12 Fitness Blogs You Must Follow in 2021

Fitness is a popular topic. However, there’s a lot of misinformation out there and we must be selective about the fitness advice we take from the internet. This blog will provide a list of the best health and fitness blogs on the Internet right now. These blogs provide you with quality content on health and fitness to help you on your journey to your fitness goals and better health. Let’s dive in.

Nerd Fitness

This blog was founded by Steve Kamp. According to him, NerdFitness.com is a “community of underdogs, misfits, and mutants that will support you in your fitness journey”. The blog sets out to make the reader’s Fitness routines even more efficient and has been an authoritative fitness blog for years.

This blog is a space for you to plan a workout program just for yourself. And being a community of individuals like yourself who do not fit into the regular fitness mold, you support and encourage one another on the platform.

This blog has also employed humor in its writing style to put the reader’s mind at ease and put off the pressure. It contains information on various diets you should try, exercises, and ways to improve your habits. You can also get private coaching if you want it.

The blog’s founder has gone the extra mile by coding an app called the Nerd Fitness Coaching App. The purpose of the app is to save time, whenever the blog’s followers are not in a position to read the blog. The app brings a bit of diversity in helping you reach your fitness goals.

Scooby’s Workshop

This blog was founded by Scooby Werkstatt, who is a bodybuilder, and through this blog, he offers some solid body-building ideas. Rest assured, his advice and tips work great, as you can see the proof of his body-building skills by merely taking a look at his fitness at 50+ years of age.

Scooby Werkstatt started this blog as he was inspired to give back to the body-building community as it had done a lot for him. He wanted to help out those without money to build a healthy physique. So, the blog has content on bodybuilding with simple and old-school types of equipment.

This blog offers amazing resources such as a calorie calculator, intermediate workout plan, advanced workout plan, beginning workout plan, and much more.

Simply Shredded

This was founded by James Follacchio. It is one of the most popular fitness blogs out there. It regularly features interviews with great bodybuilders. Its content also includes training guides, nutrition information, workout routines, motivational stories, and informative articles about bodybuilding.

It is great for you, whether you’re a man or woman as your accessible resource for information and tips on shaping your body, toning, and developing muscles.


This is possibly the most popular fitness blog out there. It is run by one of the biggest fitness brands in the market. The blog’s content is of high quality and is even backed up with scientifically proven facts.

MyFitnessPal has a wide range of content, fully dishing out every possible information, advice, and fitness tip. As you read about workout routines to make you fit, watch motivational videos, you also read about nutritious recipes to keep you healthy.

MyFitnessPal also has a smartphone app that tracks fitness and exercise. This app makes use of gamification elements to keep users motivated. To track nutrients, users are to scan the bar code of their food items. Or you can also search for that particular food item in the app’s database.

Born Fitness

This blog was founded by Adam Bornstein, who is very well recognized in the fitness industry as one of the leading experts. The blog features tons of testimonials which guarantee that you will gain a lot from it. This includes a testimonial from Arnold Schwarzenegger himself.

The goal of this blog is to have a place where its readers can have their questions about health, fitness, and nutrition answered in the most helpful ways possible. The blog draws from a pool of fitness experts who can proffer health and fitness-related solutions for each person who needs advice.

The online coaching option is also available here, but spots are limited. Through it, you can get a plan that is tailor-made for you, your body type, and your personal preferences.

The Fitnessista

This blog was founded by Gina Harney, a certified personal trainer who is also a mother and a wife, who lost about 40 pounds and offers some of the best advice on food and nutrition. Being someone who understands how difficult it can be to juggle a steady workout routine with being a mom, she offers quick workout tips on the blog and also healthy recipes to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

On the blog, you’ll also find fitness news and postpartum fitness books. She writes her content with an easy and assuring tone and adds a little bit of humor.

The Fitnessista also has a podcast that you can listen to.


This is a trendy fitness blog. It was founded by Cassey Ho, who is a fitness trainer with a successful YouTube channel, with about 4 million subscribers, and millions of followers on social media. In 2013, she received a Shorty Award in the category of social fitness.

The blog has content on mental health, benefits of partner workout, body image, life, diet, exercise, and the likes. There are at-home workout videos, total body workout calendars, healthy recipes, and fitness challenges. The workout routines are great for toning and losing weight. The blog also sells workout clothing.


This blog is owned by Runtastic GmbH, a digital health and fitness company from Austria. This is a great space for information and content on running and other cardio-centric workouts. It also has content on strength training, nutrition, and feature success stories to motivate its readers.

There is also a Runtastic app which is free, that can be used to track your runs, your training sessions, and your other fitness and sporting activities.

Workout Mommy

This is a blog tailored just for mothers. It was founded by Lisa Gulley, who is a single mother to four children and also a highly qualified personal trainer. Having been through childbirth and fighting hormones that cause gain weight, and knowing first hand how difficult it can be to squeeze in time for workouts as a mom, Lisa Gulley took up this task to help out other mothers through the meticulous task of working out. She was a workout pro before the birth of her children, and in 2007, after the birth of her second child, she wanted to get back to fitness, so she started this blog.

The blog has a platform called “fit mommy” where readers can share fitness goals and challenges they experience on their journey to their fitness goals. All these can be comfortably shared on this platform, in a space free of negative criticism. Also, reading the success stories of others on this platform is a great motivation.

The blog also gives information on workout and training equipment needed at home, to enable you, even being a mom, to work out routinely without skipping.

Summer Tomato

This blog is owned by Darya Rose, who is a doctor of philosophy in the field of neuroscience. She uses the blog as an avenue to give advice and tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and on healthy dietary choices. This is the best blog to follow if you’re looking to shed some weight without excessive restrictions on your diet.

The blog dishes out content on weight control, healthy living, building better habits, and food & nutrition.

Breaking Muscle

This blog was founded by Mindith Rahmat. It is a versatile fitness blog. It is just for you if what you’re looking for is a place that provides deep insights into bodybuilding and content on fat-burning workouts.

The blog puts out high-quality content on health and fitness which it backs up with scientific facts. Its quality content draws the audience of everyday fitness enthusiasts and fitness professionals.

The blog has content on workout plans, news in the bodybuilding and fitness field, reviews of diets and workout routines, especially new and trending ones, and a lot of information on healthy eating. If you need information regarding an exercise routine that you’re interested in, this should just the place for you to check out.

This blog also has a social platform for you to discuss with professional trainers and coaches your personal fitness matters and experiences.

Roman Fitness Systems

This blog was founded by John Romaniello. This blog contains high-quality information on fitness and a healthy lifestyle. The blog pays attention to helping people lose weight and helping people get buff but also focuses on personal development. It also has an online fitness coaching program, where the routines are customized for each trainee.

The Roman Fitness System originally started out as a personal training company, where John Romaniello coached many people including professional athletes and actors. The blog was then founded in 2009.

John Romaniello has also written books on fitness.


Whether you’re just looking to live a healthier lifestyle, become fitter or you are on a journey to being a fitness trainer, these blogs are great for you, and will help a great deal in your fitness journey. Your physical fitness reflects your mental fitness. And productivity greatly relies on a fit mind. Many of these blogs do not just contain information and advice regarding fitness and health; they also help to give you the proper motivation to push through. So, why do it all alone when you can have these resources and the help of all these fitness experts to put you through?

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