20 Running Blogs Every Runner Must Follow

Running bloggers have a knack for beautifully capturing the highs and lows of their running experiences. Not only do they provide inspiration, but they also play a big role in keeping the global running community connected. We’ve put up a list of our top 20 running blogs to provide you with ideas and motivation to keep you inspired and running.

Hungry Runner Girl

Hungry Runner girl is a wholesome running blog that covers Janae’s journey through her life as she balances her passion for running with her love for family.

Janae has run ten marathons and numerous half marathons, ranging from Boston to the New York City Marathon to the St. George Marathon. On the blog, she shares her workouts, running experiences, recipes, and family adventures.

The Run Experience

The Run Experience provides experts tips and techniques for a community of running coaches and runners. The goal is to bring people together and create healthier, smarter, and stronger runners. 

On this blog, you can access video coaching from experts on nutrition, strength, injury prevention, and running in general. You can even have access to discounts, virtual races, and special club events. 

Canadian Running Series

The Canadian Running Series is Canada’s first running circuit that hosts eight live events; one in Edmonton, one in Montreal, two in Vancouver, and four in Toronto. 

The blog provides running news, event updates, training tips, nutrition, race reviews, and gear for the running community in Canada

Runners Connect

Runners Connect is a group of expert trainers and coaches that provide dynamic and custom training plans tailored to your goals, pace, and abilities. 

For the coaches at RunnnersConnect, coaching isn’t a side job or a hobby. Coaching is their life’s work and dedication to you. Their blog provides guidance on marathon training, nutrition and injuries, and 5k and 10k training. 

Runners Click

Runners Click is a daily blog that reviews and finds you the best deals on running products and gears in the market. 

The blog also covers Injury treatment and prevention, training tips, nutrition and motivation, and running gear. 

Run To The Finish 

Run To The Finish provides sports nutrition, running tips, workout ideas, and recipes for runners, injury prevention, and cross-training for beginners and marathoners alike.

The blog is owned by Amanda Brooks, a certified personal trainer and running coach.


Run Keeper is a mobile app designed to help runners achieve their running goals. In 2008, the GPS fitness-tracking app for Android and iOS was released.

Spark Capital sponsored a $10 million Series B fundraising round for the app in late 2011, and  ASICS purchased it in February 2016. The app’s blog features articles on nutrition, health training tips, and runner’s stories.

Running Shoes Guru

Running Shoes Guru provides buying guides and unbiased, honest reviews of running gear. They buy all of the shoes they review at retail with their own money to give the finest reviews to their members.

Their buying guides target your unique needs as a runner, with options for gender, terrain, foot type, and more. You only need to answer five easy questions on their website to select the correct shoe, and they’ll recommend three pairs that will function well for you.

Trail Running Movement 

Trail Running Movement provides expert advice on nutrition and training, promotes events, shares running news and stories worldwide, and describes new trails and their topics covering training, nutrition, injuries, and wellness: trail world, gear, products, and news on their team.

They specialize in training for endurance as well as for ultra trail running. Their goal is to help all athletes in overcoming their limitations in the world’s most challenging races.

Women’s Running Magazine 

Women’s Running Magazine is a UK lifestyle magazine dedicated to the rising community of female runners across the globe.

It provides training advice for marathons and half marathons, 5k and 10k, reviews on women’s running shoes, and female-specific kits. 

Taking The Long Way Home 

Taking The Long Way Home is a personal blog that features Wendy’s running diary. Wendy’s goal is to be as honest and relatable as she can be with her running life, and it’s an excellent resource for all kinds of runners.  

Her topics include running updates on various events, coverage of the events she competes in, and reviews of several products. 

Runnin’ For Sweets

Runnin’ For Sweets was created by Maggie as a place for runners to share training tips and ideas, workout routines, fitness motivation, and running ideas. 

You can also get a lot of resources, like her free ebook, titled ‘Strategies to help you become a better runner’. 

Fitness Fatale 

Fitness Fatale provides fitness and nutrition guidance, and strength training workouts that can be done from home. The blog was created by Nicole Dobransky, who wanted to carry her readers along as she ran her first marathon and completed her home workouts.

The blog has now grown into an excellent resource for everyday people that have an interest in running. It provides content that is extremely useful in helping runners prevent injuries and boost their energy. 

Ali On The Run 

Ali On The Run is a personal running blog owned by Ali Ferrer. She shares her experiences and personal running thoughts on the several events and races she has competed in on the blog. She also interviews athletes and runners to ask them how running makes them feel, why they run, and their other interests. 

Ali’s goal in creating this blog was to find like-minded people and make friends, which has helped her develop a wonderful running community. 

Men’s Running 

Men’s Running is a UK Men’s running magazine that provides Insight, gear reviews, Inspiration, and training advice just for men. 

The blog also provides a community for runners to come together, share running images, videos, and reviews, seek advice, or vent about running. 

Believe In The Run 

Believe In The Run gives unbiased reviews that runners can rely on when making gear purchases. When it comes to delivering you the real scoop on running gear, they don’t hold back. They put in between 20 and 80 kilometers in each sneaker they test, unlike other reviewers.

They can test their shoes in various circumstances and terrains because they have reviewers throughout the United States. Their readers have come to expect that kind of genuineness from them. 

Dr. Nick’s Running Blog 

Dr. Nick’s Running Blog is run by Dr. Nick Campitelli, a podiatrist that specializes in knee and ankle injuries. He is especially interested in running and helping runners with their injuries.

On his blog, he speaks on his personal research, running news, gear and exercise reviews, medical advice, safety measures, and wellness, 

The Ph.D. Runner 

The Ph.D. Runner is owned by 42-year-old Emma, a hydrologist who loves running and collecting medals. She was born and raised in Four Oaks, Birmingham’s northern suburbs, and she is pretty proud of the ‘Second City.’ She believes she is the only one she knows who is excited for the Commonwealth Games in 2022.

Her passions are running, hydrology, travel, classical music, and maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Her blog features products to review and recommendations, a review of events, tips, personal musings, and running challenges 

The Science Of Running

The Science of Running is authored by Steve Magness, a performance consultant, writer, coach, lecturer, and Co-Founder of “The Growth Equation.

On his blog, Steve provides information on things that relate to running performance and endurance. It features in-depth coaching, training, and sport science for running enthusiasts. 

Fueled By Lolz 

Fueled By Lolz is owned by Hollie Sick, a military child, and wife who started her blog in 2010. She changed her focus to running because she was always mentally drained after swimming. She was burned out since she didn’t enjoy swimming practice or meets.

As a result, she began running and began blogging about her experiences. Her blog topics include recipes, trail running, hiking, running stories, shoe guides, shoe gear reviews, and race recaps. 


These fantastic running blogs will keep you motivated. The 20 of them were chosen for various reasons, including narrative, reliability, science, and, of course, a lot of information. Add a couple to your list of stuff to read on your next free day!

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