11 Best Travel Blogs That Tickle Your Wanderlust

The charm of exploring an unknown destination is hard to resist. But only a few are fortunate enough to do it for a living. That’s why travel blogging is so popular. People who can’t afford to travel frequently live vicariously through travel bloggers. In this blog, we have handpicked the top 10 travel blogs to follow if you’re looking to become a travel blogger.

Be My Travel Muse

Be My Travel Muse is run by Kristin Addis – a seasoned blogger with years of travel experience to exotic sites and unpopular destinations. If you hope to get a more profound mix of adventure and excitement on your travels, she has all the right tips for you.

You may be a full-time travel blogger looking to discover the beauty of exotic locations or a less-enthusiastic traveler planning a much-needed vacation. There’s so much to inspire you on Be My Travel Muse. On her journeys, she takes the most amazing pictures and makes detailed documentation to give you unadulterated insight into the places she visits. Even when you’re not planning to travel, you can still immerse in the beauty of faraway locations through her blog. 

Dan Flying Solo

Dan Flying Solo shares stories of Daniel’s travels as well as his tips for aspiring travel bloggers and amateur travelers. Daniel is a well-traveled blogger with a portfolio that features some of the most entertaining travel experiences. He has publications on Travel Channel, Beautiful Destination, National Geographic, and more.

He doesn’t just write stories; he shares specially curated photographs and videos of his encounters as well. If like many people, you are reluctant about taking on new adventures, Daniel’s appreciation and presentation of outdoor aesthetics are enough to inspire you to get up and travel. 

David’s Been Here 

David’s Been Here isn’t just a blog. It’s a media company that features a collection of travel ideas, recommendations, and documentation of David Hoffman’s travel all around the globe. David believes that embarking on adventures to new locations isn’t just about catching fun. It is about challenging oneself, meeting new people, and learning about different cultures. That’s the motive behind David’s Been Here.

David has hosted thousands of travel episodes in about 77 countries, collaborating with several travel and lifestyle brands. He has been very consistent in sharing high-quality content and helpful travel advice. If you’re looking for personal travel experiences to learn from, David has enough of those.

Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond holds an extensive collection of travel resources. Matt Karsten – the brain behind the blog – is a professional videographer and travel writer who has put years of full-time effort into creating a picture and video documentation of exciting travel locations.

Picking a travel location seems relatively easy, but it can be overwhelming at times. Matt gives you a great insight into many exciting destinations across different continents. Furthermore, Expert Vagabond keeps you informed with tips that will improve your travel experience. You can get advice on how to navigate exciting locations, how to pack for a trip, the best cameras to capture your experience with, and so many more. If you’re looking to go into travel blogging, there’s so much you stand to learn.

Jessie on a Journey 

Jessie On A Journey offers fantastic insights into preparing the perfect itinerary for solo travels. As a solo travel writer herself, she uses her blog – Jessie on a Journey – to inspire people to take on novel adventures, regardless of budget or relationship status. She’s the perfect case study for newbies looking to walk down the path of travel blogging.

The beauty of Jessie on a Journey is that it features free travel resources for people with the desire to explore the world and take on exciting adventures. Like she continuously reiterates, her mission is to help awaken your curiosity with the documentation of her experiences. At the same time, she seeks to help upcoming travel bloggers through the process of monetizing their passion for adventure.

Keep Calm and Travel 

Keep Calm and Travel provides the most intricate compilation of travel information. From universal travel guides to precise details on packing and preparing for trips, Celia Mattana keeps you informed on important things to know about traveling. With more than 16 years of travel experience, she has sufficient stories to incite that desire for adventure.

Celia brings so much more than travel tips to the table. Her blog is dedicated to inspiring people who hope to get more out of life. She believes everyone should be able to travel and live the most exciting lifestyle regardless of age or budget. Without being properly informed, you are bound to get overwhelmed and make mistakes when planning your trip. On Keep Calm and Travel, you get tips on how to plan and execute your travels and not get overwhelmed in the process.

Backpacking Matt

Backpacking Matt centers on a more specific kind of travel experience. While Matt Khyn – the blog creator – explores several interesting locations around the world, he has more experience backpacking in locations across New Zealand. Backpacking Matt is not just a travel blog, it’s also a site to relish lifestyle advice, in addition to travel stories and reviews.

For many of us, getting out there and traveling to new locations requires much motivation. You can get that and everything else you need regarding travel resources on Backpacking Matt. The satisfaction one could get from channeling the spirit of adventure cannot be described, and so Matt stays inspiring us with his world of fun outdoor activities. Well, not just prospective travelers, he also shares tips to help new travel bloggers get the most from their start-ups. 

The World Travel Guy

The World Travel Guy is a visually stunning travel blog featuring beautiful destinations and hidden places around the world. The blog was started in 2015 by David, an American world traveler who found his love for the outdoors during a hiking trip to the rocky mountains of Colorado.

Over the years, David has traveled to several countries spanning the breadth of the globe, from Bali to Egypt, Cambodia, Jordan, India, Japan, and many more. In 2018, David traveled to over 24 countries in one year. He mostly travels on a modest budget and rarely spends more than $30/day on his travels, including accommodation and food.

Bucket List Journey 

Bucket List Journey provides a preview of the travel, food, and lifestyle experiences you can get in different places around the world. The award-winning blog was created to document Annette White’s travel experiences as she checked off her bucket list. At the same time, she hoped to inspire people to make their bucket lists.

There’s only so much you can do with your imagination. Getting the best travel experience means making plans and actually getting out there. Bucket list journey goes one step further to focus on real-life travel experiences in addition to discussing exciting travel destinations. Furthermore, the blog is packed with informative content, and you are sure to learn one or two new things browsing through.

Alex in Wanderland

Alex In Wanderland provides reliable information on a series of travel subjects ranging from travel locations to travel planning and travel activities. Alex is a travel enthusiast, diver, graphic designer, and photographer who gives us an unrestricted view of her exploratory lifestyle on this blog.

Today, the internet is saturated with travel blogs that offer nothing but ambiguous tips. One thing that stands out about this blog is its authenticity. The blog is inspired by Alex’s real-life indulgence of her globe-trotting fantasies. 

Honey Trek

Honey Trek shares travel experiences to inspire couples who hope to break out of the box of conventionality and travel to experience fresh sceneries and cultures. One of the highlights of a good travel experience should be capturing and sharing significant moments. Mike and Anne Howard are having the perfect couple experience: enjoying the thrills of travel, immersing in new food experiences, and daring to try out thrilling outdoor activities.

Creating an itinerary as a solo traveler is stressful enough. However, it can become much more complicated when you have to plan for two people. Mike and Anne seem to do it so effortlessly. How? You should check out their travel blog.


These travel blogs feature resources that have been inspired by personal experiences. The end game for many of these bloggers is not just monetization. There’s a will to encourage people to see new possibilities in traveling. Also, they serve as case studies for people looking to go into travel blogging. Going through these blogs, you’ll see that having the perfect travel experience is more than visiting new locations. It encompasses meeting new people, learning about new cultures, trying out new food, and more. Furthermore, they discuss details regarding exciting destinations to visit, how to prepare for travels, activities to try out, and more. 

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