Top 12 Necktie Brands In The World

A classy necktie is an indispensable accessory in the wardrobes of both men and women professionals. It looks fabulous with the outfit and earns respect for the wearer. The necktie has long been associated with power, status, and elegance among men and women. It is often associated with professionalism and discipline for career-oriented people.

Furthermore, it provides the much-needed confidence to meet the world. That being said, a tie can genuinely make or break an outfit, so it is important to select thoughtfully and pair accordingly. Our guide to the top 12 necktie brands that provide the best value for reliability and money is below.


Reiss was launched by David Reiss in the early 1970s. It has since established itself as the stylish, directional fashion label for men and women with a passion for high-quality fabrics and innovative design.

Reiss is a favorite of fashionistas and celebrities alike for providing the appropriate foundations for a modern outfit. Even ​The Duchess of Cambridge is a fan. So whether you are searching for a look worthy of a street style photographer’s snap or a get-up suited with royalty, look no further than Reiss.

Turnbull & Asser

If you’re seeking the most premium brands, Turnbull & Asser comes at the top of the list. Turnbull & Asser sells very luxurious silk ties and has mastered the art of a stunning silk tie with some of the most distinctive but perfectly crafted designs on the market.

Consequently, it’s no surprise that the brand was granted a Royal Warrant in 1980. This English-made vintage brand is recognized as one of the most expensive tie brands. The ties are apparently designed for pair with a Turnbull & Asser shirt, though they are so beautiful that they could go with any regular button-down.

Hawes & Curtis

Hawes & Curtis is a famous shirt maker and best value heritage brand that was founded on Jermyn Street in London. Since 1913, it has been a popular choice among the English elite. However, it has expanded to offer affordable clothing for all social groups. Hawes & Curtis ties are the finest silk, finalized with wool interlining and fantastic value.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford brand was launched in April 2005 by Tom Ford in Milan, Italy. The plain black tie has been done far too often for our taste. If you go knitted, you’ll be adding a textured element to your suits that will never go out of style. Choose Tom Ford, and you’ll always add a luxurious touch to your formal outfit.

Eton Shirts

Eton, one of the most famous tie brands, is a Swedish legacy company that was founded in 1928 and continues to manufacture premium ties today. Without any doubt, their European-made links are much more elegant and use expensive fabrics.

Nonetheless, some of their alluring designs make it impossible not to be charmed. Their Paisley ties, for example, stand out because of their sophisticated attention to detail. One of the greatest necktie brands, Eton Shirts, offers luxury and minimalist ties.


Drake’s was established by Michael Drake in East London in 1977. Initially manufacturing men’s ‘Scarves, Shawls, and Plaids,’ the company soon expanded into handmade ties and handkerchiefs. Its designs have earned a reputation for quality amongst the high-end shops and department stores of Paris, Milan, Tokyo, and New York.

Their famous ties are handmade in their factory in the heart of east London. This clothing brand is renowned for providing knitted ties, patterned ties, bow ties, silk ties, plain ties, and many more.

The Tie Bar

Since founded in Chicago over a decade ago, Tiebar has brought premium quality menswear at wallet-friendly prices to its customers. The Tie Bar is the best-loved brand of most men. The Tie Bar is typically a little affordable.

Tie bar is known for making ties of exceptional quality and attention to detail. Its ties are the ideal brand for the modern man as they avoid the old traditional look that can be a bit too formal or stuffy for more casual dressers. They make beautiful ties for events such as weddings etc.

Charles Tyrwhitt

Charles Tyrwhitt had massive success in the 1980s. Though this brand is relatively new, it resides among some of Jermyn Street’s largest and most well-known shirt makers. The prices of the ties vary, with some excellent specimens costing as much as $140.

This tie from Charles Tyrwhitt deviates from smooth textures and satin finishes with a knitted structure and a slight shine. Their ties are made of pure silk and have a slim design, making them unique and fashionable. It should be paired with a slim outfit to create a sleek and streamlined look.

Brooks Brothers

Whether you prefer a more formal appearance or you simply want to add some color and vitality to your clothing, Brooks Brothers have a wonderful collection of ties in a variety of colors.

Brooks Brothers appear to have a tie for any color scheme or theme imaginable.

Although they offer some viable alternatives for more formal parties or even business attire, Brooks Brothers is a terrific location to locate more unorthodox ties. While Brooks Brothers do sell some beautiful bow ties, most of their ties follow a coherent and basic shape, with variation coming in the form of pattern and design.


Suit Supply has literally taken over the world since its establishment in 2000. admittedly, it’s impossible to imagine a red carpet event without a star or two wearing their outfits. The brand offers a diverse selection of selected neckties, with prices at a reasonable $49.

Based on the fabric, the price constantly rises. Nonetheless, it is still relatively fair. This is a modern menswear brand and one of the popular tie companies.

Dapper Lapel

Dapper Lapel is a favorite of many people. Although they concentrate on lapel flowers and specific boutonnières, they provide a decent selection of wool and silk ties. It is a low-cost accessories brand that sells beautiful ties worldwide.

They are committed to creating the best men’s accessories on the market, from the exquisite range of lapel flowers to knit ties. Their designs are appealing to any style, from the modern-day dandy to the person who wants to look his best for that special event.

Rampley & Co

Rampley is a brand that provides ties with a classic look and appeal, making it an excellent choice for those who need a wide variety of ties for everyday use at work. They sell solid ties in color and ties with classic motifs and patterns ranging from stripes to medallions.

Their ties also come in various fabrics, so you can be certain that you’ll have enough ties on hand for any season and outfit. Rampley & Co provides practically every material you could possibly need in a tie, from wool to cashmere to silk. All ties are handcrafted in England, which means they are manufactured with only the greatest quality materials.


Without a tie, no formal outfit is complete. A way to tally up your style has been found with many brands that lend you what you require. An elegant tie completes your outfit. A tie is what every man and woman should have in their wardrobe, as it may transform the essence of the entire outfit into a funky style all on its own.

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