15 Best Mom Blogs to Follow in 2021

Motherhood can be an overwhelming experience. The emotional roller coaster ride of raising your child is fraught with questions that need answers. That’s why mom blogs are so popular. If you’re thinking of starting a mom blog, this list of 15 successful mom blogs will help you learn and draw inspiration.

Lucie’s List

This blog serves as a survival guide for new parents. It is an educational website dedicated to serving new and expectant parents. It is run by Meg, who is a mom of two girls. She dedicates the blog and her weekly newsletter to talk all about motherhood.

Meg uses the blog as a medium to let younger mothers and inexperienced mothers know as much as possible concerning what they can expect from pregnancy to labour, delivery and infancy. The blog provides product & gift registry recommendations and parenting resources.

The blog gives tips on motherhood and lets mothers know what they need.


This blog is run by Jen, a mother of two children. During a trip she took to Kuwait with her baby, she got the idea to start this blog.

The blog is filled with ideas for mothers to adopt with their kids that all children would love. These are ideas such as truck gardens, morning routine flip charts, Easy Paper Tunnels for Little Car Lovers etc.

Alpha Mom

Alpha Mom is a consumer lifestyle brand, new media and research company for moms and moms-to-be. It was founded and is run by Isabel Kallman. It is a lifestyle mom blog that caters to pregnant women and parents generally. Alpha Mom is one blog with several rich contents.

The content of this blog includes DIY crafts for household items. It also has educational content and is also filled with some of the best parenting practices you can try.

Love Taza

This blog is run by Naomi Davis, a mother of five children based in New York City. The blog started in 2007.

It started as a personal private blog that was only meant for friends and family. It is an avenue for Naomi to share her love for life and motherhood while giving insight into her everyday life.

The blog is used to share advice on various issues such as travelling with children, nutrition, and generally being parents.

What Moms Love

This blog is run by Aly B, who is a mom of four children. The blog is aimed at making the lives of mothers easier.

The blog shares the best of ideas and the best products to use with mothers. It also has content on gifting and gives gift guides, kid-friendly recipes, organization, DIY and more.

It is a highly successful blog that makes over $30,000 monthly, with income coming primarily from sponsored posts and ads.

Scary Mommy

Scary Mommy is a community of millions of women supporting each other through acceptance, empowerment, and the shared experience. The blog was founded by Jill Smokler, a New York Times bestselling author.

Scary mommy started as a pregnancy and parenthood blog concerned with issues that are not discussed well enough. The content in the blog bordered on postpartum depression, punishment of children and a bunch of other not-so-popular opinions.

The site has grown to accommodate a broader range of content. And while it maintains excellent parenting advice content, it has entertainment content as well.


Jill Koziol and Liz Tenety founded motherly. A team of experts runs this blog. They are professionals with in-depth knowledge of Mom life and all the challenges that come with it.

The experts use the blog as a medium to provide real-life advice for mothers.

Redefining Mom

Redefining Mom is run by Monica, an entrepreneur and a mother of two girls. The blog’s goal is to empower women to build thriving businesses that fit their family values. This blog caters to mothers who are active in the business and career world.

The blog helps women to balance their career and family lives. It gives tips to keep mothers focused and achieve their goals on all fronts.

The blog also sells digital resources and products, making it one highly profitable mom blog.

Swaddles n Bottles

Swaddles n Bottles is run by Caroline, who is a mother. It caters to new and expectant mothers. It’s a place to find information on anything from pregnancy to labour and delivery, breastfeeding and the likes.

It covers just about everything that’senough to make it a one-stop hub of information for new mothers.

It is also a highly profitable mom blog. It makes about $10,000 every month, majorly through affiliate marketing.

The Realistic Mama

This blog is run by AlidaQuittschreiber, who is a mom of two. The Realistic Mama is a blog for mothers who want less stress, who want to enjoy their lives more and want to spend more time with their families. The blog sets out to help mothers with ideas and strategies for extra side income.

The realistic mama is also a highly successful blog making over $24,000 each month, mostly from affiliate marketing.

This Mama Blog

This Mama Blog is run by Jane, who is a stay at home mother of one. She aims to teach mothers to live an extraordinary life on a small budget while saving money and actively making money from home or online.

The goal of the blog is to help stay at home moms thrive financially. You can majorly learn how to start a blog and make money on this site.

This blog is also financially successful, making $13,000 a month, primarily through ads.

This Tiny Blue House

This Tiny Blue House is a blog run by Jen, a mother of one and Sam, her husband. Through the blog, they share content on family, food and fun. The blog is filled with the best ideas for kids and families.

It is also one of the financially successful blogs making $10,000 a month, mainly through ads.

Coffee and Coos

This blog is run by Alexandra, who is a mother of two boys. Coffee and Coos is a blog that caters to new and expectant mothers.

It majorly covers topics of breastfeeding, pregnancy, parenting, newborn tips, life with baby, Food and Fitness, Money Saving Tips, and so on. The blog is quite successful financially, making $4,000 a month, mainly through ads.

The Military Wife and Mom

Lauren runs the Military Wife and Mom, a critical care nurse turned stay-at-home mom, a military wife and mom of two children. The blog helps teachers, parents, military spouses and caregivers by giving them parenting advice to help them minimize stress.

Even without being in the listed category of parents above, you can still find the blog’s content very helpful and valuable.

Lauren’s storytelling ability is excellent and relatable, and she uses these stories to pass advice and tips to her readers. The writing style adopted in the blog gets you emotionally involved and able to understand.

The Million Dollar Mama

Ashli runs this blog. She aims to help mothers live a passion-filled life, purposeful and full of the things that are important to them.

The Million Dollar Mama is a blog that covers topics such as family, finance, career, and healthy living. It has content that guides moms on making and saving money and living their best life.

The blog manages to pull in about $5,500 every month, primarily through affiliate marketing.


Mom blogging is popular and profitable, and you definitely can be successful in it in various ways. If you go through some of these blogs, you will see that mom blogging can be a wonderful experience. If you are motivated to start your Mom blog, go ahead! These blogs should be able to give you ideas and inspiration on how to start and stay successful.

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