Top Semi-Truck Brands In The U.S.

The semi-truck market has grown quite significantly in the US, giving truck owners a large sea of products to choose from. According to FTR Transportation Intelligence, 483,093 Class 8 (heavy-duty vehicles) were sold in North America in 2018. No wonder truck manufacturing companies are going out of their way to develop state-of-the-art trucks.

To help you decide which commercial semi-truck is ideal for your needs, below is a list of the best commercial semi-trucks in the US available on the market.


Kenworth is the most well-known name in the semi-truck industry. The company started in 1923 as a manufacturer of heavy and medium-duty trucks. Today, it is a global leader in technology, design, aerodynamics, and the manufacture of commercial trucks on the US market.

The company is known for its clean, classic design trucks. Their alluring exteriors are combined with high-end technology to produce trucks that meet the demands of any truck owner or company. Kenworth trucks are also equipped with the latest navigational technology that enables them to use Google apps, making them easy to operate.


Freightliner Truck is an American truck manufacturer and Daimler Trucks North America division. Today, it is the largest manufacturer of heavy-duty, chassis, and semi-trailer trucks in North America. Freightliner manufactures several models and styles of commercial trucks from on-highway, medium-duty, severe duty, and natural gas vehicles.

The main features of Freightliner trucks are their powerful engines and high fuel efficiency. They will soon launch their new Freightliner e-Mobility series of all-electric commercial trucks.


Mack is one of the oldest and largest semi-truck brands in America. Mack trucks, founded in 1900, are now sold in 45 countries across the globe. The company’s trademark is a bulldog, and it can be found on the front of most Mack trucks. A gold-plated bulldog signifies that the truck was built with a Mack drive train engine, gearbox, and drive axles.

Mack models are also known for providing several safety features. Mack trucks are equipped with sensors that diagnose mechanical problems and warn drivers of faulty codes. Furthermore, the cabs are equipped with sound-deadening walls, minimizing cab noise.


Peterbilt, a US manufacturer of semi-trucks, medium and heavy-duty Class 5 to 8 trucks, was founded in 1939. The company manufactures a variety of trucks suited for both owner-operators and large transportation companies.

Peterbilt has a wide selection of alternative fuel options, thus making it the favorite of the truck owners. In an industry where fuel efficiency is so important, Peterbilt prioritizes the customers’ requirements. Most commercial trucks do not provide a hybrid electric engine and an aluminum body that enhances fuel efficiency.


Volvo is a truck manufacturer based in Sweden. Although ranked sixth in the US truck market, Volvo is the world’s second-largest producer of heavy-duty trucks. Volvo Trucks manufactures on-highway and vocational Class 8 semi-trucks.

Its enhanced 2020 model features a spacious sleeping cabin with increased ventilation and interior LED lights for additional comfort on long routes. It has a semi-steering wheel which allows for improved control.

International Trucks

International Trucks has been a leading manufacturer of medium-duty, heavy-duty, and severe-duty trucks since 1902. Today, the company has 1,000 dealerships in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The company focuses on increasing fuel efficiency as well as durability. Their new series will reduce or eliminate the truck-trailer gap, increase roof fairing, and make other external modifications, resulting in better aerodynamics and lower fuel consumption.


Hino Motors, Ltd., commonly known as Hino, is a Japanese manufacturer of commercial vehicles and diesel engines (including trucks, buses, and other vehicles) headquartered in Hino, Tokyo. The company was founded in 1942. Today it is the fastest-growing truck manufacturer in the US.

Hino trucks are ideal for transportation. It has a lengthy history of quality, durability, and reliability. Hino Trucks are designed with powerful direct injection diesel engines and a light aluminum transmission case to reduce the weight. This results in better fuel efficiency and increased load capacity.

Western Star

Western Star, founded in 1967, is a leading manufacturer of Class 8 commercial trucks, providing a variety of high-duty trucks such as semi-trailers, multiple trailers, and trucks for heavy haulage.

The Western Star Trucks feature a vintage style that appeals to many drivers. Western Star trucks are equipped with anti-lock brakes, traction and stability control, anti-lock brakes, traction and stability control, and other modern safety features to remain competitive and meet DOT regulations.


Isuzu trucks arrived at the Port of Jacksonville, Florida, United States, on November 10, 1984. Since then, Isuzu has been manufacturing efficient, cost-effective, and durable trucks in the US and is well-known for their low cab forward trucks. Several Isuzu trucks have been named “Medium-Duty Truck of the Year,” and Isuzu has been certified as the best-selling import commercial truck in the United States.

Every Isuzu truck emanates quality, durability, and innovation that can only come from a century of experience.


Semi-trucks are a staple of the American transport industry. With so many semi-truck brands on the American market, finding a truck brand that fits your heavy-hauling demands can be a daunting task. Technology has contributed to the transformation of these trucks into vehicles that not only accomplish what they were designed to do – transport goods – but are also enjoyable to drive and have made life easier.

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