21 Real Estate Blogs to Follow in 2021

In this post, we have compiled the top 21 real estate blogs for data, news, trends, investors, agents, and more. Find out how these blogs can help you become an expert in any area of the real estate market that interests you.

This Close 

The close has the single goal of taking agents’ businesses to the next level. It offers marketing tips, news, and the latest information, technology, and lead generation. You can also find general topics on the blog in areas like leadership and education. 

The Website also offers a premium membership worth $35 a month which gives exclusive membership access to a collection of content, special courses, and weekly coaching calls, 


The Website was founded by Brent Cohen in 1995 as a restricted network for National Association of Realtors members. In 1996, it was revived as a public website that displayed real estate listings.

It is the second most frequented listings website and the most popular real estate website in 2021. The Website features two dedicated platforms for their blog. The first is for sellers and home buyers, while the other is for real estate professionals. 

The primary blog is for real estate professionals, and it features a tab for the local real estate market, realtor economics, local market insight, news, and trends.

The other blog, for sellers and homebuyers, creates helpful posts to help the readers navigate real estate. 

Realtors Property Resource (RPR)

Realtors Property resources are the go-to source to obtain the necessary data for real estate deals for appraisers, agents, and brokers alike. The company was founded in 2009 and is based in Illinois, Chicago.

You can access compelling reports to convince even the most demanding customers, tools to help your company outshine the competition, valuation Workbook and Sales Comparison Analysis, RPR Business Intelligence, Training and Communications, Integrations to provide competitive advantages to your members, and you can also access tools to find the ideal location for your business and search for properties. 

The blog is available both via an app and online and features topics like advertising, marketing tactics and lead generation, 

Keeping Current Matters (KCM)

KCM is a blog that aims to provide education to real estate agents so that they can also educate their clients and serve them better. 

Resources available on the KCM blog include home values, mortgage, financing, and housing markets. 


RealVolve is a Customer Relationship Management platform for realtors to automate their work processes and help them grow their business. 

Typical topics found on the blog include tips on improving your productivity, effective email marketing, getting the most of your Customer Relationship Management System, and spotlights on industry leaders. 

Jason Fox 

For the past 15 years, Jason Fox has worked in many aspects of the real estate sector. He’s worked as a marketing manager for escrow and large title companies, lectured at real estate clock hour workshops, started Jason Fox real estate marketing, and become an award-winning real estate broker. 

Jason Fox’s blog focuses majorly on social media marketing and real estate content marketing. Asides from social media and content marketing, Jason also features articles on website optimization, WordPress, offline marketing, and advertising, 


Founded by Bradley Inman, Inman is the industry’s top independent news publication for residential real estate. Inman not only publishes the most important news in the industry, but it also sponsors the highly regarded Real Estate Connect conferences, where industry experts congregate to learn about the newest in real estate technology and network. 

The blog covers a wide range of articles from business growth strategies to journalistic and opinion pieces to how-tos, real estate technology, and how today’s world impacts real estate. 

Kyle Handy 

Kyle Handy has over a decade of experience in the real estate industry and is ranked among the 15 top real estate agents of San Antonio’s business journal. 

The blog shares real estate sales tips from lead generation, social media marketing, and growing a successful business 

Tom Ferry- Real Estate Coaching Tips

Tom Ferry is 100 percent dedicated to helping real estate professionals achieve greatness and fulfill their real estate potential, whether it’s through skilled speakers presenting dynamic live and virtual events, personal coaching, or flexible training programs. Tom Ferry is known as the #1 Real Estate Educator. His training products, coaching programs, blog, and live events are designed to assist real estate professionals in living and working by design!

Tom Ferry’s goal with his blog is to help real estate agents acquire the right success mindset. His posts cover motivation, business planning, creating habits, and goal setting to attain success.

The Real Estate Trainer

Managed by Icenhower Coaching and Consulting, this blog is one of the world’s top production training resources for both brokers and realtors 

Topics provide business generation methods to increase agent sales, leadership training, agent dialogue and scripts, and online strategies.

Realtor Mag

The Realtor Magazine is a real estate business resource covering trends, tips, news, advice, and various other real estate content. 

The National Association of Realtors publishes Realtor Magazine, a commercial tool for real estate agents. The magazine promotes best practices in real estate, provides expert insight into significant trends, and equips Realtors with timely decision-making tools for company acquisitions and strategies.

12 Redfin

Redfinmade its name by pioneering map-based search. The founders teamed up with agents who wanted to be client advocates rather than salespeople. Beyond the initial search, they improved their technology to make the listing debut, home tour, escrow process, and the entire process quicker, faster, and worry-free. They’ve offered their consumers more excellent value by investing in each of them, not just by saving them thousands of dollars in fees.

It is owned by full-service real estate agents who combine online tools with modern technology. 

Redfin’s blog delivers real estate analysis, news, celebrity design tips, lifestyle, and the latest housing data.

Zillow Porchlight

This blog focuses on the rental marketplace and real estate for consumers. Its goal is to empower consumers with insights, data knowledge, and inspiration and connect them with the top local real estate professionals.

The blog is also a great place to obtain information on renting, remodeling, financing, and buying. 

14 Forbes | Real Estate

Forbes is a business magazine published in the United States, owned by the Forbes Family and Integrated Whale Media Investments. It is one of the world’s most trusted sources of real estate current analysis and news.

With posts as frequent as four times a day, Forbes Real Estate (a subsidiary of Forbes Magazine) covers top headlines, where and how to invest, market trends, and so much more 

The Bigger Pockets Blog

The blog aims to provide free educational resources and tips for people on real estate investing and all other aspects of real estate.

It hosts a community of real estate investors to help them grow their network, knowledge base, market, and make transactions. 


Fundrise features advice and insightful articles that help seasoned experts and newbies in real estate investing both now and in the future.

Featured on the blog is also a valuable investment glossary to help readers understand the meaning of real estate investment and crowdfunding terminologies.  

17 Afford Anything

Paula Pant, the author of Afford Anything, gained financial independence by buying rental properties. Her blog aims to answer these two questions 

1) How to make smarter choices about life, time, and money 

2) How to align our habits and daily behaviors with our most valued lifestyle. 

The topics featured on the blog include financial independence and investing, lifestyle and travel, ideas and stories about real estate, productivity, entrepreneurship, and economic philosophies.

Spark Rental Blog

Spark Rental is a software company that provides property management services to smaller landlords with 50 or smaller units. The Software enables clients to collect rent online, helps tenants run background checks, track their expenses, etc.

 The blog covers an extensive range of real estate investment topics.

Coach Carson

Chad Carson, an investor who has learned how to make a profit from investment properties, wants to teach his readers to do the same.

His blog features several resources, tools, recommended books, and 85 tools to help you become a real estate investor. 


The Apartments.com blog offers everything you need to know about being a landlord. Real estate investing, property management, locating and screening excellent tenants, leases, insurance, upkeep and repairs, rent and costs, taxes, and security deposits are all just a few of the valuable article topics. 

Landlords can also find extensive, step-by-step tutorials as well as state-specific legislation and regulations on the site.


Housing wire is the largest independent source for real estate mortgage and housing-related news, discussion, and analysis.

A core team of seasoned editors and journalists is staffed and provides breaking news and comments on housing and mortgage financing in the United States. The company has a blog and various email newsletters tailored to the demands of essential target segments, such as servicing, investments, lending, and real estate-related news.


Whether you’re a new agent or have been in the profession for a long time, these blogs will be invaluable sources of knowledge and advice. We recommend subscribing to at least a couple of the real estate blogs on this list so you can keep up with the newest industry trends and discover fresh tips from top realtors across the country.

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