Top 12 Cognac Brands In The World

Cognac is a drink that can only be made in a specific region of southwestern France. These vineyards that are in and around the town of Cognac, grow the grapes that provide the white wine from which the drink is distilled. It’s not hard to tell, then, that this sophisticated beverage is made by sophisticated and fancy distillers, who make a lot of money from these popular brands. Here are the top 12 cognac makers in the world.


Hennessy is by most metric the biggest cognac distiller in the world, making up roughly  46 percent of all Cognac production. Hennessy is cognac, but the brand was created by an Irishman named Richard Hennessy. Hennessy continues to open up to new markets. Hennesy’s popularity has been bolstered by the Hip-Hop scene, where it has become a staple in rap culture. It has a full-body fruity taste accompanied by smoky vanilla notes.


Founded as T Hine & Co Cognac in 1817, Hine cognac cherishes a belief that a great white wine is the foundation of a great cognac. They separate themselves by storing their vintage casks in damp cellars in Bristol, England. This method results in a unique Cognac that has gone through a different aging process due to the humidity of the seaside town, which is quite different from that of the southwestern coast of France.


Gustav Meaukow was sent to France by Tsar Alexander II to supply the Russian Imperial court with french cognac. Meaukow has been in production since 1862 when Gustav decided to set up shop in the town of Cognac.  The iconic panther brand was incorporated in 1993. Meukow has a unique taste, with flavors of licorice, citrus, and wood, and is shipped to over 80 countries worldwide today.

Rémy Martin

In 1738 King Louis XV of France granted Rémy Martin the rare right to plant new vines, in recognition of the excellent quality of Cognacs he had been producing. His descendant, Paul Emile Rémy Martin took over the reins in 1810 and introduced the brand to a worldwide market. Today, Rémy Martin is focused on sustainability, having met their environmental objectives set for 2022 in 2020. Rémy Martin has notes of vanilla, toasted oak, and ginger.


This cognac house started when a determined and highly intelligent businessman named Jean Martell arrived in Cognac, France, in 1715, and married Jeanne Brunet. Marrying her was a smart business move for Martell, as she was the daughter of one of France’s top cognac experts. The company sold around a 1.9million 9 liter cases in the year 2020. Martell is known for its intense fruity flavor, which is accompanied by subtler smoky undertones.


It is one of the most well-known brands in the world. Famous people have associated themselves with this name for centuries, the most notable throughout history being Napoleon Bonaparte. This cognac is both robust and rustic in a deep amber color. The brand is made up of various blends, and the goal is to blend the Cognacs so that the aromas and flavors remain the same every year, which is rare compared to other manufacturers, whose blends differ from year to year.


Kelt Cognac house sends its barrels on a ship out to sea on a three-month maturation tour. Temperature fluctuations, different ranges of air pressure, and wave movement improve the quality of the spirit. The brand was founded. Estonian Olive Kelt, who set up shop in the Garris district of southwest France. Today master blender Jeffrey Karlovitch ensures the house consistently produces one of the best cognacs around.


The Frapin estate is situated in the Grande Champagne area. The house’s secret craftsmanship has stayed in their family for exactly 21 generations, perfecting their technique. The Frapin 1270 can be used as an after-dinner liquor or as an aperitif for mixed drinks. It has a unique orangey and nutty flavor with notes of ginger.

Pierre Ferrand

Cognac Pierre Ferrand is made special by its unique distilling technique. This slow process takes place under the watchful eye of expert distillers. Their pot stills are molded into a special onion shape which helps keep in the aromas and flavors, giving it hints of floral and intensely fruity finish. This brand is usually sold in high-end stores as they only ship to order. Their offerings are old and very old cognacs.

De Luze

The House of De Luze was founded in 1822 by brothers Alfred and Louis-Philippe De Luze, who had gone to New York and saw an opportunity to bring in Cognac from France. Alfred returned to France and founded the company. The De Luze philosophy is that of high standards and quality. Today, it is run by the Boinaud family and is the largest family-run vineyard in the cognac region, and prides itself with its close-knit identity. It has a notably smooth texture and a balanced flavor.


Léon Croizet was born into a winemaking family and rose up to become Napoleon Bonaparte’s Sommelier. His grandson registered the brand and began marketing and exporting their product around the world. Cognac Croizet Vineyards have a strong hand in cognac history as they helped the region fight back after the disease Phylloxera destroyed the vineyards of the area. Today, it is pushing hard to enter the Chinese market, with offices in Hong kong.

H.Mounier Marquis de La Fayette

Since its inception in 1858, the house of Mounier has been known for its classy and elegant bottling. La Fayette cognacs are slowly aged in oak barrels. Specializing in both Cognac and Pineau des Charentes, Cognac Henri Mounier’s products are well known throughout the world. The Henri Mounier cognac division was established in 1954 as a separate establishment from the rest of the house.


Cognac has an incredibly rich history and a reputation as one of the most prestigious spirits in the world. Competition among the elite distillers is very high. These, however, are the brands we feel perfectly and harmoniously meld aroma, taste, mouthfeel and finish to leave you with an exquisitely smooth experience.

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