It talks a bit about celebrity hair also. Click here to visit.

Cool Men’s Hair

Cool men’s hair is a straightforward blog that features content on trendy hairstyles, hair products, and general hair care for men.

Occasionally, you just need to look through a collection of men’s hairstyles to get inspired for your next trip to the barbershop. Cool men’s hair is where you want to visit for that. It is structured in such a way that you easily access resources that fit you by choosing your hair type.

Haircut Inspiration

Hairstyling is a delicate affair, for people who love haircuts and styling. Haircut inspiration takes on hairstyling from both male and female perspectives, touching on grooming topics, how-tos, trending styles, and hair care products.

Haircut inspiration explores a vast array of hairstyling resources for both men and women. It has dedicated sections for men’s products, women, beard, and hair care products and treatments that will help you achieve that flawless hair you’ve always wanted.


One of the first things people notice about you is your hair, so it is quite important that you keep your hair well styled. Much more than giving you an attractive look, a good haircut can inspire confidence and helps you make a statement wherever you go. If you need tips on hairstyling or if you’re looking to go into hairstyle blogging, these blogs can help you find what you need.

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