12 Best Table Tennis Blogs to Follow

Most Table Tennis enthusiasts are probably trapped in the unfortunate position of having limited time to practice and improve their skills. Online table tennis communities and blogs are a great way to let out all of your pent-up table tennis energy. In this post, we’ll share some of the most exciting and helpful table tennis blogs.

Expert Table Tennis

Expert Table Tennis is a Table Tennis training blog that provides fantastic tips to intermediate and beginner table tennis players. The blog was started by Ben Larcombe, a 28-year-old professional table tennis coach from England, as a platform to share his table tennis coaching expertise with the rest of the world.

Since then, the website has grown significantly, and while the quantity of posts has increased, the blog has become more navigable thanks to a table of the content offered on the website.

All About Table Tennis

All About Table Tennis is one of the oldest table tennis blogs on the internet. It is aimed at helping players improve their playing skills, understand the rules of the game, and discover more about the sport.

The blog has hundreds of pages of information arranged into easy-to-follow sections. Martin Hughes, the owner of this blog has spent a lifetime playing Table Tennis and spent years as an administrator and player in the sport.

Ping Sunday

Ping Sunday provides tips and guidance to help Table Tennis enthusiasts learn this fantastic sport using Chinese techniques.

This blog is run by EmRatThich, a French coach with decades of experience in the sport of Table Tennis. They also have a Facebook page as well as a YouTube where they offer their knowledge of the sport.

MH Table Tennis

MH Table Tennis provides a wealth of excellent information for people interested in learning more about the sport.

The blog is owned by Matt Hetherington, a New Zealand-based licensed level 2 coach who has competed for his country on the ITTF Tour.

Table Tennis Daily

Table Tennis Daily is a website dedicated to sharing table tennis content with the rest of the world.

The most recent videos, world tours, articles, discussions, reviews, and more are available!

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)

International Table Tennis Federation was created by William Henry Lawes from Wymondham, with Austria, England, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Denmark, Hungary, India, Wales, and Sweden as the nine original members. The first international event by ITTF was staged in Berlin in January 1926.

The federation’s blog contains all of the latest news, information, and events related to table tennis globally. The Federation (ITTF) is in charge of the sport of table tennis around the world.

Butterfly Online

Butterfly Online features table tennis news, information, and videos. It is the world’s leading source of Table Tennis and ping pong equipment.

Butterfly Online is the distributor for Butterfly equipment in North America. Butterfly is known globally for manufacturing high-quality, high-performance table tennis equipment to meet the needs of all players.

Tom Lodziak Table Tennis Coaching

Tom Lodziak Table Tennis Coaching assists players with technique, footwork, consistency, defense, attack, return serves, service match strategy, etc.

You can find published articles and news stories about table tennis on this blog. The blog’s owner and table tennis instructor, Tom Lodziak, works with players of all ages and levels one-on-one.

Table Tennis England

Table Tennis England is among the most trusted sources for the latest news and updates in the world of Table Tennis.

The site is the sport’s national governing body in England, responsible for managing, organizing, representing, marketing, developing, and representing the sport.


Robo-Pong is the ideal partner/opponent for professional table tennis training and enjoyable ping pong at home, and it gives you great exercise. Joe Newgarden, a ping pong lover, formed Newgy Industries, Inc. in 1972 as a hobby. He was working on inventing the Robo Pong Robot at the time and his passion turned into a business three years later.

The Robo-Pong blog features table tennis news, information, and videos. Mr. Newgarden’s legacy lives on at Newgy Industries, and it has continued to create and refine the Robo-Pong platforms to produce the finest quality table tennis robots with the best functionality to fulfil the needs table tennis community worldwide.


Killerspin is a table tennis blog that publishes news and information. It is the premier table tennis retailer in the United States and the world’s top tournament producer.

Some of the best players in the world use Killerspin’s premium grade table tennis tables, rackets, clothes, balls, blades, rubbers, and accessories.

Green Paddle Academy

Green Paddle Academy offers a wide range of services, including table tennis lessons, bot rentals, and equipment sales. This is an online ping pong school for serious players.


Table tennis is a sport for people who like to think. There is a great deal to learn about tactics, good technique, equipment, and training methods. To become a student of the game, you can go to the websites indicated above. Connect with other players worldwide and benefit from the incredible wealth of information available in table tennis blogs.

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