Top 11 Truck Brands In The World

Trucks play a significant role in fulfilling commercial and transportation demands. They have comfortable and spacious interiors, and some of the best trucks have fuel-efficient and powerful engines.

You may be familiar with truck manufacturers, but in order to select the best for your operation, It is essential to cater information about some of the best truck brands in the world. Let’s take a look at the top 11 truck brands in the world.


Volvo Trucks Corporation, headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, is a world-renowned truck manufacturer formed in 1928. The brand annually assembles and sells around 190,000 trucks with eight wholly-owned truck manufacturing plants. It is the world’s second-largest manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks. Volvo is already termed as the most fuel-efficient truck.

Its enhanced models feature a spacious sleeping cabin with increased ventilation and interior LED lights for additional comfort on long routes. It has a semi steering wheel which allows for improved control.


Scania, A Swedish truck manufacturer, has been in the truck industry for over 100 years. It has earned a name for itself in the trucking business. It also manufactures diesel engines for various heavy-duty vehicles, such as marine applications. Most of their trucks run on a V8 gas engine, consuming 10% less fuel.

This international firm is also known to be environmentally conscious. The brand targets renewable fuel usage to enhance its share in the global market.


Hino Motors, based in Tokyo, is a leading manufacturer of medium and heavy-duty diesel trucks, with a significant market share in Asia. It manufactures commercial vehicles and diesel engines for trucks, buses, and other automobiles. Hino trucks are ideal for transportation. It has a lengthy history of quality, durability, and reliability.

Hino Trucks are designed with powerful direct injection diesel engines and a light aluminum transmission case to reduce the weight. This results in better fuel efficiency and increased load capacity.


MAN, previously known as Traton SE, is one of the world’s leading truck manufacturers. The German truck was founded in 1758 and manufactures trucks fueled by natural gas or diesel engines – ideal for commercial and service purposes. The company offers the most diverse and innovative vehicles in the industry.

Moreover, the German truck manufacturer is well-known for selling old trucks and other automobiles through its used vehicle portal. MAN also manufactures tactical trucks for military purposes.


PACCAR Inc is an American company. It is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of medium and heavy-duty trucks. PACCAR is involved in designing, manufacturing, and supporting light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks under Kenworth, Peterbilt, Leyland Trucks, and DAF banners.

They have a significant market share in the United States and Canada, which accounts for over 29 percent, while in Europe, it is marginally lower than in the United States but still accounts for a considerable 16 percent overall market share.

PACCAR also designs and manufactures powertrains, offers financial services and information technology, and distributes truck components in addition to its primary business.

Navistar International Corporation

Another of the Fortune 500 companies in the US that manufacture high-quality, durable military trucks and commercial business trucks. It is based in Illinois and has a significant share in the American and global market.

Navistar has nearly 1,000 dealer outlets in the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico and more than 60 dealers in 90 countries.

There is a lot of complexity involved in truck manufacturing, but they have made a lot of effort to settle down in the market and develop the brand name they hold today.

Daimler AG

Daimler AG is a German multinational automotive company headquartered in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is one of the world’s popular car and truck manufacturers. The top-class trucks that you see under Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Freight-liner, and many more are all manufactured by the Daimler group.

Daimler AG is a highly innovative truck manufacturer that applies the latest engineering technologies to its products. The company sales figures are simply incomparable.


Iveco is a European enterprise based in Turin, Italy, and is owned by the CNH Industrial group of the Netherlands. Industrial Vehicles Corporation is abbreviated as Iveco. It was the first manufacturing company to develop a turbo diesel engine for heavy-duty industrial vehicles. . Iveco is a highly innovative truck manufacturer that applies the latest engineering technologies to its manufacturing processes.

Whether light, medium, or heavy, Iveco’s commercial vehicles have earned a reputation as one of the best construction, firefighting, and defense vehicles.


Chinese shares a huge market in the global manufacturing industries in all domains, and they have a significant fat share when it comes to the trucking industry too. Dongfeng Motor Corporation is a state-owned producer of vehicles based in Wuhan, China. They have increased their market share by 7% in the past years.

Ashok Leyland

Leyland Group is India’s 2nd largest truck manufacturing company. The Hinduja family owns the group. Despite the worldwide shutdown and fluctuation in the commercial automobile industry, Ashok Leyland showed a 12% increase in domestic vehicle sales in September 2021, proving why it is listed in the top truck companies in the world.

Recently, the brand announced its plans to launch electric lightweight commercial vehicles in 2022.

Considering its future possibilities and recent performance, Ashok Leyland is definitely a competitor to Tata Motors and one of the most trusted truck companies among truck drivers and company owners.

TATA Motors

TATA Motors is one of the largest truck manufacturing companies in the world. With annual financial revenue of 249.8K Cr in 2020-21, the brand leads the list of commercial vehicle manufacturing companies in India and is also the fourth largest heavy automotive manufacturer in the world.

TATA Motors, India’s first largest vehicle manufacturer, has just unveiled an extensive new line of 21 new models and variants, including seven carriers in the Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles.


There are a lot of complexities involved in truck production, which is why the top brands easily sweep away a large market share. The majority of these brands are a century old or near to it. They have taken their time to establish themselves in the industry and develop the brand identity that they hold today. They have been doing reasonably well and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

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