13 Best Dog Blogs On The Internet Today

As a dog owner looking for resources to improve your dog experience, you can get overwhelmed looking for the correct dog blog to follow. We’ve done the work for you and selected the top dog blogs on the internet today. Make sure to follow these blogs for the most trusted and reliable dog advice to help you on your canine journey.


iHeartDogs takes a unique approach to dog blogging by focusing on a wide range of subjects ranging from dog health to dog behavior, dog lifestyle, dog stories, and more. Also, they offer an extensive collection of dog health supplies, dog-themed apparel & jewelry, and home and garden products.

Whether you’re an aspiring dog blogger or a natural dog lover, iHeartdogs.com houses complete information on everything that matters about these fantastic pets. The blog’s highlights encompass dog health recommendations, tips about training, and inspiring pet pictures and stories. As a case study, this blog is everything you would want your dog blog to be. Additionally, they have several dog health supplements, dog supplies, and dog-themed fashion items on sale.

Doggie Designer

Doggie Designer (now a part of Hepper) is a great blog for all things pertaining to dog health, food, and nutrition, among other things. In pursuance of the blog’s aim, which is creating a better world for dogs and dog owners, they feature some of the best dog care resources you can get out there.

The blog is put together by a team of veterinarians and animal experts. DoggieDesigner has one of the best collections of resources to inspire dog owners and prospective bloggers who want their blogs to center on dogs. More so, you stand to get a profound insight into dog health, nutrition, breeds, and grooming. Visit the blog here.


Django was inspired by Mike and Steph’s long-haired dachshund named Django. This blog focuses on engineering gear for small and medium adventure dogs. Their mission is to inspire pet owners and their pets to get outside and take on more outdoor adventures.

Django boasts of an original line of high-quality and weather-resistant dog gear. Through collaborations and partnerships with reputable companies, they can produce performance-enhanced and durable dog gear for the dog-loving demography. Even if you’re not out to shop for dog gear, the blog features exciting dog pictures with posts about dog health and dog training.  

Champion Of My Heart

Champion Of My Heart is one of the most popular dog blogs that chronicles exciting dog adventures and informational blog posts. The award-winning blog is your go-to site for dog books, stories, book reviews, and helpful tips. Roxanne Hawn, the blog creator, also lets her readers into the hilarious world of her pet.

As a real-time canine memoir that it is, this blog will keep you informed as well as entertained. What began as a collection of Roxanne’s dog stories has grown into a wider collection of dog stories, dog product reviews, and dog book reviews. Roxanne has published a book that tells of how she survived the loss of her soul mate. Many dread having a dog when they think of the possibility of losing it. Champion of my heart is there to inspire you through your canine journey.

Whole Dog Journal

Are you a new dog owner looking for dog advice? Or do you need info on how to improve your overall interaction with your pet? Check out Whole Dog Journal for all the juicy information you need. The subscriber–supporter platform also features advice on complementary therapies that can improve the quality of life of your dogs.

Whole Dog Journal is quite different from most dog blogs in that it is fully subscriber-supported and doesn’t feature advertisements. You can trust their natural care, training advice, and health advice, as they rely on consultations with experts from several fields. Additionally, you can check them out before buying your dog products. They test, review, and evaluate several dog products.

Adopt a Pet

Adopt a Pet is one of America’s biggest non-profit dog adoption centers. Rescued dogs need all the love they can get, and their mission is to connect these amazing animals to deserving pet lovers. In addition, the blog has the perfect collection of dog information resources ranging from basic care advice to training tips and more.

Adopt a Pet is tasked with the mission to as many pets out of shelters into loving homes. Not only dogs but also cats, birds, horses, and more. They don’t just give information on pet shelters for adoption purposes; they feature several posts that highlight information about animal health, basic care, health, nutrition, and more. What’s more interesting? They have a YouTube channel dedicated to showing amazing animals up for adoption.

The Daily Corgi

The Daily Corgi was launched in 2009 to document the diverse stories of Corgis and their owners. It has the hilarious aim of celebrating the mischief, love, and joy these wonderful dogs bring into our lives. Check it out today for some of the most inspirational Corgi stories.

Some people just love reading dog stories and looking at dog pictures. Check out the daily corgi for some of the most exciting dog stories and photographs you can get. The daily corgi is the result of a decade-long obsession with Corgis. It may not be the most informational blog, but there’s just too much you stand to gain reading stories of Corgis and their owners.


Dogtopia is dubbed the leading dog daycare provider in North America. While Dogtopia is much of a physical establishment with about 160 dog daycare centers across the United States and Canada, they run a blog that contains informational blogs and exciting dog stories.

Like many other dog blogs out there, Dogtopia offers daycare, spa, and boarding services for dogs. As a dog owner, you need a great collection of resources to improve your relationship with your dog(s) and improve the overall quality of life. While providing these important dog services, they also intimate their readers with tips on everything relating to creating good relationships with these pets.

My Brown Newfies

My Brown Newfies is mainly dedicated to interesting dog stories and dog health tips. If you have a Newfoundland dog, you will find several helpful resources available on MybrownNewfies. Get inspired by the stories of loving and doting dogs. There are additional posts on how you can get the best out of your relationship with your dog.

From product and book reviews to tips on how to groom your dogs and important help tips, the blog features some of the best resources for Newfoundland dog owners. If you are considering getting one of these amazing creatures or if you have just got one, you should check out MybrownNewfies for exciting and informational posts.

Go Pet Friendly

Go Pet Friendly has the perfect collection of resources you need for the best travel experience with your dogs. Rod and Amy Burkett cater to the peculiar requirements of pet-friendly travel by discussing hotels, destinations for you and your dogs on Gopetfriendly.

Before you set out on a trip with your paw pet, there are quite a few considerations you should make. Traveling with your pets is not quite as straightforward as traveling by yourself or with a partner. If you hope to have an amazing time out there with your dog, check out the collection of pet-friendly hotels, parks, and campgrounds where you are welcome to bring your dogs along.


A large part of keeping dog pets is understanding their behaviors and needs at every developmental stage. Pawleaks is dedicated to guiding dog owners through every life stage of their dogs and teaching them how to develop the most strengthened relationships with these fantastic animals.

Pawleaks is the blog to visit for in-depth training tips and health-related advice that’ll improve your relationship with your pets. They don’t just offer dog information; they also offer several dog-themed supplies ranging from puppy planners to dog greeting cards and more. Danielle, the creator of the Pawsleaks, hopes to educate readers about canine cognitive behavior and the several factors that make dogs behave as they do.

Puppy In Training

Puppy In Training is one of the best blogs to follow when you’re getting a puppy for the first time. This blog focuses on giving the best training tips to help with dog development right from the puppy stage. Colby, the owner of the blog, shares his personal experience about raising puppies to teach his followers essential things to know about managing a dog through the puppy stage.

Colby develops his original training tips from his personal experiences training service and guide dogs. There’s nothing better than learning from someone who has had considerable experience raising puppies. With the several resources featured on the blog, dealing with new puppies should not be so exhausting.


DogTipper keeps you updated with helpful tips for dog day trips. Founded by John Bigley and Paris Permenter, who are experienced guidebook writers and devoted pet lovers, Dogtipper is an outlet to share exciting dog treat recipes, dog walking tips, and essential info on dog-safe outings.

Planning a day trip with your dog seems relatively easy, but it can be a bit overwhelming when you’re not adequately prepared. Paris and John have considerable experience in creating travel guides, and it’s just a bonus that they’re dog lovers as well. They provide immensely helpful tips on how to choose dog-friendly locations for day trips and how to keep your pets safe on these trips.


We hope you have found the right dog blog from the several options we have discussed. Raising a dog, in some ways, is similar to raising a child. So, there are essential things to learn about each step of the process. To cater to the physical well-being and mental development of your pets, these are some of the best blogs to refer to. Moreover, if you’re thinking about going into dog blogging, these blogs are perfect case studies to check out.

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