15 Best Food Blogs to Follow in 2021

For many, browsing through food blogs is a guilty pleasure, while some people are genuinely searching for new inspired food recipes. Whatever you’re looking for, there are more than enough blogs to visit on the internet. So many that choosing a reliable food blog can be pretty confusing. Check out our compilation of some of the best food blogs you can visit on the internet today for unbeatable recipes and refreshingly original food blog ideas.

Pinch of yum

On Pinch of Yum, Lindsay puts her years of experience as a teacher to use as she teaches followers how to make the yummiest and healthiest recipes. The several recipes are complemented by several aesthetically pleasing food images, which is precisely what you want to see on a food blog.

Pinch of Yum is the blog visit for concise and practical recipes that can be easily replicated in your home kitchen. Much more than that, you can find the inspiration you need to develop and improve healthy eating habits on the blog. Lindsay takes a step further to share her exciting life experiences in and outside the kitchen.

Budget Bytes

Making delicious, satisfying, and healthy food does not necessarily have to be expensive, and if you would love to try out exciting budget-friendly recipes, Budget Bytes features several breakfast and lunch varieties you won’t have to break the bank to make. You would be surprised at the staggering number of quality recipes you can make at a minimal cost.

Beth, the blog creator, is a devoted food love and meticulous budgeter who applies art and science to the cooking craft to develop many recipes she shares with her massive following on budgetbytes.com. The blog is a total package that features meal prep tips, recipes, and meal plans you can confidently make and show off without having to spend excessively. All these are accompanied by aesthetically pleasing videos and pictures that are guaranteed to keep you wanting more.

Sprouted Kitchen

Sprouted Kitchen is another exciting food blog that’s guaranteed to get you hooked on healthy and fun recipes. More than the blog’s visual effect, there’s an underlying theme of healthy eating. If you would be interested in creating simple, delicious, and healthy meal plans for yourself and your family, get on today.

On the side, Sprouted Kitchen features a shop section where you can get several cookbooks, a food photography guide, and cooking-related gift items. Nevertheless, the primary resources highlighted healthy meal plans and cookbooks that will help you develop a more reliable planning program for your family. Hey! The importance of healthy eating can never be overstated. Be sure to stick with healthy food tips like those you’ll get on Sprouted Kitchen.

Thriving on plants

Not many food blogs are exclusively created for vegans. Check out Cherie Tu’s blog if what you need is the best collection of vegan recipe resources. Perhaps more famous for her cookbooks “Thriving on Plants,” Cherie Tu is the face behind cherietu.com, where she shares her very creative vegan recipes and inspires people to eats more plants.

Contrary to prevalent opinion, eating vegan style does not have to mean bland or boring recipes. The blog contains some of the most exciting vegan ideas born out of a profound creative process. One exciting thing about vegan cooking is that most recipes are simple to make. It’ll take considerable time to exhaust the unending healthy and wholesome vegan recipes the blog features. What’s better? Both volumes of her cookbook are available on the blog.

Willow Bird Baking

Willow Bird Baking is not your usual food recipe blog. It is more like a community of people who are brought together by the shared love and challenges of creative food recipes. The blog has a well-developed community of people strengthened by baking, sharing, and communicating about food topics. Why not hop on the wagon if you’re a genuine food lover.

Willow Bird Baking is named after Julie, the blog owner’s pet. The blog is that personal. It is not just your normal food recipe blog, it does features some real life experiences that are as captivating as they are motivating. Check it out here for some of the original recipes that were developed by Julie herself. Another thing we love about the blog is the emphasis on healthy eating.

The Naughty Fork

You should pay more attention to healthy eating. Nonetheless, you’re allowed to indulge yourself in tasty treats now and then. Like the name of the blog implies, The Naughty Fork is all about indulgent food. The blog creator, Sam Schnur, is a Miami local, and she features several of Miami’s local restaurants on The Naughty Fork.

The Naughty Fork started as an Instagram page to share Sam’s passion for food, photography, and drinks with people. Ever since, it has metamorphosed into a more inclusive enterprise that features exciting food recipes, restaurant reviews, and even travel guides. Put aside those greens today and take a journey into the indulgent food and drink world of the Naughty Fork; you can start your diet tomorrow. To visit the blog, click here.

Salad for President

Aside from the healthy effect, concerns about eating greens include tastelessness, blandness, and boredom. That is not entirely true, however. Julie Sherman created Salad for President to highlight a meaningful connection between food, art, and day-to-day cravings. This is why she creates salad recipes through artistic collaborations.

The Salad for President platform was created to document some of the most artistic salad recipes ever. Much more than that, the creative process behind each recipe is reasonably documented. Moreover, Julie is an established writer who has been featured in Vogue, The Paris Review, Bon Appetit, The New York Times, and many more. She has also released a cookbook inspired by artists that include 75 of her amazing recipes.

Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella is another food blog that leans towards a Vegan lifestyle. More popularly known as Deliciously Ella, Ella Mill is the blog owner, and she intended it to be a personal project to inspire a plant-based food lifestyle. Today, the plant-based lifestyle blog has evolved into a collection of recipes books, podcasts, and several plant-based food products.

Deliciously Ella features many plant-based recipes, none of which compromises taste and flavour. However, this is not your regular food blog. Ella’s journey through learning how to cook, photograph, write, and making healthier lifestyle choices has a profound inspirational effect on people looking to make positive lifestyle changes. Today, she has published many cookbooks, created her podcast, and she owns a Deli as well.

The Kitchn

Thekitchn.com was founded back in 2005 by Maxwell Ryan and Sara Kate Gillingham. At the centre of its operation is the belief that true happiness and success are facilitated by a calm, healthy, and beautiful home. Kitchn connects people to all the food and recipe resources required to improve their homes.

The Kitchn is a food blog to get you motivated to get into the kitchen and get your hands dirty making food. Think of it as a food magazine on the web. With over 15 million monthly readerships, it is one of the biggest food blogs out there. The primary reason to follow the blog is to discover new recipes, meal prep plans, and exciting holiday foods.

Gimme Some Oven

Food is only one of the several things that make for the complete human experience. Gimmie Some Oven brings recipes, travel tips, and destinations, together with many other things that make living worthwhile. In her own little ways, Ali celebrates life around the table with her delicious recipes with the Gimmie Some Oven blog.

Some of the best family memories are made around the table, and Ali is out to help you make some of the best memories possible. Her recipes are as diverse as they can get. You get some delicious quick meal tips, some plant-based recipes, and most importantly, some of the healthiest considerations. The avenue is there to learn essential life lessons from her personal experience as she also shares her everyday life, married life, and travel experiences on the Gimme Some Oven.

Whole30 recipes

This is another widely popular food blog, and it is run by Melissa Urban and a competent team of people. Here, you can learn how to transform your habits, health, and relationship with food using the unique Whole30 program. Their recipes have healthiness as the core value, and they are always delicious to taste and pleasing to look at.

The Whole30 program was essentially created to help create perfect personalized diet plans that are balanced, sustainable, and healthy. They set you on the right path to food freedom with recipes, cookbooks, and several other invaluable food resources. Additionally, you can hire a Whole30 certified coach to further help you in changing your ingrained food habits for better ones. Click here to visit.

Smitten Kitchen

Considering the aesthetically pleasing presentation, it is not so surprising that Smitten Kitchen is one of the most popular and most reliable food blogs today. To put it shortly, Smitten Kitchen is like an online kitchen that keeps you abreast with the intricacies of exciting food recipes and the cooking process.

Deb Perelman, the facilitator, makes it a ritual to stick to commonly available ingredients when creating her several recipes. While easy-to-make food recipes are the leading resource, the site also highlights complicated comfort foods while features distinct tutorials that will significantly improve your kitchen experience. Gorgeous photographs and funny anecdotes also supplement the quality content. 

Manjula’s Kitchen

If what you need are Indian vegetarian recipes, Manjula’s Kitchen is the blog to follow. On the blog, Indian Manjula Jain puts to use the attention to detail and cooking excellence she has been ingrained with as a child. Follow and learn about the practical and straightforward recipes of authentic Indian vegetarian recipes.

Whether you’re an experienced cook or a new cook, you’ll find it relatively easy to understand the fundamentals of cooking Indian vegetarian dishes, thanks to combining written recipes with video tutorials. Indian food is very flavourful and tasteful in such a way that the tastes of the vegetables, lentils, and grains are not compromised. Subscribe to Manjula’s Kitchen today to discover novel ideas for vegetarian cooking.

The recipe critic

This food blog does not only feature recipes. It also contains meal plans that are appropriately sectioned under appropriate categories. As the name implies, each recipe feature has been tested and family-approved. Whether you need inspiration for refreshing family meal recipes or side dishes you can whip up in no time, the recipe critic has the best for you.

The food blogger behind the recipe critic is Alyssa Rivers. She has a profound love for cooking, and she likes trying out new things. Most of the recipes featured on the recipe critic are her original creations, while some are inspired by other recipe developers, cookbooks, and magazines. The highlight of the recipes featured is that they are practical and mostly family-friendly. Visit the blog here.

Drizzle and dip

Drizzle and dip is by Sam Linsell, and it is much more than your usual food blog. It is a combination of recipe, food, and blog content. Sam’s background in hospitality management and food branding marketing counts for a lot in the creation of drizzle of life.

The interesting about the drizzle of life is that you get to view it as a food blog, a travel blog, or even a photography blog. To make the exciting recipes easy to master and replicate, several videos guide you every step of the way. What we love most is that there are unique recipes to inspire you for special occasions like mother’s day, thanksgiving, and more.


If you’re looking to try out a new family-friendly recipe or make yourself some exotic dishes in your home kitchen, these are some of the blogs you should check out. They all feature refreshingly original collections of recipes and cookbooks to help you achieve the best culinary experience. Moreover, if you hope to start a food blog of your own, you can always look up these blogs as fitting case studies.

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